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The Winners of the Christmas picture competition

The Christmas Picture Competition has come to an end and we have found the winners of this year’s Christmas Picture Competition. We have received a large amount of wonderful screenshots and pictures, and it has been difficult to find the best pictures from the overwhelming stack. Unfortunately there can only be 3 winners, so without further ado – Heroes & Generals are proud to present the 3 winners of 2000 Gold in the Christmas 2015 Picture competition.

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Battlevision Winners announced!

As you are probably aware, Westwick runs a monthly community screenshot contest over at the Steam forums!

This months theme was “Armor” and the judging committee came up with these three winners!

As last month we at Reto-Moto sponsored a prize of 2000 gold for each winner, next Battlevision contest is already started and the theme is “Behind Enemy Lines” – for more information see the link to the Steam forums above!

So without further stalling! Congratulations to Bobthedino, Magebuss & Shadow and check their winning entries below (in nor particular order).


Mexican Standoff


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Updating weather & light settings.

I am currently working on updating our weather/light settings and will include these in the upcoming build “Felber”.

I am trying to get all parameters going, with among others – properly working “tone mapping” (adjusting light/darkness to simulate pupil expansion/contraction), so you should be able to adjust and see properly both inside dark rooms and outside in sunshine.


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