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Below are the latest videos we have released. You can also Visit us on Youtube.

The Soviets Are Coming!

Trailer showing all the awesome content added to the game when the Soviet Union arrived in the Timoshenko update.

Steam Launch Trailer

Heroes & Generals now available on Steam. Want to see how this trailer was made? Take a look at the Steam Launch Trailer – Behind the scenes.

Patton update “9 New Goddamned Tanks!” Trailer

“9 New Goddamned Tanks!” Trailer” – Wars Aren’t Won By Tanks Alone, but they sure do help.

Wars Aren’t Won By Tanks Alone

“Wars Aren’t Won by Tanks Alone Trailer”


We stream live on our channel every Friday afternoon at 1500 Copenhagen time. Here we talk about new features, upcoming events, take questions from the viewers and (forum) and generally have a bit of fun.


Through this series of videologs we are trying to keep you updated on the new features and assets in every new build of Heroes & Generals.

The graphics, sound, physics, gameplay, etc. is work in progress and not final yet, so things might look or sound a bit weird, but we still want to show you what we’re working on, although we must admit that it’s a bit frightening for us to show you our “dirty underwear” :-)
Anyway, we hope you like what you see and we look forward to play with you soon.

Videolog: Utz

Utz update is here with a brand new map, and lots more!

Beta Videolog 14: Spaatz Addon #2

Heroes & Generals – Comnunity Videolog: Spaatz Addon #2 Luftangreifer shows the new hit detection, and talks about this latest update.

Beta Videolog 14: Spaatz

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 14: Spaatz showing the new Limited Resources, new pistols, new skirmish map, new mission briefing and battle report, ingame messages and more…

Beta Videolog 13: Rommel

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 13: Rommel showing the new Generals gameplay, new Paratrooper weapons (FG42 & M1 Carbine), Vehicle repair wrench, extended victory conditions and more…

Beta Videolog 12: Patton

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 12: Patton showing captured Russian and opposing faction weapons, updated spotting system, weapon personalization, and more…

Older Trailers and Videologs

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