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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 31

intelligencebulletingvol02no31 Recently there has been quite a few heated debates on the forum about dual accounts, parasoftcapping and other exploits. While this of course is very annoying to all of you Beta-testers, it’s vital that we all remember that the game is not yet finished and a huge part of the design hasn’t been implemented yet.

So the game you’re currently playing is not 100% the game that Heroes & Generals will end up being, but each release in the beta is (hopefully) a step forward and YOU can influence the decisions of what the next steps should be.

Allow me to quote myself in a response to one of the “hot topics” on the forum, as I personally feel that this adresses the most basic terms of development and playing in what we define as the current Closed Beta stage:

“It is important that we all agree that the game is not finished yet and that abuse, cheat and hacks will occur and to some extend that’s acceptable in beta, as it makes us, the developers, discover the hacks and abuses so we can fix them. We have (as Reto.Indusninja pointed out) measures in the pipeline that (hopefully) will fix some of the current issues and as soon as we discover new hacks/abuses we’re dealing with that either by a hotfix or by a fix in one of the coming releases.

But we also know that a lot of you community-members might be quite impatient and wishes everything to be fixed “right now” as H&G might be one of your main hobbies and you feel very strongly about the game and the community. But believe us – if we could fix everything and have the game launched “right now” we would do so!

Remember that we’re still in a development process. In a traditional development scenario you wouldn’t even be playing H&G at this point!!! But we believe that by inviting gamers in to play the game at an earlier state we’ll be able to make a better game that is in sync with what the gamers (you) want.

So please have some patience with us as we develop the game – we really appreciate your backup, feedback and support, but at times you also have to allow us to do our job in the way that we feel is right. ;)”

…nuff’ said…. Let’s proceed with Propaganda, Developer Blogs and Debriefing of this week…


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A little bit about rubble


Yes, it is about rubble this time! Since rubble of buildings is missing in-game I have got the task to create some nice rubble. It is still in progress. I will make some rubble that is made of parts and not just a simple mesh with a tileable texture with bricks and stones.

The first parts are almost done, so next  up is to do a  3D physic scene and sprinkle with bricks, planks and what else comes to mind. So here is a preview of where I am in the process…

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The Longest War: War 64 (Dietl)

Community member Dondergod is guest blogging about one of his most memorable wars and fellow Community member K120 has chipped in with a piece of fan art.

By Dondergod, Veteran Community member

fanartk120 Fan art made by Community member K120

So many wars have come and gone since I started playing. Some were memorable, others were not.

I’ve seen wars of 15 minutes, when the generals gameplay saw first daylight. Then we saw wars of 3-4 days, when the paratroopers received some fixes. After about 60 wars, the War-number was reset, because Bradley build was born! That however, was not too good for the generals gameplay, the wars lasting 12-24 hours came back, right until Crace build.

Since Crace build, I’ve seen a lot of good wars, some lasting a week, some even a bit more. We’re still not even close to 4-6 week wars. Mostly the unit speed is way too fast. But as it is right now, things are running well. Hardly any units get stuck, supply units reach their units 99/100 times and the war is big and messy.  Even though some things need to be balanced out, and there is a lot yet to be added. The war progress is beautiful to see and many players start to feel a connection with their side.

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Server architecture for Tyrannosaurs

So, it’s another happy day in the land of the Backend Programming Tyrannosaurus. I’ve made peace with the sheep; We were just too different, I suppose, but I’ll miss the wool.

Anyhow, let’s talk about my other project, Y’know that game thing? We have servers! In fact we have lots of servers, that do different stuff, and I thought you might like to know what the hell that stuff is. Let’s have a look at a pretty picture, shall we?

Blobs, clouds, arrows. Y'know, computer stuff.

Oh, alright. maybe not that pretty. Editor, can I add naked ladies? <Dammit Tobias, NO! /Reto.KenSolo>

What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate a server architecture. It’s designed to keep you, the players, happy. And when are you happy?

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It’s Beta-Tuesday – 2000 new keys sent


Once again, 2000 new Beta-keys has been sent! We send keys on a first come, first serve basis, BUT you can fill out our Beta-key Survey and jump to the front of the queue.

So open your inbox and check if you’ve received a Beta-key! It can take up to a few hours for a mail to find it’s way, so remember to check again later today and also check your junk/spam folder.

As usual – new keys will go out next week!

Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 30

intelligencebulletingvol02no30 We released the new installer Yesterday, so you need to re-install Heroes & Generals the next time you want to log in. This also means that you can install the game even if you haven’t received your Beta-key, but you can’t log in and play before you have received and redeemed the key.

So with the new installer we support Google Chrome once again and for the next stress test, all new players can download and install the game before the test-session starts.

Heroes & Generals has now been on Steam Greenlight one week, and the comments are extremely positive. At the moment of this posting our profile has had around 119,000 Unique visitors, approx 9,800 Favorites and 14% of the “necessary positive ratings” (whatever that means). The numbers look fine, the comments are great and many new players have signed up for a Beta-key (welcome to all of you!)… Now we just need that phonecall from Valve… ;)

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Propaganda this Week

SuchyKanal first impressions (PL)

Exit Flakvierling 38 – Timelapse of an Animation Process

Heroes & Generals – Exit Flakvierling 38 – Timelapse of an Animation Process. A behind the scenes animation timelapse (x6 speeed) from sit pose to in game.

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How we manage more and more servers

Today I will tell you a bit about the system we use to manage the server setup for Heroes & Generals.

servergraph A sample graph of the CPU load of one of the servers. You can see that the server load is higher from noon till midnight, but there is still load other hours as well as players from all over the world are playing H&G 24/7.

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Animation: Behind the scenes – Exit Flak!

Heroes & Generals – Exit Flakvierling 38 – Timelapse of an Animation Process. A behind the scenes animation timelapse (x6 speeed) from sit pose to in game.

It’s been some time since I last did a post. I have rambled a lot – I know ;). It’s about animation – so here’s animation for ya ! … in 6 x speed (due to me orbiting the scene a lot when animating – it sure does flicker heavily – so wear a helmet). Basically this little clip shows how an animation goes from first pose to in game in about 4 minutes. enjoy…


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