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Mobile version of the forums online

Pointing your mobile’s browser to our forums should now shows a version that is optimized for mobile browsers.

If you find any bugs or weirdnesses or have fantastic suggestions to make it better, please let me know.

Mobile version of the site online

A simplified version of the site is now available for mobile users. It should work on all mobile browsers, but has only been tested on iPhone and Android so far.

If you want to take a look at it without digging out your mobile, you can press the “Switch to our mobile site” link in the lower part of the right sidebar. In the bottom of the mobile site there is a link to switch back to the full version again (this can also be used if you want to watch the full version on your mobile).

Displacement mapping integrated into XSI

By using the new features of the DX11 tessellation shader path, we now have displacement mapping integrated through the XSI node graph based material system.

Weapon Balancing

Post your thoughts and wishes regarding the balance of weapons currently in the game


Updated to link to new forum.

Local avatars are enabled

If you go to your dashboard you should have an avatars option at the bottom of your profile where you can upload the avatar you would like to use.

DX11 hardware displacement mapping in action

Currently integrating this feature in the XSI material node graph.

Introducing the S-mine

This week the weapon group will be introducing a brand new class of weapon.
First to hit the battlefield will be the german S-mine (Schrapnellmine)
Gameplay mechanics of this new class of weapon will follow next week

waterline shader

After Henning implemented the vector-to-scalars and the Vector_State->Intersection_Point this stuff is possible. The shader blends some green mushy algea stuff on the lower part of the object so the effect will always be in line with the water on the level no-matter where the the object is placed :-)

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