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Upcoming Single Player Mission-type: ‘Interdiction’

screenshot_001 Notice the train in the right side of the screen? That’s your target!

We’re working on a new mission type called ‘Interdiction’. An Interdiction-mission is triggered when a Fighter Squadron Assault Team intercept enemy supplies on the strategy map, thus giving a greater strategic importance to securing your supply lines. The mission is thought of as a single player mission where you play against time and AI controlled Anti-Air Guns in order to find and destroy the train transporting the resources to the front line.

The loadout of the train will vary depending on the type and amount resources being transported. So for instance if the supplies you intercept are for an Armor Assault Team, then there would be a few wagons carrying tanks and a few for the crew.

In our current design the mission will consist of three phases.

  1. Scout the huge 10x10km map to find the train while avoiding enemy ground fire
  2. Secure the area ahead of train so you can safely attack it
  3. Destroy as much of the train as you can

In order to make this possible we will also try a new way of resupplying planes; instead of having to land at some secret spot on the map, you will just fly your plane out of the map in the direction of your airfield. Once you are sufficiently far out, your current plane will fly on without you and you will be transferred to a new one that is on its way back to the battle.

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 22

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intelligencebulletingvol02no22 First of all, welcome to all the new members of the community! Many of you have probably arrived here due to our latest trailer ‘Heroes & Generals – Come Out to Play‘.

And this weeks biggest event for us has no doubt been the release of the trailer. We started working on the trailer in the autumn last year and we’ve been very excited to see how it would be received by gamers and gaming media around the world. Luckily it has been quite well received and the majority of the comments on our YouTube channel (and anywhere else it has been uploaded) are very positive.

We hope that you will help us spread the trailer – share it on facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. to your friends and family and post it on any gamer forum you may encounter, so we can get our community to grow even more!

We’re planning a new stress test of the servers, so we can test how the servers behave in the new Bradley build, and if all goes well we’ll do it next week (but NO promises! :) ). This means that we’ll send out a new batch of Beta-keys quite soon, and for the last stress test we sent 7000 new Beta-keys! We usually run the servers 24/7, but when we do stress tests we close down the access to the servers 8 hours (or so) before, so you can’t log in before the stress test starts.

And just so you understand our selection process of how we choose who to send beta-keys to: we generally send keys on a first come, first serve basis, but we also send some using random selection. We feel that this is the most fair way to do it, where we reward those who have been on the list for a long time, but also give newcomers a chance to play Heroes & Generals and help us shape it into the game you want to play!

… but let’s proceed with Propaganda, Developer Blogs and Team Debriefing from this week:

Propaganda this Week

Come Out to Play Trailer

Heroes & Generals – Come Out to Play Trailer. Show it to your friends, share it on facebook and help us to make this video go viral!

Beta Videolog 2: Bradley

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 2: Bradley showing weapon tweaks, new ‘Town’ Map layout and a walkthrough of Weapon Modifications.


Gaming Portugal
True PC Gaming
Armchair General

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Meet the Team – Summer 2012

It’s summer and it’s time for another group photo of the development team! One year ago we were 20 people on the photo we took outside our office and this year we are 26 hard working developers and administrative personnel.

retogroupshot2012fullrestags Here we are – The Reto-Moto team 2012

Standing (left to right): Andreas (Leto), Prakash (indusninja), Martin (Lord), Thomas (Colding), Sarah (Lusa), Peter T (Bacon), Jesper D (Robotron3000), Hakon (Goonstah), Simon (draebesmoelf), Jesper W (Hr.Wille), Tobias B (Ogssan), Henrik (Vashu), Henning (Hal9K), Tobias L (masterdisaster17), Hans (hansg), Peter F (FleCK), Per (Topo), Rune (Splixxen), Bo (BombeBo), Else (Accountant)

Sitting (left to right): Jacob (RedBjarne), Jens (Injection)

MIA (well.. not really missing, but just absent) images (left to right): David (Dave), Anders (Owleater), Kenneth (KenSolo), Jesper J (Mato)

You can also visit the new “Meet the Developers” page, where you can see an overview of all the devs and further click on their image or name to read a detailed interview with each one.

Press Release: Heroes & Generals – Come Out to Play Trailer

Announcing the Heroes & Generals “Come Out to Play” trailer

Heroes & Generals – Come Out to Play Trailer
Show it to your friends, share it on facebook and help us to make this video go viral!

We are proud to present our new Heroes & Generals “Come Out to Play” trailer.

Based on Heroes & Generals, the Massive Online Strategic Shooter being built by a veteran team that includes the original creators of the Hitman franchise, “Come Out to Play” is produced to entertain and inform. By splicing live action and in-game sequences together, the movie celebrates H&G’s innovative combined online first-person shooter and strategic campaign in an authentic World War II setting.

Community members and developers on the frontline Community members and developers on the frontline

Community Stars

As a true testament to our open door development model, where developers work with Heroes & Generals players in the alpha and beta community to enhance the game, we invited some hardcore fans to join us on set for the filming of “Come Out to Play.” From near and far, these community co-stars arrived and happily joined members of our development team on the frontlines and in the strategy room for a few days of glorious make-believe war.

“We wish to create a living and breathing game universe, where we deliver the setting and the scene, but the real ‘star’ is the community who plays out all the active roles in a persistent war and helps us tweak the experience into the game that they want to play,” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto. “I believe that the ‘Come Out to Play’ trailer shows the scope of Heroes & Generals – and it’s just perfect that we have actual community members participating as actors in it!”

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2000 new Beta-keys just sent!

The war needs reinforcements, so we’ve just sent 2000 new Beta-keys by email.

It can take up to a few hours for a mail to find it’s way, so remember to check again later today and also check your junk/spam folder.

See you on the Battlefield!

A new Videolog about Bradley is out!

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 2: Bradley showing weapon tweaks, new ‘Town’ Map layout and a walkthrough of Weapon Modifications.

This videolog shows some of the features of the new ‘Bradley’ update for Reto-Moto’s upcoming Massive Online Strategic Shooter: Heroes & Generals. The game is currently in Beta-stage, so bear in mind that the graphics and sound shown here is still not final.

The features highlighted in this Videolog are:

  • Weapon tweaks
  • Walkthrough of Weapon Modifications
  • New ‘Town’ Map Layout
  • Support the development: Buy Warbonds!

The previous videologs covered amongst other gameplay, vehicles, environments, mines, NVIDIA Surround Gaming, upcoming iOS/Android app, bicycles and more:

Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 21

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intelligencebulletingvol02no21 The biggest news of this week is of course that the new Bradley build is up! We have really been looking forward to present all the new goodies to you!

Due to a new weapon modification and character system we had to reset the servers and clear the database. So this means that your earned gold and credits are gone, but bought gold, War Bonds or gold earned by War Bonds should still remain. If not, then please contact support.

A new batch of Beta-keys is coming up quite soon, and we’ll also run a new stress test as soon as we have fixed the most grave bugs on Bradley. It’s our goal to have the community grow quite a bit over the coming months, so next week, we’re preparing a major PR push, which hopefully will attract a lot of new players.

Starting next week we’ll also send the weekly Intelligence Bulletin (you’re reading one now) by email to those interested. So if you want the latest development news to hit your inbox each week, then go to your Account settings, press ‘Change account settings’, check ‘I want to receive weekly development updates’ and press save!

Propaganda this Week

Brutal Gamer Preview
Bagogames Podcast Interview

The Visuals of Explosions

Well, guess what this video is about… Yes, you guessed it – the look of explosions! Please note that it’s still work-in-progress – the explosions are only particle-based without 3d debris (but it will come) and there are no shadows on the particles yet.

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Tools of the Trade

Ever so often I have to test something that’s rather tedious. For example when testing the Ribbon system I had to test the “Walk 5km” ribbon, where I actually had to walk 5km in-game…

Sure, I could just edit my stats, but it’s always best to test stuff as it’s intended to be used/gained. Walking 5km means holding down “Alt” + “W” for quite some time and this is where the technical part comes in….

Some people would use a Macro system, Record tool etc. but again, these are all 3rd party programs. Man has already created a much better tool for this, all the way back since ancient China:

chopsticks Behold – The chopsticks

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