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Creating Sounds – Equipment Should Not Steal Your Focus

When I first started to create music and sound effects in the late 1980s I only had a very limited amount of equipment. Well actually the only thing I had was an Amiga 500 computer to begin with. I was pretty happy with it and I was quite excited to have a computer where I was able to create music and sound effects.


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Tons of users playing, servers trying to cope!

It’s now 22:18 GMT+1 where I’m sitting and a lot of players are enjoying / trying to play Heroes & Generals! I’m overjoyed and super happy! Sadly, the servers are not exactly feeling the same way, they are trying their very best to handle all of the fantastic players as fast and as well as they can!


Here is a picture of the servers being under load from another point in time! Enjoy!

We won’t be able to do a lot to ease your issues right away, but know this, we will be putting this information to very good use as fast as we can, since you’re helping us stress test our systems as part of this Open Beta!

So from everyone at Heroes & Generals, thank you! We hope you enjoy the game and will stay with us as we continue to improve the game!

Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 13

Having returned from Easter vacation, spring has finally decided to show up here in Copenhagen and the snow is (almost) gone. With spring, spring-cleaning is upon us and we have spent some time cleaning up unfinished designs and features that needs polishing and adjustment. This has lead to a lot of work on improving build processes and pipelines so we can chop features into manageable and releasable chunks so it will be easier to add new features in stages without breaking the game balance for a faction or type of assault team.

All the envoys we have shipped out returned safely (if a bit jet-lagged), Reto.Vashu and Reto.Fleck did a lot of interviews at PAX East and came back with stories of gigantic lobsters trying to bribe their way into Harvard and MIT. RedBjarne, Ogsaan, IndusNinja & Splixxen returned from GDC with tons of inspiration and pictures of Golden Gate bridge and Muir Woods. We have sent a delegation of graphics and level dudes to France for a quick reference and inspiration gathering trip.

Ohh, and we are looking for a web programmer to join the team here at HQ, so take a look and feel free to forward the post to friends/relatives or others that might be interested.

Have a great weekend everybody! :-)

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Web Programmer

We are looking for an experienced programmer with a broad web expertise who wants to be part of the team making the game Heroes & Generals (

The job is a full time position at our office in central Copenhagen.

You will be the principal for all websites around the game, including forum, news, users’ account administration as well as internal sites. You will be working with designers and artists to implement and update high quality web sites. The job will include both front end code, back end code and server configuration.

We expect you to be able to work independently, with little supervision.


  • Configure web servers, including proxies
  • Implement user-facing and internal websites, compatible across all major browsers
  • Customize 3rdparty software packages (eg. phpBB, Mantis)


  • Strong skills with JavaScript, css, jQuery etc.
  • Strong skills with PHP, ASP.NET (C#)
  • Experience with Apache, Nginx and IIS configuration
  • Experience with version control software (Perforce is a plus)
  • Experience with PostgreSQL a plus.
  • We expect candidates to have at least 3 years of relevant experience
  • Must have work permit in EU

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Overdraw: An effects dude’s worst enemy.

I would just love to see a thick black and grey smoke slowly sweeping throughout the battlefield and to see smoke and dust linger for several seconds after various explosions and impacts – however…

this will destroy the performance and the frame-rate will drop through the floor, making everybody curse at me and scream and yell and shake their fists in my general direction! SO…

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How much power does Heroes & Generals use?

Behind every action game bullet and every strategic movement a server is using electrial power. In this post I will tell you a bit about the use of power switching on the backbone network.

Here is the picture of the power used by the backbone network. All servers is connected to dual power supplies in the servers. This is for safety use, if the normal powers drops it will switch over to the backup power. We have two power feeds.

This is the power consumption in the morning Central European Time. In the morning there are lots of players and more players give more power use by the servers.



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Gewehr 43 reloading

We are working as fast as we can to get the Gewehr 43 ready for frontline duty! One of the last things missing is the reload animations and I am currently finishing them. Following up on reto.Scratchliquid’s “Wonderful World of Weapons” post from Thursday, here is a quick look on the progress of the reload animation.


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