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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 25

Jefferson and the accompanying Videolog is online. As you will probably be aware, it is summer here on the Northern hemisphere, so a lot of us are having some time off to go on vacation, frolick in the sun and spend time with family and friends. But fear not, not everything stops. We are gathering feedback and data and hotfixing Jefferson as fast as possible, if you run into issues, please head to the forums, and even if you might not get a reply from a developer immediately, we are reading and following up on all the important threads. As I am up next for some R&R there won’t be an Intelligence Bulletin for the next two weeks, but then I expect to be back with tall tales from the Swedish forests and a lot of information on the next exciting features for the game.

The team here is currently working on four major things: First is hotfixing bugs on the Jefferson build on live, second is helping the next build Keating through it’s Quality Assurance sessions to get it stabilized, third is working on features for the upcoming builds and last, but not least – vacations at various beaches and chilled white wine in the shade.

That is all from me, and have a great Wednesday everybody! :-)

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 17

Now that Irwin build has been live for a bit we have gathered a lot of data on performance (and fixed bugs as fast as we could); we have gathered player feedback on the Warfunds system and we are looking at weapon usage and performance over time. So all in all this week has been spent hotfixing bugs on the live servers as soon as we noticed them and also gathering as much data as we can for future tweaking/balancing and general improvements. We are lurking on the forums, reading chat-logs and watching replays from the live servers to help us ID the most pressing needs so we can prioritize features and bug fixes in the most sensible way.

Reto.Injection is back! His zombie-foot seems to be mending so we are very happy to have him back (working on the resource system).

This weeks Intelligence Bulletin went out an hour later than normally, we were testing some things in the game (spawn delays, etc) and got kinda carried away in a mayhem of battle :-)

Have a great weekend everybody! :-)

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