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With the US Jumbo Sherman the Furness Fist of Steel Update introduces a new Giant

In the coming update named Furness (after the British soldier Christopher Furness) we’re adding a Heavy Tank that will makes every US Tank Crewman’s heart leap for joy US M4A3E2 Sherman “Jumbo”!

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Half the Battle – Experience

Last time I showed you how to look for your friends. Today I will discuss something a little bit more advanced: the different ways a soldier earns experience.

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Half the Battle – Finding Friends

It has been a while since the last Half the Battle post, and many new players have joined us since. For those of you who just arrived, here is a warm welcome and a link to the index of all my previous articles. Half the Battle is a blog column which highlights the game’s features for new players, and provides basic gameplay advice, illustrates battle tactics and war strategies. Today I will answer a simple question, which is often asked by our new players: how can I add people to my friends list?

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Half the Battle – Blog Index

I look around me and I see a lot of new faces. Lots of green recruits looking to improve their efficiency in combat! War is dirty business, and there is a lot to learn. Luckily I have been posting gameplay advice in a semi-regular blog column called Half the Battle for a little while now, and in order for you to find these posts more easily, I organized them in a convenient index page on our wiki.

Remember that you can send me a private message on the Heroes & Generals Forum if you have ideas for topics that you would like to see discussed in Half the Battle. Stay tuned for more!

Half the Battle: Squad Tactics 1 – Using Map Coordinates

By popular demand, I am launching a series of blog posts about squad tactics, which is to say tips on how to function better as a team. This week I want to draw your attention to the grid coordinates found on the in-game map. You will see that they can function as a very efficient tool for quick communication.

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Half the Battle: Bullet the Blue Sky

Last time, I showed you the basics of piloting. This week I have prepared a short video that provides tips on how to shoot down planes with the M55 Quad or the Flakvierling.

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Half the Battle: Aces High

Until now I have been silent about planes. It’s time to remedy this situation! This week I’ll go over the basics of flying, and show you the advantages of dive bombing. I recommend playing this classic Iron Maiden song while reading what follows.

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Half the Battle: The ABC of APCs

Back in August, I discussed flanking manoeuvers. One of the most useful ways to accomplish a flanking attack is to make use of the Armored Personnel Carriers, or APCs: the M3 Halftrack for the US Army, and the SdKfz 250 for the Wehrmacht. These are without question the two most misunderstood vehicles in the game. Let’s find out what they are good for!

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