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Feature: Paratroopers are coming back!


Paratroopers are getting ready to jump! In the next build named Quesada (after the United States Army Airforce general Elwood Richard Quesada) paratroopers will fly back into action!

Jump into action!

If you have an Infantry soldier at rank 7 or above you can transfer him to the paratroopers! Paratroopers are not as heavily armed as other soldiers and cannot carry Machineguns, Panzerschreck/Bazookas so if you have purchased a lot of heavy equipment for your soldier, it might be an idea to play another soldier up to rank 7 and convert him. Or if you don’t have the time for that you can buy an academy trained paratrooper for gold. Keeping at least one normal infantry soldier is always a good idea to help minimize waiting times when EVERYBODY wants to play with a specific type of soldier.

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Winners of the SteelSeries 9H headsets

We wish to thank everybody who participated in the server stress test this week. The servers survived and we hit around 2000 concurrent users at peak with a total of 4516 players logging in between 20.00 – 23.00 CEST Tuesday this week.

As promised we would make a draw between all who participated in the event for 3 x SteelSeries 9H headsets, and the lucky winners are:


& Erador

We have contacted all three using the email-address they registered and when we have their physical addresses, SteelSeries will ship the headsets to them. Should they not reply before the 1st of July we’ll make another draw and contact the next.

Furthermore, the emails with 3-day Veteran Membership voucher codes went out Wednesday. If you participated in the stress test and believe that you’re entitled to a voucher code due to this, but haven’t received it yet: please check your spam-folder and otherwise contact support.

Once more: We thank all who participated in the stress test and a special shout out goes to our friends at SteelSeries for sponsoring these cool prizes!

Help us crash our servers TONIGHT (Tuesday) and WIN SteelSeries headsets

UPDATE at 23.00 CEST on Tuesday the 24th of June: The servers survived this session and we wish to thank all who showed up!

One of the coming days all who successfully logged in between 20.00 – 23.00 CEST will receive a voucher with a 3-day veteran membership by email – we’ll use the email address you signed up with. The winners of the SteelSeries 9H Headsets will be announced on this blog one of the coming days and we’ll notify the winners by email.

A while ago our friends at the Yogscast created and published some hilarious videos, which caused our servers to roll over and die due to a massive influx of new players. In the meantime we have optimized the code and added more hardware, but we really need your help to test how much the servers now can handle.

So in collaboration with the SteelSeries community we invite you to come and do your best to crash our servers on:


Tuesday the 24th of June 2014 at 20.00 CEST / 14.00 EDT.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Heroes & Generals

Reto.Circinus has been busy these last few days updating and expanding the Beginner’s Guide section of our community forum with new, detailed entries about various topics, ranging from ranks to tanks.

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D-Day Veteran Weekend Winners – Part 2!

Allright! It appears that we had miscommunicated the rules for the contest internally, so instead of extracting a list of the players who cap’ed most we extracted a list based on characters.

This is of course wrong and a terrible mistake from our side – especially as it’s our first contest ever. So to make up for this we’ll let all the previous winners keep their prizes and we will now publish the correct list and also give the “real” winners a prize – even if that means that the same people might receive the same prize once again.

So the “real” winners of the D-Day Veteran Weekend Capture Competition with the “real” stats are:



With a Capture Score of 493.
Winning: 90-day veteran membership & 4000 gold!

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D-Day Veteran Weekend Winners!

UPDATE: New results, a new list and new prizes has just been announced:

Ladies & Gentlemen! We are finally done pulling numbers out from the servers and counting everything together, so we can announce the winners of our Capture Competition.

Storm the beach!
– Capture the objectives!

We hope that everyone enjoyed our little event and also found time to give thought to the mighty battle fought in Normandy 70 years ago. So without further stalling, here are the results from the bean counters in the capture-score-counting department. CONGRATULATIONS to not only those who won, but also everybody else that joined in and made this a fun event for everybody :-)


With a Capture Score of 492.
Winning: 90-day veteran membership & 4000 gold!

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FAN VIDEO: Give ’em Hell!

With our D-Day contest & Veteran Weekend well underway, it is time for a bit of extra bonus! We recently got our filthy paws on this great video by SemperFi. So if you need a break from capping objectives to win at our little contest, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

So after saying a loud “Thank YOU” to SemperFi, the rest of you should get a chance to check the video out as well.

And THEN.. Go out there and

Give ’em HELL!

D-Day Veteran Weekend

In Memory of D-Day’s (and the Battle of Normandy’s) 70th Anniversary we will be running a Veteran Weekend event this weekend. We will give everybody a veteran account and run a little contest.

Tomorrow June 6th, 2014 all eyes will be on the D-Day landing beaches and the sites of the Battle of Normandy as we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the tremendous events of June 1944. To do our part to remember this tremendous battle we are running a Veteran Weekend event.

ALL players who has registered an account before Friday the 6th of June will get a FREE 72 hour Veteran Membership starting from Friday the 6th of June at 09:00 US EDT / 15.00 CEST.

The Veteran Membership gives the following benefits:

+50% credits earned
+50% warfunds earned
+25% XP gain
+25% Ribbon XP gain
+ 1 extra combat badge slot
…and more


If you already have an active Veteran Membership, we will add 72 hours to your membership.

The server capacity has been increased to ensure the best experience for this event.

Storm the beach!
 – Capture the objectives!

Alongside our D-Day Veteran Weekend we are ALSO running a little competition:

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