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Servers moving and getting updated.

We are currently moving the war-server hosting the stable game out of the house and unto more powerful hardware.

The game will not be accessible until this is up and running, and it will not be possible to register. We expect this move to be done on Tuesday the 14th of June.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

We are moving closer to the front!

We are moving office on Friday April, 29th. This means more space, more light, more windows, more rooftop terrace and less traffic noise :-)

BUT this unfortunately means that the parts of the game’s server-park will be offline during the move, so it will not be possible to play the game until we get everything up and running again. We will do our very best to get everything up and running and all internal severs online as soon as possible.

Kübelwagen Work In Progress

Kübelwagen coming to life.

Backend maintenance

We are currently updating some of the backend services, so it is not currently possible to login to the forum.
If everything goes according to plan it should be back to normal operations tomorrow.

And a new build is making its way unto the servers as I type :-)

UPDATE: Backend is back online

Job opening for Flash programmer

We are looking for an experienced Flash/AS3 programmer for our studio in Copenhagen.

In Danish:

14. februar 2011

Flash spil programmør søges til ansættelse snarest muligt.

Vi søger en dygtig Flash programmør til at udvikle online strategi-delen af of vores nye spil, “Heroes & Generals”.
Jobbet vil omfatte primært AS3/Flash arbejde.

Vi forventer at du har stor erfaring med ActionScript og relaterede værktøjer (Flash CS4, Flash Builder).

Det er være en fordel, hvis du har erfaring med en eller flere af tingene nedenfor.

– Adobe Alchemy
– Flash Catalyst
– GUI design
– Databaser
– Unity 3D
– C#

Henvendelse kan  ske ved email til: [email protected]

Direct link:

Reto-Moto looking for experienced programmers

We are currently looking for experienced programmers to join the team.

Text in Danish:

RetoMoto ApS søger dygtige og erfarne programmører. Primært stærke i enten c++, C# eller actionscript.

Vi er et spilfirma bestående af nogle af grundlæggerne af IO Interactive A/S og hovedpersonerne bag bl.a. Hitman-serien.
Vi arbejder på spillet “Heroes & Generals”, som er et nyt og spændende online spilprojekt og har brug for erfarne programmører der kan bidrage positivt til projektet, fagligt som personligt.
Opgaverne kan være indenfor bl.a. c++ spil setup, C# server framework, C# server spil logik, Flash actionscript, python build & deploy.

Henvendelse kan  ske ved email til: [email protected]

How would you like to use your phone with Heroes & Generals?

We are about to design the first of the mobile apps that will support Heroes & Generals. Please help us decide which one to make first. We have a lot of ideas and would of course like to build them all yesterday, but reality called and told us we have to prioritize and schedule our time. SO let your voice be heard here in the forums.

If you haven’t already you can register for an account that will give you access to the forums.

A new year with more heroes and more generals

We hope that everybody has had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And just because it has been a while since we last posted news, that does not mean we are lazy bums :-)
We are hard at work at the game building a lot of the infrastructure that runs the game behind the scenes. Tying bits and pieces together to make everything run smoother and faster and improving both our designs and the pipelines for bringing these designs into the game. We are really enjoying the feedback we get from the community and it is truly a great experience to build a game together with the players.

Until next time, have a great war!

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