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A little bit about rubble


Yes, it is about rubble this time! Since rubble of buildings is missing in-game I have got the task to create some nice rubble. It is still in progress. I will make some rubble that is made of parts and not just a simple mesh with a tileable texture with bricks and stones.

The first parts are almost done, so next  up is to do a  3D physic scene and sprinkle with bricks, planks and what else comes to mind. So here is a preview of where I am in the process…

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Combat Badges Update

The Combat Badges are now made in 3D. They are still work in progress and some of them still needs more polish – others might change or be redesigned.


For now there are no difference between the Badges for Axis and the Badges for Allies. Instead we chose to make the individual badges quite different from each other to make them more distinct and easier to spot when the Combat Badges are viewed in small size.

The design has changed a bit since the concept sketches to make them feel more like something from the WWII era in look and symbolism.

The Badges Shown are the Bronze Badges and Silver and Gold will follow.
(see all Combat Badges can be found on the wiki: )

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The making of the Battle Suit M-1942 Parachutist Reinforced and a brief look of the character model workflow

In our character pipeline we are using several graphics programs to accomplish the highest quality as possible with quite a limited number of character artists.

The model is still a work in progress and all insignia, patches and badges are not included here. Final tweaking of shaders and colors are not yet final.

We have found that the cloth simulator program  Marvelous Designer is very useful in creating nice, high resolution clothing models and subsequently from those the low resolution in-game models in a pretty fast fashion (no pun intended…).

Marvelous Designer is creating all the main cloth simulation features such as the draping of the cloth onto our base nude character model  creating realistic wrinkles and folds. The clothing is made from many pieces of sown together sewing patterns we create from reference of real world clothing. We basically have our very own uniform sweat shop. :o)

This program also gives us total control of the physical properties of the various fabric types.

marvelousd2_full_screen_30-11-2011 Marvelous Designer screen dump collage.  The UV layout follows the sewing patterns shown to the right.

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What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!