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Coming soon: M1A1 Carbine with folding stock – Young update expands the US arsenal

Rejoice US Tankers and Paratroopers. In the coming update named Young (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young) comes the M1A1 carbine with folding stock.

As the weapon was designed to be a light and compact weapon, it only requires 4 equipment slots. This makes it available to US tankers and it allows for new tactical options for US paratrooper loadouts.

Paratroopers can unlock it on the Parachute Ribbon at Rank 11 as the Second paratrooper carbine.

Or it unlocks for tankers on the Armour Damage Ribbon at Rank 9 as the Second tank weapon.

The handling is quite similar to the existing M1M2 Carbine.

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Coming soon: Action in the Trenches – The Depot Map and the Encounter Game Mode

As teased in our last DEV STREAM, we are introducing a new Encounter Game Mode and the new Depot Map in the Young update (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young)

After a long time in development and several iterations, we are proud to present to you this new infantry-only map. No tanks to worry about, no pesky airplanes to ruin your day. It is the brutal strength of each player that determines the outcome of the battle.

Designed to be an intuitive and easily understood map, Depot will offer a dynamic and action-packed experience.

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Malware found on Prototype/Stable/Test servers, Steam/Live servers are safe

We have just discovered a piece of malware in parts of our test environment and identified a trojan.

We want to emphasize that the live servers on Steam and are fine and have NOT been affected.

The problem has been identified and has now been dealt with on the test servers. This is most likely NOT a problem for you, but IF you have accessed and downloaded files from, or there is a risk and we want to make sure you are aware of the issue.

The issue stems from a new trojan identified as Trojan.GenericKD.2797049 (apparently a new variant of Trojan.Win32.Bublik) – as of around midnight (October 14th/October 15th) no antivirus could detect it, but during today (October 15th 2015) more and more have started detecting it, but right now it seems that only around 25% of the available Anti-Virus software out there detects this malware (please see list below).

How to find and remove it?

The free stand-alone Emsisoft Emergency Kit is able to detect this specific trojan (in the version from 04:00 this morning)

What should YOU do?

  1. Go to –
  2. Download the The Emsisoft Emergency Kit (approx 160mb)
  3. RUN the downloaded file and extract the program.
  4. START the program (default icon on desktop)
  5. UPDATE it (to make sure you have the correct data files from after 04:00 today)
  6. Do a MALWARE SCAN on your machine and let it remove any infected files it might find.
  7. DELETE all test server files located in ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes & Generals prototype’, ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes & Generals stable’ and ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes & Generals test’.

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RESOLVED: Server Issues

Update: Servers are running fine

Thanks for your patience, and all your help in figuring out what was glitching, so we could get it fixed.

What is happening with servers?

First of all, we’re really sorry that the servers are unstable!

We have rolled out the new StatsDB and apart from a few bugs (that we are identifying and fixing as fast as we can) it is performing REALLY well.


We’re seeing some communications issues between various parts of the server backend and we’re working as fast as we can on identifying and fixing these bugs.

When the server stability has improved we will do something for you all to say we’re sorry and we are also looking at what we can do for those who have had active veteran memberships that they could not use to full effect.

We’re working as hard and fast as we can on getting the issues solved and the problems fixed!

Vehicle skins are coming!

In the upcoming update named Young (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young), we are introducing a much requested feature by the community, Vehicle Skins. You can now customize your vehicles by applying your favorite paint jobs and camo.

Drive into battle in style with one of the 5 brand spanking new skins. We are starting with 1 new skin for the US 4×4, 1 new skin for the Soviet Gaz-67, 1 new skin for the German Kübelwagen and finally 2 new skins for the amazing Kettenkrad. But do have patience, many more are to come in future updates. Who knows, your favorite vehicle might be the next to recieve new skins.

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PPS-43 – New Soviet SMG coming with Young Update

In the coming update named Young (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young) we’re adding a brand-new weapon to the game. The much requested Soviet submachinegun the PPS-43 or as it is known in Russian the ППС – “Пистолет-пулемёт Судаева” (Pistolet-pulemyot Sudaeva) which translates as Sudaeva’s submachinegun.

The Soviet PPS-43 unlocks on the SMG Assault Ribbon at Rank 11 as the THIRD Soviet SMG. It is a compact and light SMG with good handling and range.

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A tracked motorcycle? New vehicle incoming in Young update! German Kettenkrad!

In the coming update named Young (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young) we’re adding a brand-new vehicle to the game. The aptly named Sonderkraftfahrzeug Zwei “Kettenkrad” HK 101!

Officially designated a light tractor, the Kettenkrad might not be the fastest, but it is definitely one of the most maneuverable and versatile vehicles of the war. With the ability to attach a supply crate and improved off-road capabilities, the Kettenkrad offers a completely different experience when transporting the player into battle. Who wants a regular motorbike, when you can get a motorbike with treads and supplies?

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Improved Spawn Protection and other incoming spawn changes in the Young update.

In the coming update named Young (after US brigadier-general Gordon Russell Young) we’re adding a much-requested improvement to the game. Improved spawn protection! Everybody knows that being spawn-camped can be a rage-inducing experience and can drive otherwise normally sane people to smashing their keyboards and screaming abuse at innocent bystanders.

The new spawn protection will be introduced on the Skirmish maps in this first iteration and then when we have collected feedback and data it will be extended to other gamemodes as well.


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