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Update to Limited Faction Resource

If you have been observing the supply queues over the last couple of days you might have noticed production being adjusted up and down over time.

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Wiki Winners Announced!

As you have probably seen we have teamed up with Curse and Gamepedia and moved our official wiki to Gamepedia. To celebrate this major boost to our wiki, we decided to run a wiki-editing contest with our friends at Gamepedia and now the winners are here!

The progress the wiki has seen has been fantastic and it has improved to a point, where there are so many hints, hidden gems, guides and tips in the wiki, that if you can remember them all, you’ll be close to invincible in the game.

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‘Spaatz’ update is now Live!

The new build named Spaatz (after the American general and first Chief of Staff of the US Airforce Carl Andrew ‘Tooey’ Spaatz) is live on the servers! So here’s a quick overview of the new features we’ve added for you to enjoy!

New Features

New Weapons: German P08 pistol and American M1917 Revolver

The new weapons are of almost iconic nature: German soldiers can now get the classic high-precision P08 Pistol, while the US soldiers will be able to live out their inner cowboy with the hard hitting M1917 Revolver.

Limited Strategic Resources

The ‘Spaatz’ update introduces limited army resources for the two factions. The resources for the Assault Teams are drawn from a shared ‘stockpile’ with only so and so many new resources being produced within a certain time-interval for each faction.

This gives a better balance between the two factions, as the winning strategy is no longer merely to send a massive amount of Assault Teams to the frontline, but now the Generals have to carefully consider where they deploy and direct their troops, as well as to coordinate their joined efforts better.

Ingame message system

We have made a new in-game email system, where you may send messages to other players, also when they’re not online. In order to send a message to someone you need to add him as a friend and he needs to have you added as a friend too. So now you can communicate with the other generals, fellow clan-members or other players who are not online at the same time as you.

New Mission Briefing and Battle Report screens

The campaign and the core action game missions are also brought closer together by the new mission briefing, showing what you fight for in each mission and what the objectives are. On top of that, the enhanced battle report shows details about the results of a battle, as well as give you an overview of your performance after a mission has ended.

There is of course much more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…

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Spaatz Feature: Limited Faction Resources

It’s time to save up fuel and ration the food. Everyone must do their share for the war effort! Because in the coming Spaatz build, both factions will experience limited resources, giving a new dimension to the Strategy Game. How will this affect gameplay? Read on!

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Special Assignment Weekend Winners!

UPDATE 9th of October 2014: It appears that there were some issues with some of the stats in the Infantry contest and the Fighter Pilot contest, so we have now updated the results with new data. The Infantry contest counted caps/cap assists for all characters and not just infantry, where the new list is for infantry characters only. The Fighter Pilot contest counted how many players (pilots) you have killed who are sitting in a plane, where the new list shows how much damage you have inflicted on enemy fighter planes (each plane has 1000 hp).

The top-3 results are almost the same, and we will make sure compensate the ones who are no longer in top-3. The reason for this screw up from us was due to bad communication internally here at the office. We hope you can bear with us and forgive us.

What a fantastic weekend! We have pulled the numbers from the servers, and are proud to announce the winners of the Special Assignment Weekend. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Steam Packs, and thanks to all who joined and made this special weekend memorable. :)

Infantry: Cap the maps!

FIRST PLACE: Afrika-Korps with 591 caps/capture assists
SECOND PLACE: шрэк with 543 caps/capture assists
THIRD PLACE: Dobr9k with 423 caps/capture assists

Old top-3 counting caps/cap assists with all characters
FIRST PLACE: Afrika-Korps with 591 caps/capture assists
SECOND PLACE: шрэк with 546 caps/capture assists
THIRD PLACE: marko_maverick with 458 caps/capture assists

Tank Crew: Tank Crusher!

FIRST PLACE: meshti with 394 tank kills
SECOND PLACE: davpulido with 316 tank kills
THIRD PLACE: Rialla with 284 tank kills

Fighter Pilot: Dogfight!

FIRST PLACE: nalydIX with 528380 damage inflicted on fighter planes
SECOND PLACE: Westwick with 453687 damage inflicted on fighter planes
THIRD PLACE: SKuDD3r with 452076 damage inflicted on fighter planes

Old top-3 counting pilots killed while in the plane
FIRST PLACE: SKuDD3r with 96 fighter pilot kills
SECOND PLACE: Westwick with 83 fighter pilot kills
THIRD PLACE: nalydIX with 76 fighter pilot kills

Recon: Marksman’s challenge!

FIRST PLACE: Craeze with 1451 headshots
SECOND PLACE: snumaster with 905 headshots
THIRD PLACE: KaleidoScopes with 510 headshots

Paratrooper: Secure the objectives!

FIRST PLACE: shtaili with an objective capture score* of 676
SECOND PLACE: Taikur with an objective capture score* of 651
THIRD PLACE: Teutone with an objective capture score* of 393

* ‘Objective capture score’ is how large an influence you’ve had on capping all the key objectives (O1, O2, O3) in missions where your faction has won as attacker. 100 points are shared between all who capped the objectives in a battle your faction has won as attacker – so if you were the only one capping in such a mission you would get all 100 points.

Officer/General: Seek and Destroy!

drTannenbaum with Assault Team T.Baum’s Lemmings 01 (Lem01) destroying 2164 resources
drTannenbaum with Assault Team T.Baum’s Lemmings 02 (Lem02) destroying 1892 resources

Narauk0 with Assault Team 1.GjDiv ‘Edelweiss’ (1.GjDiv) destroying 1781 resources

Ghro with Assault Team TF Ghro 2nd Infantry (TF Ghro) destroying 1780 resources


For each assignment we give the following packs to the top-3 performers:

1st place: Ultimate Heroes & Generals Pack (US faction/German faction)
2nd place: All Heroes Pack (US faction/German faction)
3rd place: Tank Crew Starter Pack (US faction/German faction)

We will contact the winners this week on the email-address their account is registered with.


Below you’ll find the top-100 performers in each Special Assignment:

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Steam Packs

As a new or veteran player you might have visited the in-game store and looked at all the cool stuff you could unlock and buy, but don’t feel you have the time to unlock and earn the credits for it – or maybe you’ve wondered what you should buy to get started on a new career.

So we have created 2 x 4 packs (4 per faction) loaded with Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, Gold, Veteran Membership and other cool stuff – all with a considerable discount compared to if you were to buy the items in the packs individually for gold.

These packs are now for sale on Steam as ‘Downloadable Content’, and they all exist in two versions: one for the US and one for the German faction – look under “Downloadable Content For This Game” just below the green “Play Game” button on our Steam store page.

Infantry Rookie Pack

A great starter pack for Heroes & Generals, that gives you a fully equipped Infantryman and an All Terrain Vehicle, plus gold and a Veteran Membership that boosts your XP-, ribbonpoints-, credits- and warfunds-earnings for 7 days.
US faction / German faction

Tank Crew Starter Pack

If you wish to start a career as Tanker in Heroes & Generals, then this pack is for you. It gives you a Tank Crewman with a selection of tanks and a tank destroyer, plus a submachine gun, a handgun and a wrench for repairing tanks. Besides you will also get a good amount of gold and a 14-day Veteran Membership.
US faction / German faction

All Heroes Pack

If you wish to be able to play all roles on the battlefields and don’t want to play for weeks or months to unlock all the Heroes and their weapons, equipment and vehicles, then this pack is for you as it gives you 5 characters with loads of gear and vehicles. It also includes a substantial amount of Gold and a 90-day Veteran Membership.
US faction / German faction

Ultimate Heroes & Generals Pack

This pack enables you to get the full Heroes & Generals experience, where you can play all roles as Heroes on the battlefields AND command Assault Teams as a General without first having to spend hours, weeks and even months of playtime to progress your characters and unlock weapons, equipment and vehicles. You will also get a huge amount of gold to allow for extra premium purchases and Veteran Membership for a whole year (365 days). This pack contains over 200 EUR/250 USD worth of in-game items, Veteran Membership and gold!
US faction / German faction

Official wiki editing contest!

We have teamed up with Curse and Gamepedia and moved our official wiki to Gamepedia. We mentioned this in Friday’s Devstream on our Twitch channel.

So to celebrate this partnership we are running a wiki-editing contest with our friends at Gamepedia so head right on over to the official wiki at:

We hope that you will help us bring the wiki forward so it can be used as the goto place for hard facts about the game, tutorials both for new players and specific vehicles or character classes, weapon specifications, vehicle armor, combined arms tactics, map strategies etc.


Grand Prize – The five (5) top editors at the end of the contest period will receive an exclusive Curse-branded MP40 or M1A1 Thompson submachine gun to be used in-game, and a 30-day Veteran bonus code and 12,500 or 5,100 Gold.

  • Curse-branded MP40 or M1A1 Thompson in-game weapon (pictured above)
  • 30-day Veteran bonus
  • 12,500 Gold

First Place Prize – The next five (5) editors [ranked 6th-10th] will be granted a 30-day Veteran bonus code in addition to 12,500 Gold.

  • 30-day Veteran bonus
  • 12,500 Gold

Second Place Prize – The next five (5) editors [ranked 11th-15th] will receive a 30-day Veteran bonus code and 5,100 Gold.

  • 30-day Veteran bonus
  • 5,000 Gold

So head on over to the wiki and join in the fun. You can read more about the contest and prizes here.

‘Rommel’ update is now Live!

The new build named Rommel (after the German field marshal Erwin J. Rommel) is live on the servers! So here’s a quick overview of the new features we’ve added for you to enjoy!

New Features

Generals and Officers

We have expanded the ranks all the way to Field Marshal and made major improvements to the strategic gameplay. Generals and other commanding officers are now characters that equip Assault Teams, starting with their own branch of the armed forces and then expanding to other branches. Read more about the Generals here.

New Weapons: FG42 & M1 Carbine

In the last build we re-introduced the paratroopers and a LOT of players asked for paratrooper specific weapons, these are here now; the German Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 and the American M1 Carbine. If you want to know more about these awesome new toys, take a look here.

New victory conditions

Looking at the map you will notice that there are more important cities marked with a star symbol (★). These are the strategically important cities that determine the winner of the war. To learn more about how this new feature works, take a look at this blog post.

Vehicle Wrench tool

For a long time a heavily damaged tank has just been a useless chunk of metal, most tankers would abandon them and try their luck on foot, but now you haev a choice! The repair wrench is available for Tankers, Infantry and Recon and can be used to repair damaged vehicles. This takes time and is best performed away from danger. If you want to know more about this terrific tool, read more here.

Official Twitch channel

We have started a Friday devstream on Twitch, where we will broadcast live from Reto-Moto HQ and show new features, answer player questions and maybe show off what we are working on for the coming builds. In case you missed our first episode, you can check out the recording on youtube here.

There is of course much more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…

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