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Support is growing!

Hi all!

With the increased number of players and in preparations for the open beta, the demand for more support is on the rise. I have therefore over the last couple of weeks been in the field looking for more medics to join the field hospital, and I am happy to introduce our newest field medics to you. Please assist me in giving Reto.Gargamel and Reto.Hanzyl a warm welcome!

The support team is now an astounding number of 4 geeky gamer nerds and we are here to help you the best way we can!


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When the heroes don’t show up for war!

What happens when the heroes do not show up for war? Well, then the generals have to throw the die.

Heroes & Generals is a game where a series of action games are triggered by a strategy meta-game. In some cases there is not enough human players to play out a battle or the battle is simply too imbalanced for the action game to be any fun. In that case the result of the battle will be decided by the server.

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Server reset


Attention! As we now have moved into the final field exercise towards the upcoming Open Beta, we’ve reset the server and removed some of the registration restrictions that were in place during Closed Beta. This server reset will be the last before Open Beta, and we don’t plan on doing another reset when we move into Open Beta.

If, at any point, you’ve purchased Gold, this will now have been refunded into to your account. The only exception to this is Gold spent on War Bonds – this won’t be refunded, but you do get to keep your War Bonds. The interest you might have gained from War Bonds is also refunded to your account. All refunds are in Gold – no credits or cash will be refunded.

Open Beta is not far away, and we look forward to celebrate the official announcement in the coming weeks.

Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 4

intelligencebulletingvol03no04 This week we have focused a lot of our efforts on hotfixing bugs on the Guderian build! Vehicles has seen a couple of bug-fix builds and some major improvements. We have been following the performance of the servers closely and the programmers keep refreshing their email-clients for incoming crash-logs to pick apart and bug-fix.

We are also doing our very best to streamline and improve our development processes wherever we can. We have SO many things we want to put in the game and let you play with and since we can’t modify the time-space continuum, we have to work smarter. This has also led us to go through a lot of older designs and check whether they were still relevant or if stuff needed tweaking. Character progression, equipment, personalizing soldier load-out, and the strategy auto-resolver and how it links to the action game and back are some of the things that has been through the wringer.

Oh, The first version of ingame destruction of objects (fences, small trees, etc.) has been added to our internal development stream and we have seen it work in the engine (without nuking performance)….

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H&G Newspaper Special 2: 2012 Recap!

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to this second newspaper special! A bit later than my plan was, but here it finally is! In this article I am going to take you back into 2012. Do you for example remember the time when the campaign map was only future music? I myself only joined the beta in march, so I cannot say anything about the months before. Enjoy! Note: The screenshots used have nothing to do with the builds,

Questions to Reto

I also took the liberty of asking some questions to Reto. I first wanted to give a whole list of questions to all seperate reto’s, but because of the time and their time which I didn’t want to waste, I decided to go with 3 open questions. I want to thank Reto.RedBjarne for his participation and the answers to my questions.

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A room packed with ACTION!

What does the Reto office look like? – People

Ever so often people ask “What does the Reto office look like?”
(Splixxen! You just made that up! /Ed.)

We sometimes move around to make communication easier, for the people who needs to work together.
At the moment, one of the rooms is called “The Action Room”, where we have all the guys working on stuff for the action game; Level design, Vehicle design, Action game code, Animations, Stats, QA, etc.

So here’s a small glimpse into the world of Reto’s (messy?) workstations ;-)

The Rainbow-colored elephant watches closely as Reto.Leto tweaks the vehicle code.

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Possible network instability


Our backend provider is upgrading a switch in Amsterdam (or maybe a bridge in Arnhem :-P )!

This means that in the timeframe below, network connectivity might misbehave with high ping, lag etc.

22JAN13 – 0500-0800 CET

Click the date above to get the time in your local timezone.

We are not sure how much this will affect the game, but we thought we should warn you.

H&G Newspaper 9th Edition

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to the ninth edition of the H&G newspaper. The 13th war of Felber has been a hard war so far in which the allies have shown that teamwork isn’t impossible in their faction. Being one of the new unofficial Allied High Command it is easy for me to write how they work. But not very easy to talk from an axis perspective. That’s why I mostly want to do a shout-out to axis generals, sent me articles! This can of course be done to [email protected]

From the desk of AHC (Allied High Command):

Comrades, thank you for participating in this war! We have fought through many battles like brothers in arms, we have cut through the enemy lines swiftly and without hesitation and we have done many great deeds that would surely be remembered! Did we give up after we lost half of France? No! We pushed onward! Did we give up at the countless battles in Den Haag and in the Netherlands? No! We pushed onward! Did we give up after we lost important front line cities? No! we pushed onward! Let us not forsake our comrades, do not give up and win Berlin! War #13 will be won by the Allies!

From the desk of GHC (German High Command):

We all know we were going to receive a damn good thrashing out there; however, keep a stiff upper lip and walk off at the final battle with dignity and pride; safe in the knowledge that at least you will never have to wear US things.
That said, Axis team, prepare for the next war and listen very carefully to the strategies told on the chat…the US luck is gone now
lead, don’t follow, because like Einstein said once “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and hoping the result to change” AXIS is not insane.

The Allies may have won the war, but we will be back. Axis is the future! Which explains… why this war the world was not ready for us yet. But next time we won’t be so kind, next time we will bring everyone on their knees who opposes us! We will destroy them with our iron fist! WE ARE AXIS!!! And we are not afraid…

Heroes & Generals News

Vol.: 1. Issue: 9

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What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!