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Mobile Command released for iOS

Our brand new free companion app Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command has now been released for iOS and can be found in Apple App Store:

Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command gives you a realtime overview of the war and in this first version of the app you can access and view the Campaign you’re currently playing. You can see Battlefields, Supply Lines and Assault Teams in realtime, and with the built in chat-client you can stay in touch with your brothers in arms 24/7 from virtually anywhere.

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 7

intelligencebulletingvol03no07 Robotron3000 is still out of the office and expeditioning undiscovered islands, searching profitable wreckage from sunken WW2 ships, leaving this week’s Intelligence Bulletin to me. Even though I mostly know of fighting armies of robots and a certain mad scientist, this week’s theme has been Hansen.

“Hansen”, the name of the Wehrmacht “General der Artillerie” in command of the 16. armee during WWII, is also the name of our upcoming build. We are currently working as fast as we can to get this build ready for you guys to play it. Testing, testing, testing is the word here at Reto-Moto and together with the testers, things are shaping up nicely. The feedback we receive is very important in the development of new builds, and it all helps polishing the game, finding critical issues and balancing the gameplay.

Last but not least we have great news to the iOS people. As some already know access to the strategy game from portable devices is under development, and the mobile iOS app. moving closer to a release. Here is what reto.sNell has to say about it:

“The iOS application is nearly ready for its first release. With it, you can watch the movement of Assault Teams and chat with friends and foes. We are working on getting actual Campaign interaction into an upcoming version. We hope you will enjoy this first release, and look forward to your feedback.” 

Rock’n’Roll – Megaman

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Featured Developer Ask Stenum (Reto.Stenum)

retostenum First of all, what is your gamertag in Heroes & Generals, and what’s the story?
Reto.Stenum. I was racking my brain, trying to come up with a gamertag, when it suddenly appeared to me, that I’ve been using my last name since high school. Whether this is because of my lack of imagination or me being self-centered, I haven’t figured out.

What is your position at Reto-Moto?
My title is Senior C# Server Programmer.

For how long have you been working here?
I started January 1st 2013.

What games have you worked on?
This is my first job in the games industry, but since I can remember, I’ve been digging around in SDKs, making small mods, and I’ve even written an article and some tutorials on Valve’s Source engine.

Which tools do you use for making Heroes & Generals?
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Notepad++, Perforce (for version control) and so on.

What are your hobbies?
I’m a big fan of the Danish football team FC København, and watching the demise of our arch enemy is an extraordinary fun hobby at the moment. I also enjoy making music, but it seems casual gaming has come in the way of that, at the moment :D

What’s the best thing about Heroes & Generals?
I really like strategy games and First Person Shooters, but it’s been all about modern warfare shooters the past years, and I miss the pace that for example the original Battlefield 1942 had. The combination of the epic warfare scale and the slower WWII pace that is Heroes & Generals has so much potential, and that makes it truly awesome.

What’s the best thing about working at Reto-Moto?
I love working in such a creative atmosphere and with really talented people, some of whom have been making games since I was a teenager, and who all share the same passion for computer games. Oh, and it’s basically the reason I chose this career :)

What are you working on right now?
I’ve been working on internal tools (the campaign map editor and a load tester), and an event handler for the chat until now. Much to come …

What are your favorite games of all time?
Half-Life is my all-time favorite, close followed by id’s Quake for nostalgic reasons. In the strategy genre I’ve really enjoyed the SimCity and the Civilization games. Oh and Diablo! And … the Rainbow 6 games! And … phew.

What is your favorite movies?
Everything by Tarantino, really, and the original Alien and Aliens. If Schwarzenegger is in it, it’s probably also worth watching.Yes, including Kindergarten Cop!! :D

Translations underway

We are well aware that many of you are not native English speakers, so we have been working on translating the game. It has been a lot of work, and we are not finished yet. But we have already started testing and it looks good so far.

Russian version of the soldier screen

Russian players will probably notice a few bugs here and there.

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Whittle down the enemy

In a war of attrition, victory comes to those who skirmish.
– unnamed campaign programmer

You’ve got the enemy on the ropes. Their heroes are no match for your modern military might. Den Haag has been the site of numerous bloody battles, enough to probably have a new river source that runs with blood. But despite your superior numbers and tactical advantage, that ONE damn defending general keeps clicking on the attack button to start skirmish for the upteempth time. Sounds familiar?

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Featured Developer Filip Lange Nielsen (Reto.Ratamahat)

First of all, what is your gamertag in Heroes & Generals, and what’s the story?
Reto.Ratamahat. As a teenager I was a big fan of Sepultura and especially the song Ratamahatta. At the time my IRC client wouldn’t allow nicks with more than 9 characters, so I shortened the inspirational name. I have no idea what ratamahatta actually means. It might be happen to be a swear word in some language (!). Or gibberish. I like gibberish.

What is your position at Reto-Moto?
I’m a level designer. I work with the action team, where I design and sketch levels, then build them using our tools.

For how long have you been working here?
I started in November 2012.

What games have you worked on?
Before I started at Reto-Moto, I worked on the game “FORCED”, which is being developed by BetaDwarf Entertainment.

Which tools do you use for making Heroes & Generals?
World Machine 2, XSI SoftImage, Gadwin PrintScreen, Google Drawing, pen and paper.

What are your hobbies?
Aside from gaming, in my spare time I play the guitar and dream about time travel.

What’s the best thing about Heroes & Generals?
I really like the whole idea that the game has a campaign that is persistent. It keeps on going even when you’re not there, and like a real war, it isn’t settled in just an evening’s rotation of rote death-matches. I also think players can grow tight bonds and respect for each other on the strategic map as well as in combat, and any game that promotes teamwork is a good game. The concept of sending reinforcements, potentially having a fight last for hours, is fun and also feels very real.

What’s the best thing about working at Reto-Moto?
Every day I learn something new and get to face and solve new challenges. Working with professionals who don’t seem to flinch when met with any task.

What are you working on right now?
I’m working on my first Skirmish map and a script for easier updating our roads in SoftImage when there has been made changes to them in World Machine.

What are your favorite games of all time?
Sharing the first prize, we have Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VII, and Metroid Prime. I also have fond (?) memories from Resident Evil and Silent Hill!

What is your favorite movies?
The Shawshank Redemption, Fargo, Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Twelve Monkeys, and Primer.

Scheduled server maintenance on February 12

We are expecting server down time on the 12th of February, as servers are getting software  upgrades. The maintenance window is scheduled for one hour, and during, players may experience total downtime or higher latency.

The maintenance will take place on 12th of February 2013 between 05:30 and 06:30 CET (UTC+1).

Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 6

intelligencebulletingvol03no06 In Robotron3000’s absence I, Reto.megaman, have been doing his duties. But since I do not have many stories from the front, for this week’s Intelligent Bulletin, I give the word to Mr. KenSolo

The upcoming Hansen build is now being tested on our internal test-server and Reto.Ratamahat and Reto.Dave are currently racing against time in order to finish a new Skirmish map that didn’t make the “feature lock” deadline.

Usually it is forbidden by Reto-Moto governmental law to work past the feature lock deadline, but we really want to deliver a new map for you brave soldiers out there, so we try to see if we can fit it in for the Hansen build.

Speaking of feature lock and builds – let me give you a short brief about our production cycle:

We devide each build into two main phases: Development and Test & Deploy. In the Development phase we hammer away on all the new features, tweak old ones and fix occasional bugs on the live server. And at some point we set a “feature lock” deadline, which is where all developers are to deliver what they have been working on in the development phase.

Then Reto.hal9k starts integrating all the different features and tweaks and move the build from our development servers onto our test server. Reto.Splixxen and his QA team now tests the build from a-z (and sometimes even beyond that) and report bugs. Then the developers fixes the bugs and QA verifies the fix, and so on… At some point we find the build mature enough to put to the next step, which is the “stable” server, and we put more testers on the stable build for more testing. Occasionally we also jump into the chat-channels on the live server and invite players in to stress test the build on the stable server.

And when we feel that the build on the stable server is ready, we release it to the live server for all of you… :)

Reto.KenSolo Over and Out!

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