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New Deploy Menu

The time has come to reveal the main attraction in the coming Leeb build: a brand new deploy menu with a more streamlined presentation, a cool new flyover animation and detailed information boxes that pop up when you need them! We think you’ll enjoy this one, as it lets you really visualize where your character is going to be deployed in relation to the mission objectives — and more importantly, it lets you see in real-time what your teammates are doing!

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New US Recon Uniform

So the Germans got a new Recon uniform — where is the new US Recon uniform, you ask? Well, it’s on its way! Our model, Cpl. Joe Average, was a little bit delayed because he had to make his way around a German roadblock. Good thing he’s not afraid of going off-road!

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 27

New build incoming! We are currently hard at work hammering away at the new armor model getting it into tip-top shape. The ‘Leeb’ build will show the first iteration and it will form a solid base from which we can start expanding the damage models on vehicles to make them more fun to both fight in and against. Hiding behind trees and observing these metal beasts moving about are the new recon models. We have already released a sneak peek of the German and a sneak peek of the new American recon is on its way as well.

Based on ao. a lot of DxDiags detailing performance issues we have started focusing on more specific performance issues and we are working on making the game run better and more stable for everybody, so over the next couple of months a lot of our focus will be on these issues. We do of course have new features planned, but we also want to increase stability, performance, scalability, fix bugs etc. This might not be as exciting as new content, but it will make the game more fun and give us a more stable platform for the continued development of new features.

Also, as we have done a couple of times before Reto.Vashu is gathering questions from you guys in a new Developer Q&A session.

That is all from me, have a great week everybody! :-)

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New German Recon Uniform

The Wehrmacht is about to unveil its September 1939 men’s collection, and this year the focus is on simplicity of form, light fabrics and neutral colors. Here is a glimpse of what you will soon be seeing on the runway in Paris… unless the Allies can prevent it!

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A new Developer Q&A session is here!


Allies & Axis! Ladies & Gentlemen! We are currently gathering questions in a forum thread, curated by Reto.Vashu. So if you have questions for us head on over to this forum thread and fire away.

We will then sort the questions and go through them and answer as many as we can.

Have an awesome weekend everybody!

The M26 Pershing Heavy Tank

Guess what just rolled out of the factory? That’s right, here comes the American answer to the formidable Tiger… ladies and gentlemen, the M26 Pershing!

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Front-end Programmer

We are looking for a programmer to join the Heroes & Generals team (
You will primarily be working on the client for the game, but should expect work in other areas as well. Most of the programming will be done in ActionScript3 (Flash), but we do not require prior knowledge of the language. However, we do expect candidates to learn the language quickly.

We need you to work full time at our office in central Copenhagen.


  • Work with the rest of the team to implement the client for the game. You will participate in designing and implementing frameworks, network protocols, GUI and game logic.
  • Implement and maintain frameworks and application-level parts of the clients.
  • Work with the design team on improvements and new features
  • Work with QA and production management to ensure that the game lives up to the players’ expectations


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar background
  • Good English skills (written and spoken)
  • Passion for games, including strategy games
  • Must have relevant work permit
  • Experience with AS3 and Flex 4 is a plus
  • Experience with profiling and optimization is a plus

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 26

Back to work! After Vacations are coming to an end and we got the Keating build online we have been spending a lot of time examining the data and feedback we have from Keating. As you might have noticed in the earlier Intelligence Bulletins we have spent quite some time profiling how the game performs and adding points where we can get some data to analyze. This has helped us locate and fix some bugs that had been in hiding deep in the code for a long time. It also enables us to better track performance and we are currently gathering as much info as we can on PC configurations that are not performing as we want it. Take a look at this forum thread for a bit more information.

We are currently in the process of locking down the features for the next build, and I am gathering screenshots and info from the rest of the devs so we can start presenting the new features in the coming build.

On another note I have press-ganged reto.Gargamel into starting a new column on the blog called “Half the battle“, with the title taken from the saying “Knowing is half the battle”. In it we’ll try to shine a light on some nifty things you can do in the game. Please drop him a PM in the forum or write a comment if you have ideas for future posts.

That is all from me, have a great week everybody! :-)

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