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Timoshenko Update: Tank Destroyer, Medium & Heavy Tank Overview

With all the new Soviet equipment being presented you might sometimes lose track of what it is you can expect to see, so here is an overview of the Tank Destroyer and the medium and heavy tanks you can expect to either face or drive in the upcoming update!

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Timoshenko Update: Light Tank Overview

The T-whatchamacallit, model year which-one? With so many awesome new tanks about to appear in the game it can be a bit difficult to tell them a part and remember their names, so to help out we’ve made this overview of the Soviet light tanks.

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Timoshenko Update: Anti-Air and Anti-Tank fun!

Having shown the Soviet Uniforms yesterday, and a lot of tanks in previous posts, we also need something to protect the Soviet soldiers from attacks from enemy airplanes, AND give the infantry a way to defend themselves against enemy armor! So here is a presentation of the Maxim M4 Quad Anti-air setup and the PTRD 1941 Anti-Tank Rifle.

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Timoshenko Update: New Vehicle Spawn options

Among the many new light tanks, Medium tanks, heavy tanks, weapons, uniform variations etc. that the Timoshenko update brings, a seemingly small update to the spawn rules is hiding. This will have a marked impact on the way you play the action game and help promote teamwork across the board.

  • For the first 10 seconds after a Car/Motorcycle/Halftrack or tank is spawned it now works as a mobile spawn!

But what does that even mean? Keep reading for more details!

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Timoshenko Update: Resource Pooling

The Timoshenko Update not only brings us Soviets with their tanks and weapons, but also a new feature called Resource Pooling.

What Resource Pooling does is to take the resources brought to a battlefield and pool them, this allows for players to spawn from all the Assault Teams present for which type they have characters, and eliminates the situation where, for example, Two Motorized Infantry teams are present and one is completely wiped out (costing the owner a fair chunk of Warfunds), whereas the other only loses maybe 5 spawns. In Timoshenko the losses (AND the wins) will be distributed evenly between the ATs present.

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Timoshenko Update: Soviet Bolt-Action Rifles!

Soviet troops are marching! And beside (and behind) the tanks we have recently shown, infantry advances. These soldiers carry a selection of weapons, including SMGs, light machineguns & semi-automatic rifles, but a lot of them carry the bolt-action Mosin-Nagant 1891-30 rifle.

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Timoshenko Update: Soviet Tank Destroyer SU-85

This tank destroyer does not have a rotatable turret, but with the impressive long-barreled cannon it can even bring down the mighty Tiger I. Make sure to approach this tank from the back!

Just keep rolling, just keep rolling


The ‘Samokhodnaya Ustanovka-85’ is a medium Soviet tank destroyer. It’s long barreled 85mm main cannon is able to penetrate even the Tiger I at the distance of 1000 meters. It has a low profile and good mobility

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Timoshenko Update: Soviet Heavy Tank IS-2 Model 1944

This tank will be known as the tank which can’t be sneaked upon. Besides the impressive cannon it has a MG on the back of the turret! You will be watched and shot at from all angles. This tank will wreck a serious numbers of enemy tanks on the battlefield.

Eyes everywhere!

IS-2 Model 1944

The Soviet ‘Josef Stalin’ heavy tank is a direct response to the German heavy tanks. It’s thick 160mm armor and massive 122mm main gun makes it a deadly opponent to any tank on the battlefield.

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