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Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all of you! 2015 was a spectacular year for Heroes & Generals. Several major updates have been launched during the last year, and tons of content have been introduced to the game. Just to name a few highlights from 2015; Heroes & Generals surpassed 5 million players in May, the Timoshenko Update brought the Soviet Faction to the game, and 2015 has also seen the introduction of scopes for non-recon soldiers and several high-tier weapons including the German Sturmgewehr-44, the Soviet PPS-43 and the US M1/M2 Carbine. Personal uniforms, weapon and vehicle skins have also been added, and numerous skins are being prepared for 2016 – And we couldn’t have done it without every single on of you guys.

So to celebrate a wonderful 2015, it is time to give everyone a Ribbon Booster bundle as a present:


The Voucher is valid until January 4th 2016 12.00 CET

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Weapon of the Weekend: Sub Machine Guns

Are you enjoying your 5 times increase in first win of the day Gold bonus? The Christmas 2015 Event offers even more! Today we introduce Weapon of the Weekend which can be found in the special Christmas Crates.


Weapon of the Weekend? Christmas Crates? What are those things?

HOW IT WORKS: Depending on the map size, every time a mission starts, a random number of Christmas Crates will spawn on different locations. Painted in red and green, these easily recognizable crates will contain one Weapon of the Weekend special high-tier weapon. The Christmas Crate is single-use only, so once the crate has been used, the player will receive the given weapon, and the crate will disappear from the battlefield. You will get to try the weapon until you die, then you have to go find another crate if there are any crates left on the map.

Soviet PPSh-41 for Friday Dec. 4th

The weekend gets kicked off with Christmas Crates containing the Soviet PPSh-41 . These will be available from Friday 00.00 CET to Saturday 00.00 CET

US Thompson M1A1 for Saturday Dec. 5th

Saturday is your opportunity to try the US Thompson M1A1. These will be available from Saturday 00.00 CET to Sunday 00.00 CET

German MP-40 for Sunday Dec. 6th

For Sunday the Christmas Crates will contain the German MP-40. These will be available from Sunday 00.00 CET to Monday 00.00 CET

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The Christmas 2015 Event – Tales from the Front Lines


Increased First Battle of the Day Bonus

From Dec. 1st. to Dec. 24th. each soldier will receive a five fold amount of Gold for the first battle of the day.

Weapons of the Weekend crates

For the first three weekends in December crates will appear on all maps. Starting Friday and running through Sunday, these crates will contain different high tier weapons. This will give players an opportunity to try out the guns they have yet to own.

Christmas weapons sale

We are having sales on weapons throughout December. From Dec. 1st to Dec. 8th. there will be a sale on SMGs. Buy your SMG today and get 25% off! – Check out the blog next week to see which weapons is on sale next week.

Limited Christmas SMG skins

These skins are only available for purchase from Nov. 30th. to Jan. 5th. – Available for the Thompson M1A1, MP-40 and the PPSh-41.



As Christmas is slowly descending upon our boys on the front lines, we at Heroes and Generals would like to make this holiday season even more jolly with this short Christmas 2015 Tales from the Front Lines story.

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PPS-43 – New Soviet SMG coming with Young Update

In the coming update named Young (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young) we’re adding a brand-new weapon to the game. The much requested Soviet submachinegun the PPS-43 or as it is known in Russian the ППС – “Пистолет-пулемёт Судаева” (Pistolet-pulemyot Sudaeva) which translates as Sudaeva’s submachinegun.

The Soviet PPS-43 unlocks on the SMG Assault Ribbon at Rank 11 as the THIRD Soviet SMG. It is a compact and light SMG with good handling and range.

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Timoshenko Update: SVT-40 and the PPD-40

Soviet troops are marching! And beside (and behind) the tanks we have recently shown, infantry advances. These soldiers carry a selection of weapons, including SMGs, light machineguns & semi-automatic rifles. Among them are the SVT-40 Semi-Automatic rifle and the PPD-40 Tier 1 Submachine-Gun.

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Weapon Files: Thompson M1A1

After looking at the German MP 40, it is only logical to follow up with a few words about the iconic “Chicago Typewriter”, that is to say, the Thompson M1A1.

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Oster Feature: Firearm Tweaks & Buffed Grenades

Yesterday we gave you a glimpse of the new character iteration which will improve the realism when aiming your weapon in the Oster build. This will have a noticeable impact on the dynamics of firefights, but it won’t be the only thing that changes when it comes to weapon simulations. Our game design team has gone through the weapon range and damage values, and made some adjustments. In addition, grenades have been made more deadly!

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Dev Q&A – May 13 part 2


Ladies & Gentlemen! The second set of answers to this month’s Developer Q&A session is here! Reto.Vashu has been gathering questions in a forum thread and then we have answered to the best of our abilities.

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