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Timoshenko Update: SVT-40 and the PPD-40

Soviet troops are marching! And beside (and behind) the tanks we have recently shown, infantry advances. These soldiers carry a selection of weapons, including SMGs, light machineguns & semi-automatic rifles. Among them are the SVT-40 Semi-Automatic rifle and the PPD-40 Tier 1 Submachine-Gun.

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Timoshenko Update: Resource Pooling

The Timoshenko Update not only brings us Soviets with their tanks and weapons, but also a new feature called Resource Pooling.

What Resource Pooling does is to take the resources brought to a battlefield and pool them, this allows for players to spawn from all the Assault Teams present for which type they have characters, and eliminates the situation where, for example, Two Motorized Infantry teams are present and one is completely wiped out (costing the owner a fair chunk of Warfunds), whereas the other only loses maybe 5 spawns. In Timoshenko the losses (AND the wins) will be distributed evenly between the ATs present.

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Timoshenko Update: Soviet Bolt-Action Rifles!

Soviet troops are marching! And beside (and behind) the tanks we have recently shown, infantry advances. These soldiers carry a selection of weapons, including SMGs, light machineguns & semi-automatic rifles, but a lot of them carry the bolt-action Mosin-Nagant 1891-30 rifle.

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Timoshenko Update: Soviet Tank Destroyer SU-85

This tank destroyer does not have a rotatable turret, but with the impressive long-barreled cannon it can even bring down the mighty Tiger I. Make sure to approach this tank from the back!

Just keep rolling, just keep rolling


The ‘Samokhodnaya Ustanovka-85’ is a medium Soviet tank destroyer. It’s long barreled 85mm main cannon is able to penetrate even the Tiger I at the distance of 1000 meters. It has a low profile and good mobility

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Timoshenko Update: Soviet Heavy Tank IS-2 Model 1944

This tank will be known as the tank which can’t be sneaked upon. Besides the impressive cannon it has a MG on the back of the turret! You will be watched and shot at from all angles. This tank will wreck a serious numbers of enemy tanks on the battlefield.

Eyes everywhere!

IS-2 Model 1944

The Soviet ‘Josef Stalin’ heavy tank is a direct response to the German heavy tanks. It’s thick 160mm armor and massive 122mm main gun makes it a deadly opponent to any tank on the battlefield.

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Timoshenko Update: Soviet Medium Tank T-34/85 Model 1944

This upgraded version of the soviet medium tank T-34/76 does not only has an armor upgrade, it also has a superior gun ready take on about every tank on the battlefield. It may be a bigger target as the T-34/85, but it’s a much tougher tank to fight against.

Who packs a bigger punch? The tank or the infantry.

T-34 85 Model 1944

The T-34/85 44 is an upgunned version of the famous Soviet T-34 tank. It features a bigger turret, sloped armor and a long barrel 85mm main gun. With an experienced crew it can counter even the mighty Tiger.

Update: Fixed the wrong text, armor thickness is what is listed below.

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Timoshenko Update: Soviet Medium Tank T-34/76 Model 1942

The mighty tank of the soviets will appear on the battlefield. This medium armored tank can use speed and agility as advantage to rule the battlefield and compete with the best Medium tanks in battle. Don’t be deceived by the small turret, it will crack your tank wide open with its cannon.

Going to have to try harder to penetrate this tank!

T-34 76 Model 1942

The T-34 is by many considered to be the finest tank of the second world war. It’s 12 cylinder diesel engine, the 65mm sloped armor and the 76.2mm cannon is a deadly combination on the battlefield.

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Timoshenko Update: Weapon Upgrades

A big new feature coming in the Timoshenko Update is a complete rework of how you modify and upgrade your weapons. The old system was at times confusing and it was not always easy to understand how the different mods affected the weapon and how that might be useful for you as the player using that weapon.

We have gone through the entire system and replaced a lot and updated the rest. So Let us recap how everything works! All weapon upgrades work by modifying one or more of the following five categories: Damage, Range, Precision, Stability & Rate of Fire. Below is a quick explanation of what each does as well as their respective icons.

Upgrade Categories



Increased damage will make the weapon more deadly to your enemies. Damage is dependent on range, with more damage with the target close and less with distance.



Increased range will enable you to hit targets that are further away. Because the damage works with range you will also get increased damage on distanced targets.

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