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German pilot’s headgear

Since we have shown a couple of the in-game weapon models, we felt that we should also show something from the character department. So without further ado, here is the German pilot’s headgear.

German Pilot Headgear


Press Release: Hitman veterans redefine the shooter genre again

From the creative minds that brought you the Hitman series comes Heroes & Generals, the first title from independent studio Reto-Moto. Heroes & Generals – now in Alpha testing – introduces an unprecedented mix of frontline shooter gameplay and strategic campaign management in a massive-scale multiplayer online war.

Heroes & Generals Debut TeaserPlease enter the url to a YouTube video.

Imagine a game where your actions can help turn the tide of a persistent online war being fought by thousands of other real players, either in the role of a hardened soldier engaged in blistering first-person shooter combat, or as a strategic officer managing the grand scheme of the campaign on a tactical war map. Heroes & Generals will deliver this combined one-two punch in a thrilling multiplayer online battle across authentic WW II settings.

As H&G enters a vital playable testing phase, we encourage all gamers to enlist for an Alpha-key now at our community site.

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Featured Developer Peter Fleckenstein (Reto.FleCK)

Each week we’ll feature one of the developers from the team and tell you a bit about who they are and what they are working on.


First of all, what is your gamertag in Heroes & Generals, and what’s the story behind it?
Reto.FleCK – well it combines two passions in life: 1) myself (fleck) and 2) FCK (Danish football team).

What is your position at Reto-Moto?
I’m Game- and Level-designer.

For how long have you been working here?
I’ve been working here for 3 years from the very beginning of the re-structering of Reto-Moto.

What games have you worked on?
As many of the other guys I’ve been working on Hitman – all the way back from Hitman 1.

Which tools do you use for making Heroes & Generals?
To make a new level I normally start sketching with pen and paper, then a more formal sketch in Adobe Illustror. Then I proceed with creating the terrain for the level in World Machine 2 Professional, and when I’m happy with the general layout I bring the height map into Softimage XSI where the rest of the level construction is being made.

What are your hobbies?
I love to spend my precious spare time working on my house (leveldesign in real life :-) ) and watch my favorite football team FC Copenhagen.

What’s the best thing about Heroes & Generals?
The idea of bringing the players closer to the development is great – and I like the short way from ideas to implementation (since we are self-publishing).
Also, I love that the outcome of each level you play actually is a part of a bigger picture instead of endless level rotations – that makes the killing more meaningful…. And I know for sure, that our Design Document contains a lot of new and interesting thoughts for the future.

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Registration issues – confirmation e-mail

For the past 24 hours we’ve had some problems with our mail-server not sending registration confirmation e-mails. So if you haven’t received your confirmation e-mail yet, don’t worry – you’ll have it shortly as soon as we fix the problem. You don’t need to register again!

EDIT: The mail-server is up and running again, and all who’ve registered should have received a confirmation e-mail by now. Otherwise, send a mail to [email protected] for support.

Intelligence Bulletin Vol 1 * No 5


Today we’ve launched our Debut Teaser as an exclusive video on We’re quite proud of the video and hope that it will be well received!

A new stable release is up with a lot of bugfixes, a new light-setting and more… Oh, almost forgot – bombs and mines! :-D

As a small test, your get a couple of “free” anti-personel/anti-vehicle mines and sticky/magnet bombs each time you spawn. We will continue to give you a few new “free” weapons to test from time to time.

This week’s test-focus is the spawn, capture and map elements of the game. Is the spawn mechanic logical, can you find the capture points and does the in-game map and icons make sense to you? Remember to give us feedback in the forum, and feel free to also comment on the new weapons.

Now let’s proceed to the Team Debriefing…

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Fast Terrain Vegetation

After trying many different approaches we have implemented a new routine for drawing grass and cornfields on the terrain. The routine we have used so far has a few issues that we were not happy with. It is very hardware intensive which means that it can only be drawn close to the player and not in the distance. This is particularly bad when it is used for cornfields and high grass. Players will crouch down thinking that they are in cover in a corn field and in reality everyone can see them and shoot them.

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MG42 & M1903 in-game graphics

For your enjoyment Reto.Hr.Wille has just published two renders of the ingame versions of the MG42 and the M1903 scoped rifle.

M1903 Scoped Factory Stock
Updated image of the M1903

The M1903 is the American sniper rifle in the game. It is a bolt-action rifle with a powerful scope, and as such it is a very nice rifle to bring if you, for example, plan to spend time in a church tower scouting for enemy troops.

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Featured Developer Henning Semler (Reto.Hal9k)

Each week we’ll feature one of the developers from the team and tell you a bit about who they are and what they are working on.


First of all, what is your gamertag in Heroes & Generals and what’s the story behind it?
Reto.Hal9k, taken from the computer HAL 9000 from movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

What is your position at Reto-Moto?
I’m a programmer mainly focusing on our rendering pipeline, but I also maintain our Build and Deploy system for our server setup.

For how long have you been working here?
I’ve been working since we founded the company back in August 2007.

What games have you worked on?
Prior to working here I was working for IO Interactive, where I worked on the games: Hitman, Hitman 2, Hitman 4, Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch and Hitman 5.

Which tools do you use for making Heroes & Generals?
As I’m a programmer I’m using Visual Studio (2008 mostly), Notepad++, and for debugging of the rendering pipeline I use PIX, Nvidia NSight, Nvidia PerfHud and AMD GPU PerfStudio.

What are your hobbies?
Programming, researching rendering stuff and playing games.

What’s the best thing about Heroes & Generals?
The game is not finished when we launch, so we can continue enhancing and tweaking it based on the feedback from the community, in order to make the best possible game. This is somewhat different from before where I worked on Boxed Games where you got the feedback after you were done with the game.

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