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Guns… Lots of guns..

In the Jefferson build we are rolling out the next iteration of the equipment system, that gives you a lot more flexibility as to what gear your hero brings to the battlefield. I cornered Reto.RedBjarne and had him explain. – Reto.Robotron3000

Equipment System iteration 2

For Jefferson we have updated the equipment system with a few new features.


The system was introduced in Irwin in its simplest form. Basically each uniform of the different soldier classes (Infantry, Paratrooper, Recon, Armor and Fighter Pilot) carries a number of equipment points and for every weapon equipped a number of these points are spent.

In Jefferson the next iteration is rolled out with more customization available.

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War Bonds Explained

We have got really good feedback on our warbonds initiative, but it seems that some players are confused about how they actually work.

I will try and explain the mechanics here and give a few examples. Financial mechanics can be very complex and if you have never looked at this stuff before it’s perfectly fine to be confused.

To start I will clarify one thing. If we have to reset the servers, you get everything you bought refunded as gold (charcters, weapons etc.) except the warbonds. You will KEEP the warbonds until they expire (6 months) and then we will pay back the gold.

This article will be available on our wiki too (and updated if stuff are added or changed).

Quick Explanation of the Warbonds

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