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New Player Levels and Matchmaking Groups for improved Player Progression

As a continuation to the number of changes being done to improve the user journey – from entering to mastering the game, we also revised the Tier system.

In order to have a more granulated progression system and to give players a better feeling of personal achievement, the Tier system has been refined and redesigned into Player Levels.

This will also have an effect on the matchmaker and balance of the game in regards to players’ experience and skill level on the battlefield.

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Furness – Fist of Steel update is here!

The new update named ‘Furness – Fist of steel’ (after the British soldier Christopher Furness) is here! Here you can get a quick overview of all the new features we’ve added for you!

We’ll start with a short highlight video and then continue with more details below!


New Features

Soviet Su-76 Tank Destroyer

This brand new Tank Destroyer unlocks as the first Soviet TD and is a great addition to their arsenal!
You can read more about the SU-76M in this news post.

New features for Generals

Select and move more than one Assault Team at a time, easier to locate your Assault Teams. Sort equipped Assault Teams first, and more – Take a look at this devstream on youtube where Reto.Robotron3000 and Reto.ChristianO shows the new features.

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Game Director addressing the grind

We have heard you when you express concerns that Heroes & Generals is too much of a grind – it is something that we have had a look at and we decided to ease the grind somewhat.

We got hold of our Game Director Reto.RedBjarne and got him to us what will happen to Rank Progression with the release of the ‘Furness – Fist of Steel’-update.

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Free Ribbon Booster gets your Heroes in shape!

There is a certain sports event starting in Rio de Janeiro today! So to help your heroes get into shape on the battlefield here is a free ribbon booster for the Physical Fitness ribbon!


NB: I don’t think melee fighting is on the programme, but I liked the screenshot ;-)



This voucher gives your account a free Ribbon Booster for the Physical Fitness ribbon and can be redeemed from Friday August 5th 12:00 CEST until Tuesday the 9th of August at 09.00 CEST.

Enjoy your boost to Physical Fitness and get that Heavy Set badge for your soldiers! So tell your friends, squad up and play!

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8 MILLION Heroes & Generals can celebrate 2 year Steam Anniversary

We have just roared past 8 MILLION registered Heroes & Generals! That is an impressive amount of players engaged in our version of World War II.

We truly appreciate your support as well as value the feedback we get from you, and we hope that you continue to have great fun in the game.

We built Heroes & Generals from the ground up to be a unique World War II game, and to surpass 8 million players is an achievement that makes everyone at Reto-Moto proud, To see players having fun in the game everyday is a continuous inspiration to the small but very dedicated team of game developers at Reto-Moto striving to make the game even better.
– Martin Pollas, CEO at Reto-Moto.

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Everhart – Knights of the Road update is here!

The new update named ‘Everhart – Knights of the road’ (named after the American soldier Forrest Eugene Everhart) is here! Here you can get a quick overview of all the new features we’ve added for you!

We’ll start with a short highlight video and then continue with more details below!


New Features

Immersion and Gunplay Improvements

In this update we have a lot of updates, improvements and tweaks to the immersion and gunplay in the game. This gives a better feel when playing and makes for tighter gameplay for all. You can read more about the immersion and Gunplay updates in the linked news post.

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Immersion and Gunplay Tweaks in Everhart

In addition to adding three new infranty trucks to Heroes & Generals the upcoming ‘Everhart – Knights of the Road’ update will also contain a range of tweaks affecting the immersion and gunplay of the game.

To a wide extent the tweaks are more something that you, rather than seeing them on screen, will feel or sense in the game. Stuff that makes pulling the trigger just a bit more satisfying.

Have a look at the primary tweaks below:

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German Blitz on the move with Everhart – Update!

After we showed you the Soviet GAZ-AAA Cargo and the American CCKW Truck, it is time to present you with the German Blitz truck!

The Blitz truck fits 9 soldiers, two supply crates and a driver – enough space for three German standard Infantry Squads on the move to the frontline!
Keep a Recon Auxiliary Seat to scout and warn you about or eliminate all the threats you could meet on the road.

It unlocks at Chauffeur Ribbon Rank 2 and is available for Infantry soldiers. Just like the other two trucks it works as a mobile deploy vehicle, BUT while cheaper to buy and faster to unlock than the halftracks, it is not armored so it requires a bit of skill to place it where it is both useful for teammates, but also a bit protected from enemy fire!

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