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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 41

Argh, my head! But we survived the Christmas party! :-D Thanks to our wonderful party committee we had a blast and everyone is now fully charged for the Christmas offensive. The Felber roll-out has been a much better experience for all than the Eisenhower roll-out and while we have found and fixed bugs, the data shows that this build shows the increase in stability and performance that we wanted. We are getting a lot of great feedback from the community (f.ex. on tank balancing) and we are sorting it and making task lists and tweaking. In other news the Squad Leader feature set is coming along nicely and we are working on features for ‘First Blood’ and as you can see on this issue’s ‘cover’-photo we just got the completed model for the American WLA 1942 motorcycle done so it can make its way into the game.

On another note we have a Very Important visitor in the studio today.

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H&G 6th edition

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to the sixth edition of the H&G newspaper. I am happy to annouance Felber was launched without to many problems. The new units have arrived and are used to the fullest. This newspaper starts with a shoutout about the well known wiki game-guide, after that I will tell you about the first Felber war, ending off with a screenshot I found on the forums. And as always, if you want to see anything different, or would like to write an article yourself, you can sent it to [email protected] or notify me ingame for more information.

Heroes & Generals News

Vol.: 1. Issue: 6

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Suspension Work

Some time ago when I was working on the sounds for the suspension on some of the vehicle I felt that something was wrong, somehow it did not sound the way it should. I tried to tweak and adjust the sounds and it did get better but still something sounded off-beat. Having other tasks I decided to leave it as-is and get back to it at a later point. jeepsuspension_fullyextended Suspension fully extended.

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 40

intelligencebulletingvol02no40 Alive! It’s on live! This has been an eventful week in the HQ. We ran the large stress-test with the final version of Eisenhower and got a lot great data that we can use to optimize the performance. And the servers did not crash. They ran slowly, but kept breathing. Following that we rolled out the first version of the Felber build, with a lot of new features. 3 new tanks, 2 new motorcycles, new skirmish map. You can take a look at the full changelog here.

We are now using both the feedback from the stress test and the feedback we get from Felber to roll out hotfixes for Felber on a daily basis until we get the most pressing issues fixed. I think it shows how much we benefited from the daily hotfixes on Eisenhower. This week we also welcomed reto.Scratchliquid to the team! He will work doing 3D art and weapons and props and other wonderful things.

Later on today we will have the annual company Christmas party and celebrate with some good food and beer, but before that we are restructuring the office, moving people around for Guderian.

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Skirmish in the forest

We are now ready to launch the new and improved Skirmish map, with a new game mode: Domination.

The first new Skirmish Map is situated in a heavily sloped forest, where the terrain itself plays a vital part of the map. The central capture area is placed by an intersecting main road, and the area holds barns and sheds and works as a logging camp, before the wood ends up as fine cabinets in Ikea.

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H&G 5th edition

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to the fifth edition of the H&G newspaper. First of all, sorry for the late post, I’ve been a bit busy the last weeks ;). In this article we have news about 93, a sneak peak in the heroes and FELBER and ending with my second dondercolumn: Bugs, exploits and bugs. And as always, if you want to see anything different, or would like to write an article yourself, you can sent it to [email protected] or notify me ingame for more information.

Heroes & Generals News

Vol.: 1. Issue: 5

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The Tyrannosaur feels tiny

‘Tiny’ is the name of the sheep.

No, but seriously. It is not often that the backend tyrannosaur feels tiny, insignificant and overwhelmed by the scale of things. Usually it’s the rest of the world bowing before the unstoppable, world shaking, hamburger powered, sex machine might of the tyrannosaur.



But it does happen.

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New Server Stress Test Today at 19.00 UTC

We have a new server stress test Today (Tuesday the 27th of November at 19.00 UTC), where we test how many users can be logged in at the same time. Access to the servers is closed until the test starts, but the servers will remain open after… unless you succeed in crashing the servers. ;)

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 4: Eisenhower showing the new matchmaking system, ignore function, 32 player missions, new mounted machinegun handling and more.

So if you previously have played H&G or have received a Beta-key, please log in today at 19.00 UTC and help us test the servers! The primary goal for this stress test test is to see how many players can be logged in at the same time, so a simple log in really helps us a lot if you don’t have the time to play !

If you try to log in before the test starts you will see a count-down to when the servers opens and if you can’t log in today due to the stress test, then just try again tomorrow or another day

The servers opens today at:

Tuesday the 27th of November 11:00 am 2:00 pm 20:00 19:00

PST = Pacific Standard Time (US westcoast)
EST = Eastern
StandardTime (US eastcoast)
CET = Central European Time (Central europe)
UTC = Coordinated Universal Time (Server time) / GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!