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Half the Battle: Managing Equipment

Last week I gave you some tips on how to fight off tanks when you are playing as infantry. I concluded with a few suggestions to adapt your weapon loadout for different types of combat, depending on whether you want to focus on fighting mostly infantry or mostly vehicles. Squeezing different weapon types into your character’s limited inventory space can be a little bit tricky if you’re a new player, so I’ll use this week’s column to provide a quick overview of the Equipment Menu, as well as some versatile weapon combinations for the soldier who wants to be ready for any situation.

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Half the Battle: Dealing With Tanks

Leeb has been around for more than a week now, and most of you have now experienced the new armor model first hand, most likely from the outside of said armor (i.e. on foot), which can be quite inconvenient when high explosive shells are whooshing in your direction and you don’t have a tennis racket to return them to the sender.

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Half the Battle: The War Economy

The way your assault teams earn warfunds has changed in the Leeb build, as we are moving towards a system which rewards risk-taking and initiative. This blog post is for you, Generals!

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Half the Battle: Flanking Manoeuvers

So they’re blocking access to the bridge and they brought the bigger guns. Some joker parked his Sherman right in the middle of the road and your infantry keeps getting mowed down by machine gun fire, or blown to bits — sometimes both at the same time. “Why don’t we have tanks?”, asks a green recruit. You do have tanks… but they have been deployed on another attack line. You can hear them shooting at something far away across the water. The body count is rising, but you’re not advancing. What now?

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Half the Battle: Quick Capture with Motorized Infantry

Q:How many infantrymen can you fit in a 4×4?
With some creative seating arrangements, the answer is… nah, I’m not telling you, just try it!

While weakly armored and definitely not designed to take on heavily defended positions, the 4×4 and Kübelwagen provide one major advantage: SPEED. When playing assault missions, you will often have to cover a lot of ground before reaching the first Capture Point. If you allow the enemy to take position closer to your Access Point, you may soon find yourself wondering who’s attacking who.

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