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Weapon Files: M1918

Yesterday we gave you a profile of the German Maschinengewehr 34, so today it’s America’s turn, with Bonnie and Clyde‘s weapon of choice, the M1918.

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Weapon Files: MG 34

Moving on from submachine guns , let us take a look at the light machine guns available from the armory. We will begin with the fearsome MG 34.

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NEW TRAILER: “Wars aren’t won by TANKS alone”

We are in the progress of polishing up a bunch of new toys for you at a scale you haven’t seen from us before! A series of massive updates bringing loads of new weapons and vehicles, plus some really cool new features will hit the live servers over the next few weeks, and we’re dying to present this to you – but… no spoilers… You’ll just have to wait and see ;-)

Yes, we know it’s not fair to tease you like that, but stay tuned – the new updates will hit the live servers before you can say “Jagdpanzer acht-und-dreißig T”, ten times in a row.

Wars Aren’t Won By TANKS Alone Trailer

To celebrate the upcoming content-fest, we are proud to present our new Heroes & Generals “Wars Aren’t Won by Tanks Alone” gameplay trailer showcasing the various different roles you can take in the persistent war between Axis and Allies in the European theater of war and reminding you that you need soldiers to win a war – not just tanks and planes… ;-)

A shout out goes to the dedicated community-members who helped us stage these scenes and an Academy Award, BAFTA & Emmy goes to them for their performance as actors, when we captured these fantastic in-game shots – thanks for all the late hours you put in!

Skirmish mode update

We have been digging into the statistics and data for the skirmish missions as we felt we could make them even more fun with a few minor tweaks to the timings.

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Weapon Files: Thompson M1A1

After looking at the German MP 40, it is only logical to follow up with a few words about the iconic “Chicago Typewriter”, that is to say, the Thompson M1A1.

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Weapon Files: MP 40

Welcome to the second installment of the Weapon Files. Yesterday we introduced this new section of the Heroes & Generals news blog with a discussion about weapon ranges. Now it is time for serious business. We’ll begin by revisiting one of the most popular weapons in the game: the dreaded Maschinenpistole 40 !

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Want to try a new weapon? Gold Special Offer!

Save time – buy a weapon now!

We realize that not all players have an equal amount of time to play Heroes & Generals and grind their way towards unlocking new weapons, so we now offer you to save time and purchase a weapon with gold before you have unlocked it. However, you may still purchase it for credits if you wait until you have unlocked it through ribbon- or rank-progression.

You can of course only buy and equip weapons that your selected character can use, but you don’t have to spend the time earning credits and unlocks for it if you’d rather spend a bit of gold and get cracking right away.

We feel this fits in nicely with the game’s philosophy of spending gold to save time, so you either earn a new gun by spending time grinding credits or you work your day job and spend money instead. This is the most fair solution for everybody, so if you want something NOW – you pay for it, and if you are ok with it taking some time – you play for it. :-)

So if you’re itching to try out new weaponry: stock up on gold in the shop here and then head to the shop ingame.

and last but not least, we have JUST started a:

GOLD Special offer

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We are currently running a special offer on one of the gold bundles where you get 5100 HG Gold Coin for the price of 4700 HG Gold Coin, thus an extra FREE 400 HG Gold Coin gold.

Interested? Click the image above, or click here to buy gold.

We are working as fast as we can on new content so stay tuned for more exciting news :-)

Weapon Files: Range

Welcome to a new section of the Heroes & Generals news blog, the Weapon Files. As the name implies, we will use this series of posts to review the armament available to your soldiers and discuss the characteristics of individual weapons. We will start with a brief introduction about weapon ranges. As is often the case, pictures can explain this concept better than words.

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