How to make a DxDiag

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What is a DxDiag?

The DxDiag is a tool, in all H&G supported windows operating systems, that scans your computer and makes a report on your hardware and drivers. Sending us the DxDiag report, will make it a lot easier for our support department to identify what could be the cause of the problem, that you may be facing.

See below how to make a DxDiag, and attach it to your ticket submission.

Step 1: Press your Windows button in lower-left corner of your desktop
Step 2: Type in “dxdiag” in search/run and wait
Step 3: Select the program dxdiag.exe and wait


Step 4: The DxDiag will start running automatically, wait for it to finish
Step 5: Press “Save All Information”



Step 6: Choose your directory where to save the file, in this example on the desktopStep 7: Name your file and save as type “Text File(*.txt)”
Step 8: Press “Save”



Step 9: Press the “Browse” button during the ticket form fill out
Step 10: Locate the directory you saved your DxDiag.txt file to and select the file
Step 11: Press “Open”



The DxDiag file will now be attached to your ticket.

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