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A bit about vehicles in Heroes & Generals

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Eurogamer interview

Jesper Kristiansen from came by a short while back for a look at the game and a talk about what we are doing.

The resulting article along with a few new screenshots is now live on the site: Reto-Moto om Heroes & Generals (text in Danish).

And as a short note to you if this is your first visit to our site:

We are happy to see you and hope you want to stay a while. If you register here you will get access to comment on this page and to our forum AND you will be added to the list of future alpha-testers (alpha-access means you will be given the opportunity to play the game and influence the game’s development from a very early state).

Capture Point Work In Progress

Capture Point coming to life.

M1A1 Bazooka Work In Progress

An M1A1 Bazooka coming to life.

Henschel Tiger I Work In Progress

Page is online!

Woohoo, the page has been uploaded and is now open to the public.

We decided to put the page online now, even though we know some things still needs expansion and polish, but we just could not wait any longer to let you all see what we are working on. :-)

If something is broken or difficult to understand please let us know, either here or in the forums.

P-38 Lightning Work In Progress

3D support

The render now supports the newest 3D technology, as seen in movies such as James Cameron’s Avatar.

Below you can see two screenshots from the game demonstrating this. When you click on the images they will open in anaglyph red/cyan mode, so you can get an idea of the effect, with a simple pair of traditional 3D glasses.

3d anaglyph M18 (2d)3d anaglyph car (2d)

IF you have a PC and monitor capable of using the more modern shutter-glasses you can download the images in .jps format here –  Tank and US Truck 4×4.
A JPS file is a stereoscopic 3D JPEG file and can be viewed with the NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer.

To learn more about the 3d technologies used, here is a link to NVIDIA’s 3D Vision Discover (using red/cyan glasses) and 3D Vision (using wireless active shutter glasses).

We would like to thank Phil Scott and Phil Wright from NVIDIA for their support and supply of hardware to make this happen.

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