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Christmas Sale on Elite Infantry Weapons

Sale on scopes

ChristmasBulletin 25% off ELITE INFANTRY WEAPONS this week ChristmasBulletin

This week, starting today and ending with the regular Tuesday server maintenance on the morning of Dec. 21th CET, there is a massive 25% discount on the following Elite Infantry Weapons:

The Soviet AVS-36 automatic rifle

Full power rifle cartridge in a full auto package. What is not to like. Read more about the AVS-36 here.

The US M1/M2 Carbine

Compact, light and versatile deliverer of 30 rounds of death. More information on the M1/M2 can be found here

The German STG-44 assault rifle

The infamous German Sturmgewehr 44, the first true assault rifle. Learn more about the STG-44 here.

Grab the opportunity to get your hands on the pinnacle of small arms firepower. These end-tier weapons on the infantry ribbon are sure to give you the edge on the battlefield.

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Christmas sale on Scopes

Sale on scopes

ChristmasBulletin 25% off on ALL scopes this week ChristmasBulletin

This week, starting today and ending with the regular Tuesday server maintenance on the morning of Dec. 15th CET, there is a massive 25% discount on ALL scopes.

Have you been saving up to get that scope on your bolt action or semi automatic rifle, or have you been longing for some full auto accuracy? This is the perfect time for you to get the scopes you have had your eyes on.

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The very merry Christmas crates

Introducing Weapons of the Weekend

What’s in the box? What is in the booooox?

As a part of the Christmas 2015 Event, we are introducing the Weapons of the Weekend crates.

During the first 3 weekends of December, these special crates will appear scattered around the maps. From Friday through Sunday you will be able to find these beauties. Each day these crates will contain a different high-tier weapon. This will allow you to try out the high-tier weapons you have yet to own.

Check out the Dev Stream on youtube to learn more about how the Christmas Crates and Weapon of the Weekend works

Depending on the map size, every time a mission starts, a random number of crates will spawn on different locations. Painted in red and green, these easily recognizable crates will contain one special high-tier weapon. The crate is single-use only, so once the crate has been used, the player will receive the given weapon, and the crate will disappear from the battlefield. You will get to try the weapon until you die, then you have to go find another crate if there are any crates left on the map.

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Christmas Sale on SMGs and the limited Christmas SMG skins

Week-long sales on SMGs

The Christmas sales has begun! This week, from Tuesday Dec. 1st. until scheduled server maintenance Tuesday Dec. 8th , there is a huge 25% discount on all SMGs.

You have just unlocked a new SMG on the ribbon, but lack the funds to pay the full price? Fear not, with this Christmas 2015 event sale, you can now afford to buy the SMGs you have been waiting for!


The special limited Christmas SMG skins

Check out these awesome limited edition Christmas 2015 skins.

Feeling a little grey and cold here in December? Just bought a new high-tier SMG? Treat yourself to one or more of these exclusive Christmas skins!

They will only be available for purchase from Nov. 30th. to Jan. 5th. When you buy your Christmas skin, you will get to keep it and use it when the Christmas 2015 Event is over.

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Soviet Revolver! Much requested Nagant 1895 coming soon with Zhukov update.

In the coming update named Zhukov (after the Soviet Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov) a brand new Soviet revolver will make its presence known! The Soviet Nagant M1895 Revolver!

The Nagant M1895 revolver is a 7 round revolver with the option to upgrade the ammunition to the large and powerful Leonov Medved round. This makes the M1895 a distinct revolver with a high damage output potential and impressive stopping power. It is the handcannon the Soviet soldier will love and trust when they are forced to abandon their primary weapon.

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Coming soon: M1A1 Carbine with folding stock – Young update expands the US arsenal

Rejoice US Tankers and Paratroopers. In the coming update named Young (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young) comes the M1A1 carbine with folding stock.

As the weapon was designed to be a light and compact weapon, it only requires 4 equipment slots. This makes it available to US tankers and it allows for new tactical options for US paratrooper loadouts.

Paratroopers can unlock it on the Parachute Ribbon at Rank 11 as the Second paratrooper carbine.

Or it unlocks for tankers on the Armour Damage Ribbon at Rank 9 as the Second tank weapon.

The handling is quite similar to the existing M1M2 Carbine.

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PPS-43 – New Soviet SMG coming with Young Update

In the coming update named Young (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young) we’re adding a brand-new weapon to the game. The much requested Soviet submachinegun the PPS-43 or as it is known in Russian the ППС – “Пистолет-пулемёт Судаева” (Pistolet-pulemyot Sudaeva) which translates as Sudaeva’s submachinegun.

The Soviet PPS-43 unlocks on the SMG Assault Ribbon at Rank 11 as the THIRD Soviet SMG. It is a compact and light SMG with good handling and range.

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P08 Parabellum and M1917 Revolver special editions incoming!

The incoming Xylander (named after German general Wolf-Dietrich von Xylander) update brings two new special edition weapons and a few variations for the MP 40.

P08 Parabellum – ‘Eisernes Kreuz’ edition

This update introduces a new exclusive version of the P08 pistol. Customizing pistols by adding new grips or modifying the existing ones was something that officers sometimes did. Here is the first one we’re adding to the game. The ‘Eiserne Kreuz’ (Iron Cross) edition of the P08.

The pistol has an ivory handle with an embedded black iron cross placed so it is visible even when you hold the pistol in your hand in game.


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