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Tier based matchmaking

As an extension to the matchmaking work required by  ‘Play with Friends‘ and as part of the general effort in making the game easier to understand for new players we are working on adding tiers to matchmaking as has been requested by the community for a LONG time. So without wasting further keystrokes, take it away Reto.Hal9K (tier 3) – Reto.Robotron3000

To help avoid the situation where first-time players are being completely overrun by more experienced players, we are working on adding tiers into the action game matchmaking. This is also a benefit for the veterans, as they won’t be as frustrated with people new to the game who might not yet understand what “NMY pz3 at B2 app. B3” means. :-)

In the first iteration we will stick with two tiers, cleverly named: Tier 1 & Tier 2

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Jefferson is online!

The new build named Jefferson (after the Canadian Brigadier James Curry Jefferson) is online.

New Features

Play With Friends

First iteration of Play With Friends. You can now join match-making as a group and play with your friends as your own squad on the battlefield. Read more here.

Anti-Grief System

Anti-Grief System contains a lot of data collection on the backend as well as the first iteration of the flag system to report players team killing and team damaging. Read more here.

Cover in vehicles

Holding down the crouch button (default: CTRL) in a tanks and tank destroyers will make your character duck and try to take cover behind whatever is nearby. This protects you somewhat from enemy fire, but also limits you to first person view. You can also see if a vehicle is occupied by looking at the hatches. Open hatch means empty.

Equipment System, Iteration 2

We have gone through and updated the equipment system. You can now decide how much ammunition you want to carry for each weapon you bring along. Read more here.

Improved LOD Models

Some of the game’s older Level-Of-Detail models needed a bit of polish, so the graphics guys went over them with their binary paintbrushes. Read more here.

HUD/UI improvements

The game’s user interface and HUD has gone through another round of polish since Irwin. This is ao. based on a lot of really good feedback from players. Read more here.

There are of course more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 23

Hooray! Everybody survived! On Friday the 21st we had our annual summer party and everybody survived! Our party committee once again outdid themselves and ensured a pulled-pork fueled extravaganza of fun, tall tales, new ideas, extensive game development talks and only one person managed to fall asleep on the train and wake up in the wrong country.

When we returned to the saddle yesterday we immediately sharpened our bug hunting spears and set to work. The Jefferson build is improving hour by hour and we are doing our very best to get the build stable so we can roll it on to the servers as soon as possible.

As you might have noticed from the last couple of weeks, we try to explain the features in Jefferson before we roll them out as we know there are a lot of curious players :-) We hope that you will enjoy the new features and we will of course monitor what happens behind the scenes and improve whatever might need improving.

That is all from me, and have a great week everybody! :-)

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 21

Nasty! Naughty! And in other ways nefarious bugs! That has been the main theme this week. A lot of us are focusing on either fixing bugs for Jefferson, or hunting for them with our binary butterfly nets and looking glasses. We are doing our very best to find and fix as many of these issues as we can before we roll out the Jefferson build. This is both fixes for bugs that snuck unto the live servers with the last build as well as making sure the new features and optimization work as expected.

Apart from polishing the Jefferson build, we are also deep into the production of features for the next build “Keating” and planning of the build after that is going full steam as well. While you have been able to read about some of the new features in Jefferson, such as Cloud renders, Anti-Griefing, GUI/HUD improvements etc we still have a few interesting things for you that we will tell about in the time leading up to the release of Jefferson. As for what will happen in Keating, we will get to that after Jefferson is released.
That is all from me, so have a great weekend everybody! :-)

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