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Bauer Brings Store Bundles

The in-game Store will be getting a new section in the coming Bauer update: bundles, packed with upgraded weaponsexclusive skins (such as the Black Locust SVT-40 featured on this screenshot), Ribbon Boosters and Veteran Memberships. This is something every player can look forward to.

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Incoming: New Weapon Modifications and Tank Ammunition

For the upcoming Bauer Update (after the German soldier Ludwig Bauer), we also decided to add some brand new weapon upgrades for the FG 42 and AVS-36.
Also, to answer the demand from the player community, we added Armor Piercing Composite Rigid ammunition for several Tanks.

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The Panther Is Roaming Wild

In the coming update named Bauer (after the German soldier Ludwig Bauer) we’re adding a brand-new MUCH REQUESTED vehicle to the game.
The German, Panzerkampfwagen Panther Ausf. G!

The Panther was created as a direct response to the threat from the Soviet T-34 family of tanks. It is protected with 80mm sloped frontal armor and armed with a fearsome 75mm KwK42 L/70 cannon. While it was intended to replace both the Panzer III & the Panzer IV families of tanks, it ended up serving alongside both the Panzer IV and the heavier Tiger tanks until the end of the war.

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“Adams – Ground Fire” Update is here with Mobile AA, Town Map updates & more!

The brand new update named “Adams – Ground Fire” (after the American hero Lucian Adams) is here! And here’s a quick overview of the new features we’ve added for you to enjoy! We’ll start out with the Videolog and then continue with more details below!



New Features

Soviet GAZ-AAA Mobile AA

This update brings a brand new type of vehicles to the game: Mobile Anti-Air and here is the Soviet one GAZ-AAA Truck. Read more about it here.

German SdKfz 7/1 Mobile AA

The Germans bring THEIR Mobile AA as well. The heavier but equally awesome SdKfz 7/1. Read more about it here.

American M16 MGMC Mobile AA

The American are not left out. They have 4 mounted “Ma Deuce” Heavy Machineguns on a halftrack in the impressive M16MGMC. Read more about it here.

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Weapon and ribbon tweaks coming with Adams update

Infantry! Infantry everywhere! After showing you the new M16 MGMC, the GAZ-AAA and the SdKfz 7/1, there are also a handful of other tweaks incoming for the infantry! In the coming update named Adams (after the American hero Lucian Adams) a number of tweaks and adjustments will enhance infantry gameplay.


We have been digging through the stats for a while, listened (and read) a lot of feedback & talked to a number of players, and we have decided on a few tweaks to help improve the feel of the gunplay in the game. Most notably we are adjusting a number of values around the semi-auto rifles (the Gewehr 43, M1 Garand & Tokarev SVT-40) to make them more valuable as weapons for both new players and veterans.

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Soviet Mobile AA is rolling in with the Adams update!

Straight from the factories comes this symbol of Soviet ingenuity! By mounting an Anti-Aircraft gun on a truck chassis we have added mobility to the AA!
In the coming update named Adams (after the American hero Lucian Adams) comes the GAZ-AAA M-4 Maxim mobile AA truck.

The Gorkiy Auto Zavod-AAA Anti-Aircraft truck is a Soviet tri-axial truck mounted with a quad Maxim M-4 Anti-Aircraft gun. Although the M-4 is designed for use against low-flying aircraft it is also an excellent infantry support vehicle taking out enemy cars and unarmored (or light armored) vehicles.

How do I get my hands on this fantastic machine?

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Hip-fire & Cone-Fire updated with Adams update

The upcoming ‘Adams – Ground Fire‘ update (Named after American hero Lucian Adams) will improve the gunplay mechanics. A new hip-fire mechanism has been implemented and the cone-fire have been made more consistent.

Have you ever experienced shooting at an enemy at close range. You had a clear headshot, but the bullet hit below the crosshair or hit something else entirely? here we explain how bullet trajectory works and why you missed your target. Further details includes improvements to the hip-fire mechanics and cone-fire mechanics.

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Weapon of the Weekend: Elite Infantry Weapons

Following up on last weekend’s Christmas Crates full of long-ranged scoped rifles, AND the previous weekend’s close-range SMGs we now hit the sweet spot right in the middle with THIS weekend’s Christmas Crates containing the both much feared & much loved Elite Infantry Weapons..

So top-up your magazines, check the latest intel and prepare to go over the top and ASSAULT THE ENEMY LINES in this weekend’s event!


This weekend you have the opportunity to experience the intense action of playing with the elite infantry assault weapons! From Friday to Sunday, the Christmas Crates special event will contain a variety of elite infantry weapons. Find one, try one, and remember you can always get your very own with a 25% discount in this weeks sale on the weapons. You can read more about the 3 different weapons in the blog post detailing the sale.

The available weapons

The Soviet AVS-36 on Friday December 18th

Full power rifle cartridge in a full auto package. What is not to like. Read more about the AVS-36 here. Available in the Christmas Crates from Friday 00.00 CET to Saturday 00.00 CET.

The US M1/M2 Carbine on Saturday December 19th

Compact, light and versatile deliverer of 30 rounds of death. More information on the M1/M2 can be found here. Available in the Christmas Crates from Saturday 00.00 CET to Sunday 00.00 CET.

The German STG-44 on Sunday December 20th

The infamous German Sturmgewehr 44, the first true assault rifle. Learn more about the STG-44 here. Available in the Christmas Crates from Saturday 00.00 CET to Monday 00.00 CET.

Grab the opportunity to get your hands on the pinnacle of small arms firepower. These end-tier weapons on the infantry ribbon are sure to give you the edge on the battlefield.

Check out Devstream #56 on youtube to learn more about how the Christmas Crates and Weapon of the Weekend works

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