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A few Friday stats!

Ever wonder how many tanks, cars etc really drive around and fight in the game?

Well, Reto.Ogssan also wondered and dug into the database to pull out some stats.

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Half-track with quad mounted .50 cal machineguns. Adams update brings US mobile AA gun!

In the coming Adams update (after the American hero Lucian Adams) comes the M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage mobile AA gun. The vehicle was known as the “Kraut-mower”, “Meat-Chopper”, the devil has many names. The vehicle was beloved by the troops and rightfully so. It provided the infantry with mobile fire support from its four .50 caliber M2 “Ma Deuce” heavy machine guns, and could be used as both in an anti aircraft or anti materiel role. This new mobile AA gun is the US counter-part to the previously revealed Soviet GAZ-AAA, and German SdKfz 7/1

Despite its awesome firepower, the vehicle is still vulnerable. Remember to support this valuable battlefield unit.

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The Flakvierling on tracks. German mobile AA gun incoming in the Adams update

In the coming Adams update (after the American hero Lucian Adams) comes the Sd.Kfz. 7/1 mobile AA gun. This new German mobile AA gun can be described as a mobile powerhouse of destruction. Large, menacing and equipped with the infamous Flakvierling, this new mobile AA gun is the German counter-part to the previously revealed Soviet GAZ-AAA.

The Sonderkraftfahrzeug 7/1 mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 8t is a a German half-track armed with the 20mm Flak 38 Flakvierling Anti-Aircraft gun. It has immense firepower to take down unsuspecting aircrafts and provide firesupport for the infantry.

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Soviet Mobile AA is rolling in with the Adams update!

Straight from the factories comes this symbol of Soviet ingenuity! By mounting an Anti-Aircraft gun on a truck chassis we have added mobility to the AA!
In the coming update named Adams (after the American hero Lucian Adams) comes the GAZ-AAA M-4 Maxim mobile AA truck.

The Gorkiy Auto Zavod-AAA Anti-Aircraft truck is a Soviet tri-axial truck mounted with a quad Maxim M-4 Anti-Aircraft gun. Although the M-4 is designed for use against low-flying aircraft it is also an excellent infantry support vehicle taking out enemy cars and unarmored (or light armored) vehicles.

How do I get my hands on this fantastic machine?

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Adams update brings new terrain and tweaks to the town map

In the coming update named Adams (after the American hero Lucian Adams) we have improved the terrain graphics and added a handful of tweaks to the town map.

Terrain update

We have updated and improved the way terrain is generated and drawn on screen, and the Town map is the first to receive the update. You can see that grass and bushes now look a lot better and the terrain has a more fluid and less jagged feel. In addition the grass-land and fields are a bit more hilly, which helps infantry move by providing a bit more cover.

Here you can see how nice these improvements look, and how nice the uniforms now blend in to the terrain better. This is the capture point E2 –


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Hip-fire & Cone-Fire updated with Adams update

The upcoming ‘Adams – Ground Fire‘ update (Named after American hero Lucian Adams) will improve the gunplay mechanics. A new hip-fire mechanism has been implemented and the cone-fire have been made more consistent.

Have you ever experienced shooting at an enemy at close range. You had a clear headshot, but the bullet hit below the crosshair or hit something else entirely? here we explain how bullet trajectory works and why you missed your target. Further details includes improvements to the hip-fire mechanics and cone-fire mechanics.

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New update named for Medal of Honor recipient Lucian Adams

A new update for a new year! having gone through the alphabet from A to Z naming updates after generals, for the next updates we’ll look at heroes of WW2, and instead of just sitting around here in HQ picking someone, we decided that YOU the players, the HEROES of the game should have a word.

So over Christmas we have had a thread running in our forum for suggestions and a name that kept popping up was >US S/Sgt. LUCIAN ADAMS.

He was suggested by a number of players and seconded by even more. The players that suggested Adams was Chamberpot_pie45, Pryvate_Jackson, DisasterMan25 & Kilowolf – so thank you for that and check your forum PM.

So the next update will be named

ADAMS – Ground Fire

Tune in today at 1500CET to our weekly Devstream on at – for the first sneak peaks of what this new update will bring!

Do you want to know WHY S/Sgt. Lucian Adams was awarded the Medal of Honor?

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Senior server backend developer

Reto-Moto is looking for an experienced developer for the server team for our online multiplayer game Heroes & Generals.

Based in central Copenhagen, Reto-Moto, a computer games developer and publisher, employs 30 people all passionate about creating the best possible experience for our players.

You will be responsible for maintenance and further development of the framework that forms the backbone of the system, keeping a strong focus on stability, reliability and scalability. This framework is used by the server-side code that runs the strategy part of the game. The game logic and client communication is implemented as a set of eventhandlers, running within the framework which automatically provides limited ACID guarantees with little or no further effort on the individual eventhandlers’ part. It also provides live updated views of data subsets to clients.
Since we are a small team, you should expect to do some work in other areas as well.

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