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Work in progress

I’m currently working on the Sd.Kfz. 250 command variant.
Half-tracks will serve multiple purposes in Heroes & Generals but more about that later.

Sd.Kfz. 250/3 WIP

German Sd.Kfz. 250/3 Work in progress

Current Tank Arsenal

It’s no secret that we love tanks and wish to provide as many different kind of tanks as possible for Heroes & Generals. We currently have three tanks operational: Tiger I and Stug III for Axis and M18 Hellcat for Allies. We wish to start up with one tank and one tank destroyer for each side and then expand from there – the “missing Allies tank” is in development and will be revealed soon.

Tanks (and other vehicles) are limited resources and are tied up to the Campaign, so that the number of tanks available on a battlefield is defined by which Assault Teams are part of that battle. In other words – tanks are only available if an “Armor-specialized” Assault Team is part of the battle.

We’re currently working on a vehicle projectile and armor model with hit-locations and impact-angles. In this model we simulate varying thickness of the armor as well as take the impact-angle into account when calculating damage – so a direct 90 degree hit on a surface will cause more damage than a 45 degree hit. But more on this in a later post…

For more insight in our thoughts of vehicles in general, please visit this forum-thread and give us your input.

M18 Hellcat Allies – M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

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Live Tank Demonstration Debriefing

Yesterday we had a small field-trip to the Danish Oksbøl Garrison and Army Combat School for a live tank demonstration. We saw this as an opportunity to get some real-life references – and we sure did!

Besides Centurion, Leopard and the M10 (the latter in poorly shape unfortunately), we also saw the M109 Howizer, M113 Armored Personal Carrier, CV90 Combat Vehicle, Piranha III AFV and many other armored vehicles in action. Besides armored vehicles we also saw a Kübelwagen, Willys MB Jeeps, a Kettenkrad and a BMW R75 Motorcycle.

After seeing all the vehicles maneuver capabilities in the terrain it was time for the live fire exercise, where a training scenario was staged with an old tank wreckage and some red targets representing the enemy.

Picture 1 of 11

We’ve taken some photos to share with you, but the pictures doesn’t do the real experience justice. The sounds, the shockwave when the cannons fires, the muzzleflash, the impacts and the debris is really hard to capture in still images and video, but this experience has given us a lot of inspiration and new ideas.

Live Tank Demonstration by the Danish Army

Reto.Leto, Reto.Ogssan, Reto.RedBjarne, Reto.Hr.Wille and I have taken a small break from the office and are currently on our way to the Danish Oksbøl Garrison and Army Combat School to see a live tank demonstration. Looking forward to see the Centurion, Leopard and M10 tanks in action! :-D

Featured Developer: Jens Albretsen (Reto.Injection)

Each week we’ll feature one of the developers from the team and tell you a bit about who they are and what they are working on.


First of all, what is your gamertag in Heroes & Generals?
Reto.Injection – Back when I played Duke Nukem 3D, my gamertag was originally  “Drugs” (don’t ask – I don’t know why :-)), and people started to comment on the fact that when I killed someone it said “Killed by Drugs”, which some found a bit too offensive, so I decided to change it to “Injection”.

What is your position at Reto-Moto?
Senior Programmer

For how long have you been working here?
Since always :)

What games have you worked on?
Mini Ninjas
Kane & Lynch
Hitman Blood Money
Hitman Contracts
Freedom Figthers
Hitman 2 : Silent Assasin
M&M’s Around the world in 80 days
M&M’s Crazy Carts
M&M’s Crazy Factory
Atlantsammenslutningen stragegy game
Fredgaard Skrabespil
Premiair Slot Machine
Canon World Cup Soccer
Palle Pedal Post
Red Zone
Sub Terrania
Hydromatic – unreleased

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So what’s the deal with the campaign part of H&G?

One of the things that sets Heroes & Generals apart from other multiplayer first person shooters is that we have a major campaign behind the FPS-missions. Normally there is no other purpose to a team-based multiplayer FPS experience than the fun in beating the other team – yes, there are of course clan-fights and ladders which gives more purpose, but we wanted to take it a bit further, so we came up with the idea of making a game which works on several layers. But how does it all play out? Let me try to explain…


The War

First of all each player must choose side in the war – Axis or Allies – and then fight for that side throughout the war. There won’t be any options of switching side before a war is ended. A war is ended when one of the sides has reached the victory conditions, which could be for instance to capture the other sides capital or plain and simply to wipe out the enemy’s army.

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Featured Developer: Christen Lorensen (Reto.Chrestangen)

Each week we’ll feature one of the developers from the team and tell you a bit about who they are and what they are working on.


What is your gamertag in Heroes & Generals?
Reto.Chrestangen and it is properly the longest username we’ve got.

What is your position at Reto-Moto?
My title is “Programmer”, more specific I handle the frontend of the strategy part of the game. So ActionScript programming is my middle name.

For how long have you been working here?
I joined in May this year, so it has only been two months. I have just scratched the surface and I’m now digging deeper into the code and concepts.

What games have you worked on?
I come from the casual game industry and web development. This is my first AAA title. But for casual games, I can mention “DR’s store pakkeleg” – DR, “Diego dino rescue” – NickJr, “Max and Ruby – Ice Scating” – NickJr, “Jungledyret Hugo games” – A-film, and a bunch of other small casual games.

Which tools do you use for making Heroes & Generals?
I primarily create Flash in Flex 4.5 and AS3, so most of my time is used in Flex Builder, and internet browsers. But it is still early.

What are your hobbies?
I use most of my time with my daughter and wife. Other recreational activities include volleyball, the indoor season is over at the moment, so right now it is beach volley. I have a love for board games, so I am at the moment ¾ through a campaign in Descent – Road to Legend, with four friends, and it has only taken us half a year to get here. :) Other favorite board games include, Twilight Imperium, Space Hulk, Tide of Iron, Zombies, Warhammer (FB/40K), Arkham Horror, and I could go on. Guess I’m a big board gaming geek. I also have a thing for zombies and co-op social gaming, so when it come time to do some gaming on the old comp I break out Left 4 Dead 2 and Alien Swarm.

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Featured Developer: Per Chrom Jacobsen (Reto.Topo)

Each week we’ll feature one of the developers from the team and tell you a bit about who they are and what they are working on.


First of all, what is your gamertag in Heroes & Generals?
My tag is Reto.Topo – with no value or hints embedded in the name.

What is your position at Reto-Moto?
My official position is CEO, and my job is both strategic and administrative.

For how long have you been working here?
I have been working here since early January. I don’t  have a gamer background or a background from the gaming industry. I have worked in investment banking and consultancy – so lots of strategy and no programming! I’m still on a learning curve when it comes to many aspects of the gaming industry.

What games have you worked on?
None – well besides Heroes & Generals.

Which tools do you use for making Heroes & Generals?
Mainly spreadsheets and word processing programs.

What are your hobbies?
Hobbies? I like most sports, and I particularly like sports with a ball. Now it’s mostly tennis. I also do bicycling, running and skiing. I enjoy reading as well, mostly biographies  and historical topics. This of course also includes WWII, which in my view, will continue to captivate people for many years to come.

What’s the best thing about Heroes & Generals?
The strategy side of the game is very appealing to me! the plan of action to achieve the goals set – so to speak, based on the resources available to you, your intelligence on the enemy and your adaptability to the enemy’s move, once the (virtual) reality of war hits you. On the FPS part of the game, it’s the flying I find most entertaining, as I have some RL flying experience. I also really like the “follow the bomb” feature for aerial bombing.

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