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How we manage more and more servers

Today I will tell you a bit about the system we use to manage the server setup for Heroes & Generals.

servergraph A sample graph of the CPU load of one of the servers. You can see that the server load is higher from noon till midnight, but there is still load other hours as well as players from all over the world are playing H&G 24/7.

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Animation: Behind the scenes – Exit Flak!

Heroes & Generals – Exit Flakvierling 38 – Timelapse of an Animation Process. A behind the scenes animation timelapse (x6 speeed) from sit pose to in game.

It’s been some time since I last did a post. I have rambled a lot – I know ;). It’s about animation – so here’s animation for ya ! … in 6 x speed (due to me orbiting the scene a lot when animating – it sure does flicker heavily – so wear a helmet). Basically this little clip shows how an animation goes from first pose to in game in about 4 minutes. enjoy…


Let your inner Merchandise Designer out!

swag Up until now we have tested prints on t-shirts, stickers and USB-sticks.

We’re currently looking into setting up a Heroes & Generals Merchandise shop, but we could really use some great ideas for what to put in it! All ideas are welcome – both serious and more crazy… So please post your ideas as comments to this blog-post and add a link if you have seen something inspiring elsewhere.


(We can’t promise we’ll be able to sell 1:1 scale Tiger tanks though ;) )

2000 new Beta-keys sent


2000 new keys has just been sent! We send keys on a first come, first serve basis, BUT you can fill out our Beta-key Survey and jump to the front of the queue.

So open your inbox and check if you’ve received a Beta-key! It can take up to a few hours for a mail to find it’s way, so remember to check again later today and also check your junk/spam folder.

New keys will go out next week!

EDIT: It seems that there is a bug in our system, so some of those who have received a beta-key earlier might have received one more this time. So if you receive another key this time, please ignore it or give it to a friend

UPDATE: We’ve located the bug and sent 1000 new keys to the survey-respondents who should have received a key, but didn’t this time.

Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 29

intelligencebulletingvol02no29 We have just submitted Heroes & Generals to Steam Greenlight, as we believe that the community at Steam is right down our alley! So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we hope that we’ll get enough attention to have the fine folks at Valve consider us for Steam.

To be honest we don’t know exactly what will happen if we get a “Community Greenlight” as Valve hasn’t been informative about that part at all. But we assume that they will contact us and offer us a contract. Usually it involves meetings, contract negotiations, more meetings, more negotiations, etc. before reaching an agreement.

There is also one risk: As we don’t know anthing about the terms of the Steam contract, we can’t guarantee that H&G will be on Steam even if we do get greenlighted. We might not be allowed to do things the way we want, or the deal Valve offers us might be very bad, or or a gazillion other reasons…

HOWEVER – as stated earlier, we do hope to get greenlighted, so thanks to all who have voted for us thus far!

The Eisenhower build is coming along nicely and with a bit of luck we’ll move the build from our developer server onto our internal test-server next week. There are quite a few “large” system-changes in Eisenhower, amongst other things a new version of the lobby, 16 vs. 16 missions, a lot of backend changes and optimizations, etc. So it might require a longer testing-phase than the previous couple of builds. A very rough guess would be to have the Eisenhower build up on the live servers in about 3 weeks from now… But as always,  we can’t say for sure – we might make it a tad faster, and we might be a bit delayed!

And to newcomers waiting for a Beta-key: Fill out this survey to jump to the front of the Beta-queue. New keys will be sent next week!

Do you want to receive the weekly Intelligence Bulletin by email? Then go to your Account settings, press ‘Change account settings’, check ‘I want to receive weekly development updates’ and press save!

Propaganda this Week Preview (DE)

MMORPG Interview

ZonaMMORPG Interview (ES)

Skewed and Reviewed Interview

GamingBolt Interview

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Do you want Heroes & Generals on Steam? Then Vote for it!

Do you want Heroes & Generals on Steam? Then Vote for it!

Help us get Heroes & Generals on Steam by voting for it in the new Steam Greenlight system!

Heroes & Generals on Steam Greenlight

Steam has introduced a new system called “Steam Greenlight”, where the Steam community can vote for the games they want on Steam.

Well, we really want to publish Heroes & Generals on Steam, so please help us by going to our Steam Greenlight Profile, and vote for Heroes & Generals, by pressing the THUMBS UP BUTTON!

And we would appreciate it if you could also mark it as a favorite and add a friendly comment in the comment-section. :)

So please, go help us get Heroes & Generals on Steam NOW!

Coming soon: Support for Google Chrome and a new installer

About a month ago, Google released a new version of Chrome. That meant the death of self-installing plugins for Chrome. Heroes & Generals relies on a browser plugin to enable communication between the strategy game and the action game. Since they announced it, we have been working on a traditional installer that installs the plugin and the H&G downloader (“hngsync”).

installer The installer is actually not that fancy as far as installer go.

Having a proper installer also lets us fix a number of other issues; It becomes a lot easier to choose where to install the game. We can configure the firewall (well, Windows’ own firewall anyway) from the get-go. And we can download the entire game from the start, so you don’t have to wait for it the first time you log in.

It has been tested over the past few weeks, and it looks like we’re very close. Big thanks to everyone who helped testing!

When we release it, everyone will have to install, even if you already have a working version of the game on your machine. And, unfortunately, you will also have to download the game files again. The good news is that the whole install, download and patch process is more reliable now.

Expect an update soon!

Reto-Moto has been compromised… by a ninja!

I’ve patiently waited for months under the cover of mediocrity, and have finally succeeded in my mission.

You all know me as Reto.indusninja, and while my name should have already given you (as well as everyone else at Reto-Moto) a hint towards my actual profession – it seems to have raised no suspicion in this workplace. But there is no longer any need for my cover. I am indeed actually a ninja who was originally sent to this god-forsaken cold country to spy on Reto-Moto so we can bring them to their knees.

To accomplish this goal, I have meticulously observed them and their habits. Following the teachings of Sun Tzu, I now “Know thy enemy”! I have even recorded their everyday existence in video form as you all can see below.

Coders at Work – Timelapse from the Coder room showing actual work in progress of the coders at Reto-Moto.

In conclusion, they seem to work long, drink too much beer and like cakes too much. I’m still working on how that information can be used for their demise :(

What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!