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Updated Character Controller and Collision Object

In the latest build we have updated the ‘Character Controller’. “What in the world is a character controller?” you might ask, so let me explain!

Below is an image of the character colision object.

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Developer’s Corner: Partial State Update

One of the key features in the upcoming Manstein build is the complete opposite of the Matrix: you cannot see it for yourself — you have to be told what it is ;-) I am talking about a very useful, yet invisible, improvement in the way the action game client interacts with the server hosting the battle: the partial game state update.

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We are soon going to do a round of gameplay tweaks for the action game and would therefore be very interested in hearing what you see as the worst exploits and annoyances and also if you have any suggestions for solving them.

To get you started here is a list of some the issues that we see as critical:

  • Unbalanced teams
  • Spawn camping – This seems to be very common
  • Rushing – Basically setting up people at the next capturepoints and thereby advancing the front line very quickly without the defenders having time to react
  • Mobile spawns – We recently tweaked the spawn delays a bit to make them a little more fair, but they might still be too powerful.
  • The MG42 and the Browning M1919 are somewhat overpowered
  • Scouting by using the projectile camera
  • Ability to get into trees and shooting from the inside

Let your voice be heard in this forum post:

Connected capture points in action game

The assault mission has been extended with more capture points. The capture points are linked, forcing the attackers or defenders to capture them in sequence. The church and police station represents ownership of the town. If these to points are held for 2 minutes the town changes ownership, and this is reflected in real time in the strategy game. Holding down the ‘tab’ key (show score board) will also display an overlay of strategic information based on which team you are on and what your teams objective is. Blue lines represents assets owned by your team, red lines for the enemy’s and yellow line for viable targets. Looking forward to trying it out in the next game session :)

What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!