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Further Squad Improvements

Over the course of the last weeks we have already made several adjustments to the Squad feature, but based on feedback, statistics and our own experiences we decided to change and improve it further. The latest update to the Squad feature already brought a lot of positive changes.

However, over the last few weeks we again worked intensely with your feedback and decided to make some further improvements to make the Squad feature more enjoyable for new and Veteran players.

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With the US Jumbo Sherman the Furness Fist of Steel Update introduces a new Giant

In the coming update named Furness (after the British soldier Christopher Furness) we’re adding a Heavy Tank that will makes every US Tank Crewman’s heart leap for joy US M4A3E2 Sherman “Jumbo”!

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Rolling in with the Furness update – The Soviet SU-76M Tank Destroyer

In the coming Fist of Steel update named Furness (after the British soldier Christopher Furness) a new Tank Destroyer will make the ground shake – The Soviet SU-76M!

The SU-76 was regarded as a reliable, easy to use and well liked tank destroyer and the second most produced Soviet armored vehicle of WWII. However, its nickname “Suka” or “Cyka”, which means as much as bitch reveals its sometimes defiant steering.

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Special Offer: Summer Warrior Pack and Veteran Year Pack


To celebrate the the 8 million milestone and the two year Steam anniversary we are running a special Summer Warrior Pack offer containing a 10 day Veteran Membership and a bunch of important Ribbon Boosters to kick-start you into an action filled summer on the battlefield.

There is also a Veteran Year Pack with 365 days of Veteran Membership and an even larger bunch of Ribbon Boosters – for the dedicated soldier wanting to kick butt all year round!

The bundles are available in the in-game Store.

8 MILLION Heroes & Generals can celebrate 2 year Steam Anniversary

We have just roared past 8 MILLION registered Heroes & Generals! That is an impressive amount of players engaged in our version of World War II.

We truly appreciate your support as well as value the feedback we get from you, and we hope that you continue to have great fun in the game.

We built Heroes & Generals from the ground up to be a unique World War II game, and to surpass 8 million players is an achievement that makes everyone at Reto-Moto proud, To see players having fun in the game everyday is a continuous inspiration to the small but very dedicated team of game developers at Reto-Moto striving to make the game even better.
– Martin Pollas, CEO at Reto-Moto.

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Everhart – Update rolls in Trucks for the US Faction!

The Everhart update introduces the CCKW Truck for the US Faction. Take all your friends on a road trip to the battlegrounds!

Just as the Gaz-AAA, the CCKW can fit nine soldiers, two supply crates and a driver.
As the enemy will expect a full load of soldiers, why not use it as a bluff? When their attention is fully on the truck, run your offensive in this moment of confusion!

The CCKW is unlocked on Chauffeur Ribbon Rank 2 and can be used by Infantry soldiers.

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Soviet Infantry Truck incoming with Everhart – Knights of the Road Update

In the upcoming Everhart update (named after the American soldier Forrest Eugene Everhart) we are introducing a new Infantry vehicles. The GAZ AAA Cargo Truck! This vehicle takes you and all your comrades right to the action.

This truck will fit a driver and nine extra soldiers, which are covered by tarp. A Trojan horse on wheels, which will leave your enemies wondering how many forces they have to expect.
However, beware of enemy fire, the truck is not armored like other Infantry vehicles.

The GAZ AAA Cargo unlocks at Chauffeur Ribbon Rank 2, can equip two supply crates and is available for Infantry Soldiers.

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RBS – Reto Broadcasting Society

Every week dedicated members of our community plan, record, edit and upload or stream videos on everything Heroes & Generals. Some present new features and content, others teach players how to be successful with certain play styles, weapons or vehicles and some are simply good fun.
We are extremely happy and grateful that so many of you make the effort to do this. Unfortunately, many channels are not yet known by many and some players , who would like to, are not streaming yet. We would like to change that! Therefore, we are happy to present our newest community project – the Reto Broadcasting Society.

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