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Guns… Lots of guns..

In the Jefferson build we are rolling out the next iteration of the equipment system, that gives you a lot more flexibility as to what gear your hero brings to the battlefield. I cornered Reto.RedBjarne and had him explain. – Reto.Robotron3000

Equipment System iteration 2

For Jefferson we have updated the equipment system with a few new features.

Medium Loadout

The system was introduced in Irwin in its simplest form. Basically each uniform of the different soldier classes (Infantry, Paratrooper, Recon, Armor and Fighter Pilot) carries a number of equipment points and for every weapon equipped a number of these points are spent.

In Jefferson the next iteration is rolled out with more customization available.

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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 23

Hooray! Everybody survived! On Friday the 21st we had our annual summer party and everybody survived! Our party committee once again outdid themselves and ensured a pulled-pork fueled extravaganza of fun, tall tales, new ideas, extensive game development talks and only one person managed to fall asleep on the train and wake up in the wrong country.

When we returned to the saddle yesterday we immediately sharpened our bug hunting spears and set to work. The Jefferson build is improving hour by hour and we are doing our very best to get the build stable so we can roll it on to the servers as soon as possible.

As you might have noticed from the last couple of weeks, we try to explain the features in Jefferson before we roll them out as we know there are a lot of curious players :-) We hope that you will enjoy the new features and we will of course monitor what happens behind the scenes and improve whatever might need improving.

That is all from me, and have a great week everybody! :-)

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Big Brother is watching you perform bike stunts!

A while back Fry-40 sent us a Youtube video of a bike stunt he did in game. We thought it was fun and shared it with you here.

We decided to use this as a test case of how our own capture system works, so Reto.Ogssan dug around in the server records and found the time and place where the stunt happened. Then we grabbed the corresponding data-files and set to work.

As you might know, we record all game sessions and we can play these back when needed, this is both a nifty tool for making videos, but also a secondary part of the Anti-Grief system, as it lets us playback situations from the game and look for bugs, cheats, exploits, random griefing etc.

Reto.Colding was the man with the binary camera (and full control of the weather).

Grief to the griefer

In the Jefferson build we’re adding the first version of our Anti-Grief system. Let’s face it. It’s never fun to have some duck on your team, who continues to run the team over with a car, blows them up with grenades, etc.

So we made a system to help you avoid these players, as much as possible.

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Meet the Team – Summer 2013

In the proud tradition of summer group photos here is this year’s group shot of the dev team :-)

The Reto-Moto team 2013

And yes, we actually print out pictures of the people absent and stick them on the wall every single day. (or maybe not)

One year ago we were 26 hard working developers and administrative personnel, and two years ago we were 20 people on the photo we took outside our office.

You can also visit the new “Meet the Developers” page, where you can see an overview of all the devs and further click on their image or name to read a detailed interview with each one.

Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 22

New! Nice! Natural! Gah! I was trying to follow last week’s intro with positive words starting with the letter ‘N’, but that was harder than expected. Right now some of you are probably reaching for your calendars in confusion – thinking ‘Intelligence Bulletin – Is it Friday already? I haven’t gotten through half the stuff I was supposed to do this week!‘ BUT fear not, it is NOT Friday yet.

What you are looking at is the updated version of the Intelligence Bulletin. The previous setup where individual developers reported in took way too much time away from real development tasks and took a lot of time for me to censor and make sure that the content made sense to people outside of the studio. So instead we have grouped the Intel by the teams as they report it to one another.

We might still modify how we write the Intelligence Bulletin if we find more effective ways or if anyone has fantastic ideas or feedback.

That is all from me, and I hope you had a great weekend everybody! :-)

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New LOD Models and textures

One of the things we need to do when creating buildings and other props for the game is to build LOD (Level Of Detail) models. LOD Models are low-resolution models that are used when you are looking at something far away. If you imagine a door with hinges, keyhole, door handle etc. When you are 50 meters away you cannot really see any of these, so there are no reasons for the computer to spend CPU and GPU power drawing them.

Continue reading to see how we got there :-)

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Create a squad and play with your friends

An oft requested feature for the game is to make it easier to play alongside your friends in the same battle. This is something we have also wanted to build for a long time and now the time is here for the first version to make its public appearance. So in the upcoming build ‘Jefferson’ you will be able to create a squad, grab your friends and join match-making as a group.

Press ‘Create Squad’ on the bottom of the Characters page and see what happens

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