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Christmas and Yuletide is sneaking up on us!

Merry Christmas, Glædelig Jul, Season’s Greetings

Another year has almost passed and we at Reto-Moto would like to thank you for playing Heroes & Generals this year and for doing YOUR part on the battlefields, in the war room and as a part of our awesome community!

We have intercepted some Northbound radio chatter and advise you all to make sure your email address is up to date here: Update email address
AND that you are signed up for the newsletter here: Sign up for the newsletter


General S. Claus will not know where to deploy your present!

PS: We are drinking gløgg on the picture as the warmup to our annual Christmas party in the office, it is not a weird coincidence that everybody has their coffee cup with them :-)

‘Spaatz addon #1′ update is now Live!

The ‘Spaatz addon #1′ update is now live on the servers and introduces Open faction fighting, a Notification tray and more.

If you’ve been following our weekly ‘Devstreams’ on Twitch you might have heard us talk about an update for Spaatz, but we decided to split this into two updates: ‘Spaatz addon #1′ and ‘Spaatz addon#2′.

‘Addon #2′ will hold a  new and greatly improved hit detection system, as well as a few other changes for the action game and this update is being tested at the moment and will be released as soon as it has been greenlit by our QA guys. But read on to see what the new Spaatz addon #1 offers:

Open faction fighting – ability to play both factions in staged battles

Open Faction Fighting - Staged Battle

It is now possible to play with soldiers from both factions in what is called ‘staged battles’. ‘Staged battles’ are evenly balanced battles in terms of resources and are disconnected from the war, so the outcome of these battle will not influence the war. Basically it’s the same as the old ‘training missions’, but now with the option of playing as either US or German soldiers, and the battle will still be the two factions fighting each other.

Before you may join battles in the war you are asked to choose a faction which you will play with in war battles until the war ends. These battles are not set up to be balanced as they are created as a result of how the Officers and Generals move and manage their Assault Teams in the war, and some battles can be really challenging – but you also get to be a part of the war and to influence the outcome.

Notification tray

Notification tray

A notification tray has been added next to the chat icon, where you now will be able to get all sorts of relevant notifications. This update holds 3 types of notifications, but future updates will introduce more:

  1. First battle of the day bonus, which basically just tells you that you receive 4 gold for free each day after you have completed your first battle, no matter if you won or lost.
  2. Ammo refill and update repair costs, which tells you how much you’ve spend on auto-repair of your mods or auto-refills of ammo.
  3. Battle reports – you will now be able to find your recent battle reports in the notification tray.

Other fixes and tweaks

  • Reinforcement costs are significantly reduced for most Assault Team types.
  • You may now claim your veteran bonus for one of your previous battles, even if you’re not already a veteran member, by buying veteran membership from a battle report.

The full changelog can be found here:

Mobile Command

The Mobile Command app moves along on its own release cycle (when at all possible). The Android version has been updated today to be compatible with Spaatz addon #1, but the new iOS version is still in Apple’s review queue.


Upcoming Feature: Notifications


A small, but very sought after, feature that we’re rolling out in the upcoming Spaatz Addon #1 build is a new ‘Notification’ feature.


A new small button arrives in the lower left corner next to the chat and when clicked it opens the list of recent notifications. To begin with this list shows only a few juicy bits of info, like your daily gold battle bonus is shown (yes, you do get 4 gold for the first battle fought each day) and the latest action games you have played.

On the right side of the description is a small icon underneath the timestamp.
Clicking this icon will open the battle report for that battle, so you can go back and see what happened in the last few battles and see who you played with and add them to your friend list if they were awesome.

Here is a screenshot of how that looks. This was just a quick run-around on an empty test server, which is why my score sucks! Yep! It IS, it is NOT because I am really bad at the game :-)

In the upcoming builds we are looking at adding more and more relevant info to the notifications list to help you keep track of your progress in the game.

Upcoming Feature: Open Faction Fighting

One of the most interesting and also most visible features we are getting ready to roll out is the Open Faction Fighting. We talked a bit about this in the last Devstream.

What does it mean?

You no longer have to commit to a faction before even playing your first battle. From the next update (Spaatz Addon #1) you can play Staged Battles (previously called random training missions) for as long as you want and you can add soldiers from all factions into the matchmaker if you just want to play now!

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Update to Limited Faction Resource

If you have been observing the supply queues over the last couple of days you might have noticed production being adjusted up and down over time.

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Wiki Winners Announced!

As you have probably seen we have teamed up with Curse and Gamepedia and moved our official wiki to Gamepedia. To celebrate this major boost to our wiki, we decided to run a wiki-editing contest with our friends at Gamepedia and now the winners are here!

The progress the wiki has seen has been fantastic and it has improved to a point, where there are so many hints, hidden gems, guides and tips in the wiki, that if you can remember them all, you’ll be close to invincible in the game.

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‘Spaatz’ update is now Live!

The new build named Spaatz (after the American general and first Chief of Staff of the US Airforce Carl Andrew ‘Tooey’ Spaatz) is live on the servers! So here’s a quick overview of the new features we’ve added for you to enjoy!

New Features

New Weapons: German P08 pistol and American M1917 Revolver

The new weapons are of almost iconic nature: German soldiers can now get the classic high-precision P08 Pistol, while the US soldiers will be able to live out their inner cowboy with the hard hitting M1917 Revolver.

Limited Strategic Resources

The ‘Spaatz’ update introduces limited army resources for the two factions. The resources for the Assault Teams are drawn from a shared ‘stockpile’ with only so and so many new resources being produced within a certain time-interval for each faction.

This gives a better balance between the two factions, as the winning strategy is no longer merely to send a massive amount of Assault Teams to the frontline, but now the Generals have to carefully consider where they deploy and direct their troops, as well as to coordinate their joined efforts better.

Ingame message system

We have made a new in-game email system, where you may send messages to other players, also when they’re not online. In order to send a message to someone you need to add him as a friend and he needs to have you added as a friend too. So now you can communicate with the other generals, fellow clan-members or other players who are not online at the same time as you.

New Mission Briefing and Battle Report screens

The campaign and the core action game missions are also brought closer together by the new mission briefing, showing what you fight for in each mission and what the objectives are. On top of that, the enhanced battle report shows details about the results of a battle, as well as give you an overview of your performance after a mission has ended.

There is of course much more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…

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Spaatz Feature: Limited Faction Resources

It’s time to save up fuel and ration the food. Everyone must do their share for the war effort! Because in the coming Spaatz build, both factions will experience limited resources, giving a new dimension to the Strategy Game. How will this affect gameplay? Read on!

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