Road Map

Master your own destiny! Command a nation!

Road Map

We have made this page in order to give you a better overview of where we are in the process of making Heroes & Generals and which stages the development goes through. We cannot at this point in time give you an exact date for when we’ll proceed from one stage to the next, but if you follow our news blog or register a profile and sign up for our newsletter, we’ll let you know for sure! If you want a closer look at the game’s development you can take a look at the changelog for the builds here.

Where are we now?
Stage of Development
Open Beta
The look and feel of the game is locked down with game mechanics, features, graphics and audio designed and locked.
This stage is primarily about fixing bugs and balancing game mechanics, adding the needed features to get a rounded game.
Throughout the Open Beta phase we’ll focus on stability, tweak and polish of existing features, but the occasional new feature here and there might also be introduced.


Open Beta updates
We will focus on scaling the game to a larger user base, increasing performance and stability, as well as fix bugs and roll out the features needed for launch.
The game is officially launched.
Feature Packs
We won’t stop developing the game when it’s launched. We start adding more features, maps, vehicles, weapons etc. and we will also start expanding the map and introduce new nationalities and campaign-settings covering all front-lines of WWII.

As Heroes & Generals is currently in development, the Road Map may be subject to change.

What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!