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Guest Video: K120’s “Tanks Overview”

Long time community member K120 has made a great little video showing off the tanks available in the game.

So put your tanker helmet on, hold an oily rag under your nose (not TOO close :-) ) and press play!
(remember to turn up, the volume and hit both the HD and full-screen buttons)

Beta Videolog 8: “Leeb” is now online.

The new build ‘Leeb’ has been online for a short while, and we hope you will all help us welcome new players and community members to the game. With summer ending and fall upon us we managed to herd Reto.KenSolo and Reto.Colding out of the deckchairs and into the editing booth and they went to work on a new videolog detailing some of the bigger Leeb updates. Take a look here:

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Leeb is alive and online!

The new build named Leeb (after the German Field Marshall Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb) is live on the servers! And here is a short update explaining the new features we have added for you to enjoy!

New Features

New Deploy System

We have updated the deploy system with a much more streamlined presentation, cool flyover animations and better info boxes to make it easier for you to deploy where you will have the most fun. Take a look here for screenshots and additional details.

New Recon character models

The recon units has finally had their new uniforms delivered, and we hope you’ll like them. Check out the German one here and click here for the new US Recon.

New US Heavy Armor Assault Team

The rumbling in the distance has revealed it’s source! New US Heavy Armor Assault Teams are joining the battle in their M26 Pershing tanks.
Take a look here for more information on the Pershing.

Improved Armor Model

We have been working on improving the armor model in the game for quite some time as we want to improve the experience of fighting with tanks. The new system is easier for us to maintain, and more precise to boot. This first iteration is designed to improve ricochets, penetration and non-damaging shots and lay out the groundwork for adding additional layers of features and complexity in the future. Take a look here for a more detailed explanation.

We are also still looking for a Front-End Programmer to join our team, so if you are in the Copenhagen area (or willing to relocate) take a look here.

There are of course more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 27

New build incoming! We are currently hard at work hammering away at the new armor model getting it into tip-top shape. The ‘Leeb’ build will show the first iteration and it will form a solid base from which we can start expanding the damage models on vehicles to make them more fun to both fight in and against. Hiding behind trees and observing these metal beasts moving about are the new recon models. We have already released a sneak peek of the German and a sneak peek of the new American recon is on its way as well.

Based on ao. a lot of DxDiags detailing performance issues we have started focusing on more specific performance issues and we are working on making the game run better and more stable for everybody, so over the next couple of months a lot of our focus will be on these issues. We do of course have new features planned, but we also want to increase stability, performance, scalability, fix bugs etc. This might not be as exciting as new content, but it will make the game more fun and give us a more stable platform for the continued development of new features.

Also, as we have done a couple of times before Reto.Vashu is gathering questions from you guys in a new Developer Q&A session.

That is all from me, have a great week everybody! :-)

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The M26 Pershing Heavy Tank

Guess what just rolled out of the factory? That’s right, here comes the American answer to the formidable Tiger… ladies and gentlemen, the M26 Pershing!

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