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Guderian build online!

We have rolled out the first version of the Guderian build. The main features that we have added is a ‘First Blood’ tutorial mission for new players and the Squad Leader functionality for more experienced players!

First Blood

The ‘First Blood’ mission is a short single-player mission that lets new players get to grips with the life of an infantry man in Heroes & Generals. They are shown how to pick up new weapons and destroy enemies, as well as how to handle hand grenades, anti-tank weapons and even the Anti-Air weapons. We also introduce how to adjust sights when using weapons with adjustable sights.

First Blood ScreenshotFirst Blood Screenshot

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What is this First Blood everyone is talking about?

For a while now, the attentive reader has been seeing a lot of First Blood related items in our weekly bulletin updates. I even leaked what First Blood is by writing “(Tutorial)” behind it. We want you to feel comfortable playing the game and we are now putting the finishing touches on our First Blood scenario that everyone will encounter when they start up Heroes & Generals for the first time.

As the images might tell you, the scenario supports playing as both Allied and Axis. We want everyone to be comfortable with the weapons and how they work before they are thrown in front (or under) a tank or in the sights of a seasoned sniper. This scenario presents a great opportunity for everyone to check out their graphics settings and get a feel for how the game runs on their computer without being blown up or yelled at for standing still in the middle of an important fight!

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 1

intelbul_v03e01 A short update from the Reto-Moto HQ this Friday. While everybody survived the fireworks mayhem of New Years Eve a sneaky flu epidemic has really taken hold in Denmark and appears to be the worst in years.
While I had hoped to be able to write a triumphant bulletin about the might of game developers’ immune systems the naughty germs wanted it otherwise.

BUT while we a lot of us might be staggering around like snot-zombies we cannot cheat you out of an Intelligence Bulletin, so direct from the infirmary, here are some short news from the dev team.

The mobile command app is the domain of reto.sNell and the build process for the clients has been improved and cleaned up to help improve the speed of the mobile builds. On the strategic side Reto.Vashu has made some very visible and wonderful fixes on Felber,

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 42

Icons done! Update from Perforce! Bugs fixed! Feature locked and committed! There is a LOT going on here at Reto HQ as we are working as fast as we can to get the features for the Guderian build done. But we also managed to get a videolog detailing the Felber build done. And so much faster than the last one. :-) If you haven’t already please notice the new music from our tame Beethoven – Jesper Kyd.

The community is really showing just how awesome they are. This week we have a fan-trailer made by K120 & a detailed account by Fontan of his visit to HQ. There is also a lot of progress getting done on both the Squad Leader feature and “First Blood” and we have been doing some quick iterations on how the user interface should look and work, both for the squad leader and for the squad members being led. We want to create a system where it is easy for a new player to have a fun experience by following the orders and guidelines from more experienced players. You can still do what you want, but you don’t have to worry about what to attack or where to spawn if you don’t feel like it.

MAJOR EMERGENCY! On Thursday right before lunch we ran out of sugar for our tea and coffee.
Nobody felt like venturing outside to the supermarket 300m away and buy some so we decided to stick with icing sugar until we had new groceries delivered. After noticing that my tea had a slightly odd consistency I noticed that icing sugar contains 20% potato starch…..

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