How to take a ScreenShot

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How to take a Screenshot

What is a ScreenShot?

A screenshot captures what you are viewing on your computer at the exact moment, that the screenshot is taken. Providing a ScreenShot/Picture when reporting a bug or a submitting a ticket for technical support, will help the Support Department in many instances to locate the issue.

See below how to make a ScreenShot/Picture, and attach it to your ticket submission.

Method 1

When in the action game press F9 – this will save a screenshot in .tga format on your disk. The screenshot will be saved in the folder %temp%\HNG\live\Screenshots. If you have moved the game’s files using H&G Sync the screenshot will be saved in the screenshots subfolder there. Even though the support system cannot display .tga files you can still attach them to a ticket, see step 11 below for how to do just that.

Method 2

Step 1: Press the Print Screen button located on your keyboard, to capture what it is you want to show us. This will save the ScreenShot/Picture into your clipboard.



Step 2: Press your window’s button in down-left corner of your desktop.
Step 3: Type in “Paint” in search/run and wait.
Step 4: Select the program “Paint” and wait.



Step 5: Hold down the “Ctrl” key and press “V” key OR Press the “Paste” button in top left corner of paint, to insert the ScreenShot/Picture into Paint.

Note: In Paint you can edit the ScreenShot/Picture by cutting it, painting and writing text and more, to make it even more specific or reducing its size.



Step6: Press the blue button in top left corner (appearance may vary on different windows installs/versions).
Step7: Select Save as and select either PNG picture or JPEG picture.



Step8: Choose your directory where to save the file, in this example on the desktop.
Step9: Name your file and save as type PNG or JPEG.
Step10: Press “Save”.



Step 11: Press the “Browse” button during the ticket form fill out.
Step 12: Locate the directory you saved your ScreenShot/Picture file to and select the file.
Step 13: Press “Open”.



The ScreenShot/Picture will now be attached to your ticket.

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