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Retreat!!! We have lost the battle!

I am very happy to be able to say, that this was the first and the last build that sponsored WOI. We are going back to WOII since retreating is enabled once more starting next build.
However, the retreating system will not work like it did in the past. In this article you can learn how we can capture and control towns in the future.
– Dondergod

(This screenshot has nothing to do with this article, but who cares? It has bikes!)

Sound the retreat!

The battle-system consists of 4 steps: Skirmish, assault, defense (counterattack) & retreat. Here is a quick walkthrough of what happens in the various phases.

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Warfunds: How do they work?

It’s a common question ingame, on the forums and pretty much everywhere: “What on earth are Warfunds?”
In this short article I am going to try and explain what you can use them for, how you earn them and share some strategies for a solid army.

The idea for warfunds is to add a deeper layer to the strategy game as the first iteration of a system of limiting supplies. It should make the strategy part more interesting, rather than just sending your limitless supply into combat. This new build will make it an important decision if you sent your tanks into battle A or into battle B. You could send them to A… but do you really need them there?

We have come to a stage where a lost battle, can actually be a win. If you managed to destroy a lot of tanks. The ‘heroic last stand’ can help your faction greatly.

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A horse is fine too

Our (almost) tame intern Reto.Desji is currently raising a herd of binary horses that he then intends to hurt horribly. This is all very confusing to me, so I’ll let him try and talk himself out of problems with whatever Binary-Animals’ Rights Groups that might be reading along. – Reto.Robotron3000

Did you know that over 6 million horses were utilized by the armed forces in during world war 2?

In times of oil shortage, large horse caravans would transport supplies and most nations had not even phased out cavalry units in the beginning of the war.

With this in mind, I (graphics intern/office slave) was tasked by reto.Owleater [Art Director, Ed.] to make “dead horse and wagon” props that will be put into a new map currently being developed by the gentlemen [read: Level Designer, Ed.] duo Reto.Fleck and Reto.Ratamahat.


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Guest Blog: Fontan’s visit to Reto-Moto HQ

A trip to CPH

It all started with a fast idea…

Dear Reto.Splixxen,

What would you think if I am going to ring Reto’s door bell? – Fontan

“I won’t open” he said…

Later I asked more seriously and I told him I will be in Copenhagen around the 7th of December. I said I will bring a case of beer as secret commission with me and the answer was: “Deal! Friday, 2 pm at Reto’s office”.

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Tuesday Trailer – a fan-made trailer by K120

K120 has made a great trailer showing the game from a player perspective.

We here at Reto-Moto HQ enjoyed it (we unfortunately didn’t have any popcorn handy) and we think that it is definitely worth showing here. So without further stalling.. ENJOY!

Awesome community art

One of the really nice things about this game is working with a community of heroes and general (I only KNOW of one general, but there might be more lurking). We have started to see more and more community art showing up and recently londonsmee has performed the heroic deed of creating a batch of nice banners using assets from the game. So take a look below (click to enlarge) and thanks ‘londonsmee’! :-)

Here is a link to the forum thread where they were first posted and you can click here to grab them all as one image.

The Longest War: War 64 (Dietl)

Community member Dondergod is guest blogging about one of his most memorable wars and fellow Community member K120 has chipped in with a piece of fan art.

By Dondergod, Veteran Community member

fanartk120 Fan art made by Community member K120

So many wars have come and gone since I started playing. Some were memorable, others were not.

I’ve seen wars of 15 minutes, when the generals gameplay saw first daylight. Then we saw wars of 3-4 days, when the paratroopers received some fixes. After about 60 wars, the War-number was reset, because Bradley build was born! That however, was not too good for the generals gameplay, the wars lasting 12-24 hours came back, right until Crace build.

Since Crace build, I’ve seen a lot of good wars, some lasting a week, some even a bit more. We’re still not even close to 4-6 week wars. Mostly the unit speed is way too fast. But as it is right now, things are running well. Hardly any units get stuck, supply units reach their units 99/100 times and the war is big and messy.  Even though some things need to be balanced out, and there is a lot yet to be added. The war progress is beautiful to see and many players start to feel a connection with their side.

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How cRo4Ti4 became “Superfan” by meeting Reto Moto on the trailer shooting

Community member cRo4Ti4 is guest blogging about when he flew from Berlin to Copenhagen to participate in the first trailer shoot. (Translated from German)

By cRo4Ti4, Superfan and Trailer Actor

Hello Comrades – a short story about how I met Reto-Moto and how I became “fan”.



“Fantastic, jeeeyyy, freaky omg what I have done?”  … this was what I thought as I got the answer from Reto-Moto that they had chosen me to be part of the Heroes & Generals trailer shooting in Copenhagen :) . Now i really have a chance to meet guys who works on a game that I am playing and in love with.

“Damn, I’ve never been in Copenhagen before.  I know no one there …but something told me, like an “adventure need” that I needed to go. I feel ready for this great adventure; to travel “alone” without knowing what will await me, where I will sleep and how to arrive to the right place at the right time .

I got a tip from Reto.KenSolo about a nice hostel ” Danhostel”. (I was the only one who came to the trailer shoot from outside Denmark and the developers told me that they couldn’t pay for travel costs, so I paid the plane-tickets and hostel by myself)

Cool great all went perfect!

All went perfect until a few days before the “adventure start”, as I opened an “important mail ” from Reto.KenSolo where he tells me that due to the bad weather-forecast Saturday, the outdoor video take is canceled, but the Sunday indoor shoot will stay. The plan was that on Saturday there should be an outdoor video capturing and on Sunday the indoor video take.

puuuuhhh… “damn I had already paid for the plane-tickets and the hostel was reserved.”

OK – I will just proceed and be “tourist” one day in Copenhagen.

So the adventure started before i arrived there…

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