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waterline shader

After Henning implemented the vector-to-scalars and the Vector_State->Intersection_Point this stuff is possible. The shader blends some green mushy algea stuff on the lower part of the object so the effect will always be in line with the water on the level no-matter where the the object is placed :-)

updated shaders for the bridge

I updated the shaders for the iron bridge (a classic Trussbridge somewhat inspired by the bridge in Nijmegen (go watch the movie ‘A bridge too far‘)). The basic structure uses 2 ‘complex’ shaders (and 2 simple ones for the deck and sidewalk). The idea was to create a shader where I could do the lattice girders with a high resolution in the masking (discard) and still have good variation in the diffuse color (and blend rust patches in arbitrary places) without having to use a huge texture. Each section of the girders are 1024px and they repeat 8 times (the texture would need to be 8192 px wide which is just slightly over the top). Obviously it can be discussed if even 1024 is too much, but I just wanted to try it out, it also looks fine in 512 so there’s room for optimization.

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I’ve added reflections to the bridge with a super-simple very ugly object. It actually works pretty well and the object can be used for LOD aswell  .. I will now go and watch ‘Der Fürer’ on DR2 :-)


Joint authentication with the Heroes & Generals site and this community site is now enabled and will be working shortly so please ignore any issues with your profiles on here as they are all going to change shortly.

Syflex Awning (Markise)

Normalmaps generated from syflex (XSI cloth) and simple translucency. This is just a quick draft so no textures yet. Now I just need some wind (Hakon? Jens?)


There is a simple kills/deaths heading in the scoreboard to try
and make it clearer to read for the time being.

Website Player Creation Updated

The player creation page have been updated so when a new player profile is created a character and a standard set of weapons is also created.

The weapons are Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Submachinegun and grenades. The Rifle is equipped by default instead of the SMG.

Blend materials

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