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Featured Developer Alex Chinchen (Reto.Chinch)

First of all, what is your gamertag in Heroes & Generals, and what’s the story?
My “official” gamertag is Reto.Chinch, although I generally don’t use this in-game – I have a number of different accounts I use depending on what I’m up to… ‘Chinch’ is an abbreviation of my rather unusual surname (and is apparently slang for numerous other things if Urban Dictionary is to be believed…), so it seemed the obvious choice, really.

What is your position at Reto-Moto?
I’m a Community Manager, working alongside Reto.Robotron3000 and Reto.Circinus and the rest of the Reto guys, but am based out of the Square Enix office in sunny, sunny London.

For how long have you been working here?
I’ve been with Square Enix for around 6 years now, but I’m a relatively new recruit to the Heroes & Generals ranks: I only joined the project in September of this year.

What games have you worked on?
I’ve mainly been working on games out of our Japanese studios up until now, with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn being my main focus over the last couple of years, but have also helped out with various bits and pieces on other stuff like Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Hitman: Absolution, as well as some of our mobile games, so a pretty wide-ranging list, really.

Which tools do you use for making Heroes & Generals?
Anything that I can get my hands on! I’m mostly focusing on the game channels like Facebook, YouTube & Twitter, and obviously the forums and the blog (although I’ve not been posting much yet, I’m often lurking there…) I’m also looking at bringing new things into the mix soon, such as, to make sure we’ll be getting as much cool stuff out to our players in the most interesting ways we possibly can

What are your hobbies?
I’m obviously big into games of all kinds, whether PC, console, board or mobile; I love books and music, and am a big fan of interesting and unusual beers (which we have a rather good selection of here in England).

What’s the best thing about Heroes & Generals?
The fact that everything that happens in the game is driven by the decisions of real people is so cool – it’s such an ambitious concept, and I really do think that what the dev team have managed to achieve so far is pretty incredible.

What’s the best thing about working at Reto-Moto?
It’s very exciting working on a game that is constantly evolving and expanding over time, especially as our players are right there with us on every step of that journey.

What are you working on right now?
I’m mostly working on lots of exciting things behind the scenes for next year that will hopefully help to bring lots of new soldiers to the war!

What are your favorite games of all time?
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, Goldeneye (N64 version, of course), WoW, Fallout 3, C&C, Minecraft, Broken Sword, Grim Fandango…I could go on all day if you’d let me…

What are your favorite movies?
Maltese Falcon, Build My Gallows High, Sideways, The Usual Suspects, The Royal Tenenbaums, Pulp Fiction, Synecdoche, New York and pretty much anything Studio Ghibli, to name a few.

Happy New Server Year!

As some of you already noticed, we got some new servers up in Australia and Japan, with two more in Texas and Brazil on the way.

Orange servers are online. Green ones are coming soonOrange servers are online. Green ones are coming soon

Orange servers are online. Green ones are coming soon

Getting good ping in Australia has been underway for a long time, but we finally got it. We also have quite a few players from Brazil, so we’ll add a server there. There’s also a server on the way in Texas, which can provide good ping for California and Florida which currently don’t have the best connection.

We do our best to keep an eye on where servers are needed and put servers there. If you feel that we missed a spot, please let us know in the forum.

What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!