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D-Day Week

To honor this occasion and mark the day, we give you a free voucher for a surprise Ribbon Booster on Monday the 6th, Wednesday the 8th and Friday the 10th of June.

You will find a new voucher code in your in-game messages on Monday the 6th, Wednesday the 8th and Friday the 10th of June 12:00 CEST
These codes will contain a new surprise each day, which will make your week on the battlefield all the more enjoyable!

Voucher redemption instructions

  1. Go to or launch the Steam client.
  2. Log in
  3. Click the Menu button (looks like a cogwheel) in the top right corner
  4. Click on the “Redeem Voucher” button
  5. Paste or type in the voucher code you will find in your message and click “OK”

A short History of D-Day

On Tuesday the 6th of June 1944 Allied soldiers landed on the shores of Normandy following the protocol of Operation Neptune as part of Operation Overlord. This was the largest seaborne operations in history, which would come to be a crucial contribution to the Victory of the Allied Forces in WWII. This operation was preceded by extensive naval and aerial bombardment and airborne assault as well as about 24,000 British, American and Canadian paratroopers, who landed on the shores of France shortly after Midnight.
The five beachheads were separated and the weather conditions forced some of the troops to land off course, as well as scattered Paratrooper drops. Despite the chaos and failing to take the planned targets in due time, the Nazi German forces did not manage to exploit this chaos. The Allied forces losses were considerable, however, after two weeks they managed to take their main target Caen and the operation can be called a success.

Game Director’s Response to Squad Feedback

The new Squad System was introduced to support teamplay. Having soldiers organized in a Squad with options for tactical teamplay, gives players the opportunity to learn from each other, give commands so that no one is left behind and for everyone to find their favourite role.

We grabbed Our game Director Reto.RedBjarne and asked him to explain a bit about the motivations and thoughts regarding the new Squad updates.

What we learned in the last few days is that this already works well, especially for newer and casual players. We hear stories about battles where players that never played together before, had a fantastic experience on the battlefield, each finding their role almost automatically, working together all the way. Unfortunately, this is not true for players, who were with us for a very long time. The limitations, which we introduced are a hard blow for every player who was used to, for example, change soldier type during the battle. We know now that we should have given all players, who have dedicated so much time enough experience on the Squad Ribbons from the start, so you would have been able to customize your Squad as you see fit.

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Share the Care!

Since the Squad update is out and you are now all teamed-up and fighting for victory together, we just wanted to remind you of your free 1 Day Veteran Membership!

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Devyatayev – Squad Update is here introducing New Squad System, T-20 Komsomolets and more

The new update named ‘Devyatayev – Squad’ (named after the Soviet soldier Mikhael Petrovich Devyatayev ) is here! Here you can get a quick overview of all the new features we’ve added for you! The Videolog will start you off and we then continue with more details below!


New Features

The New Squad System

The long awaited Squad system is finally here, enhancing tactical teamplay which will lead you and your Squad to success! Read more about it here.

Veteran Membership Bonus for Squads

As a limited offer we bring the Action Pack for your Squad with a ten days Veteran Membership and ten Squad Member Ribbon Boosters. Furthermore, we give a 1 Day Veteran Membership for everyone. The Voucher Code is: SHARETHECARE

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Performance Optimization For Effects In Devyatayev

In the upcoming Devyatayev update (named after the Soviet pilot Mikhael Petrovich Devyatayev) we went through and performance optimized the bullet impacts in the action game.

How does that EFFECT me?

Bullets hitting something is an event that happens a LOT in the game, and especially in areas where there is a lot of fighting, such as indoors when capturing a control point. You have probably experienced being in a firefight where there was bullets everywhere but you couldn’t really see what was going on with smoke and sparks flying everywhere. This optimization makes this look better, but also improves framerate!

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Help Test The New Squad System!

UPDATE: Test done!

The test is now over! Thanks a lot for all your help. We found a handful of those issues that are almost impossible to find without having players from all over the world joining squads and queueing in the matchmaker etc. We’ve grabbed our bug-fighting gear and started hammering those bugs!
Again Thanks for all your help!

Tonight we will host a playsession of Squad 2.0 on our stable server. Help us test the new Squad system and log in here!

The test will start at 7PM CEST and will shut down at 9PM CEST.

Every player will get 20.000 Gold and is recommended to purchase an Academy trained soldier and some levels on the Squad Ribbons to fully enjoy the Squad experience.

You can also join the the Unified Allied Teamspeak on IP in the Squad 2.0 – Playsession Channel during the test. You may forwards bugs directly to Reto via this channel.

You can also report bugs in this forum topic or in the Support channel on the Stable server.

As 2 hours is too short for you to form a good opinion about Squad 2.0, we ask you to only report bugs you encounter, any feedback you may have about Squad 2.0 may be provided after you have had a more time to play with it!

New German Anti-tank grenade coming soon!

In the upcoming Devyatayev update (named after the Soviet pilot Mikhael Petrovich Devyatayev) we are adding a new thrown Anti-Tank Grenade for the German faction!

The Panzerwurfmine Lang (or PWM for short) is a handheld thrown anti-tank weapon with similar function to the Soviet RPG-43. It enables German infantry to take out enemy tanks without having to run all the way up to them to place a magnetic mine.

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Squad Up! – Part 2

This post is a follow up on  Squad Up! – Part 1 and will go more into depth with all the changes made around the Squad update!

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