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Beta Videolog 5: Felber

A new VideoLog is out on our YouTube-channel showing you some of the features and assets available in the latest build.

Some of the new features from the Felber build are:

  • New Skirmish map with new domination gamemode
  • New Vehicles:
    • German Panzerkampfwagen I Ausführung A light tank
    • US M5A1 Stuart light tank
    • German Panzerkampfwagen III Ausführung J medium tank
    • German motorcycle with sidecar
  • New Assault Teams
  • Assault Team can earn XP
  • Assault Team Progression
  • Tweaked light-settings
  • New US and German music theme by Jesper Kyd
  • …and much more

You can take a look at the full changelog here.

Please remember that the graphics, sound, physics, gameplay, etc. is work in progress and not yet final.

Animation : polishing sprint…sprint

“Benny Hill”, “Dragons Lair” and Spaceships… ? …what the… ?

Again a perfect attention grabber… no ? .. well I got your attention this far ;) . There is actually a bit of sense to be found in the above title – just hang on for a few sentences.

Currently our programmers are prioritizing builds and stability which I think is a wise choice. It leaves me with a bit of gap for polishing animations which is mega!

I have opened up three sections of animation polish that have been on the list for some time. These are – 3rd person Sprints and Runs and 1st person weapon holds.

“Benny Hill” ?

Initially when adding the sprint animations I mucked up a 28 frames sprint loop per weapon. Now – 28 frames (60fps base) approximates to just under half a second per loop (right foot down – left foot down).

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A game of guns

Multiple rifles, 2 pistols, 2 sub-machine guns, light machineguns, general purpose machineguns and heavy machineguns. Bazookas and a panzerfaust.

This reads like my wishlist for Christmas, but is actually what I am currently working on. In a FPS the guns are very very important, so I’ll try to explain a bit about how I work on balancing and tweaking them.

Springfield M1903 “M1903 the allied sniper rifle, ready for tweaking”

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Currently we have three types of mines for each faction, the Anti-personnel, Anti-tank and magnetic/sticky mine.

German Mines

tellermine_42 s-mine hafthohlladung_h3
Tellermine 42                                   S-Mine                                      Haftholladung H3

US Mines

m2a4 m1a1 no_74
M2A4                                         M1A1                                              No.74

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Animation : Poses

“… you HEAR ME SOLDIER ? …Being a FirstPersonShooter is NO excuse for SLACKING POSES ! “

(…Below are screen grabs showing my ambitions on tight and dynamic posing…. SIR!)


“The Tight Grip”

Even though you don’t see the hands – apart from a couple of finger tips here and there (in 1st person view) – I still want to cater for when you are up close to your buddy or when screenshots will be made.

You could argue that posing fingers in a dynamic pose is a waste of time… I strongly disagree…


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Incoming! German mortar in-game graphics

Since we mentioned a short while ago that we are working on mortars, we felt that we should show you all a bit more, so here is a view of the in-game model of the Axis’ mortar.

Granatwerfer 34

If you are interested in Heroes & Generals’ mortars and their use, take a look at this thread in the forum.

MG42 & M1903 in-game graphics

For your enjoyment Reto.Hr.Wille has just published two renders of the ingame versions of the MG42 and the M1903 scoped rifle.

M1903 Scoped Factory Stock
Updated image of the M1903

The M1903 is the American sniper rifle in the game. It is a bolt-action rifle with a powerful scope, and as such it is a very nice rifle to bring if you, for example, plan to spend time in a church tower scouting for enemy troops.

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New Sounds for the Guns – Work in Progress

At the moment, one of the things that Reto.lord and I are working on is bringing the weapons to life and make them sound unique. The main thing we are doing is adding mechanical sounds of the gun to the explosion of the gun shot. We try to add flavor to the shots and not make them sound static and sterile. We want the guns to sound dangerous and give the player a kick every time he/she fires a weapon.

You can hear the difference between the old placeholder gun shot and the first test of the new gun shot sounds in the video below. I am using a Thompson SMG in this example.

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