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Special Offer: Summer Warrior Pack and Veteran Year Pack


To celebrate the the 8 million milestone and the two year Steam anniversary we are running a special Summer Warrior Pack offer containing a 10 day Veteran Membership and a bunch of important Ribbon Boosters to kick-start you into an action filled summer on the battlefield.

There is also a Veteran Year Pack with 365 days of Veteran Membership and an even larger bunch of Ribbon Boosters – for the dedicated soldier wanting to kick butt all year round!

The bundles are available in the in-game Store.

Special Assignment Weekend Winners!

UPDATE 9th of October 2014: It appears that there were some issues with some of the stats in the Infantry contest and the Fighter Pilot contest, so we have now updated the results with new data. The Infantry contest counted caps/cap assists for all characters and not just infantry, where the new list is for infantry characters only. The Fighter Pilot contest counted how many players (pilots) you have killed who are sitting in a plane, where the new list shows how much damage you have inflicted on enemy fighter planes (each plane has 1000 hp).

The top-3 results are almost the same, and we will make sure compensate the ones who are no longer in top-3. The reason for this screw up from us was due to bad communication internally here at the office. We hope you can bear with us and forgive us.

What a fantastic weekend! We have pulled the numbers from the servers, and are proud to announce the winners of the Special Assignment Weekend. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Steam Packs, and thanks to all who joined and made this special weekend memorable. :)

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Special Assignment Weekend – Win Steam Packs

UPDATE Tuesday the 7th of October: We’re doing an extra “cheat-review” today of the players with the highest score in each assignment to be sure that the numbers are legit, so we will probably not be able to announce the winners today – we aim to do it tomorrow instead.

UPDATE Monday the 6th of October: The contest is now over, and we’ll announce the winners tomorrow (Tuesday)!

This weekend we’re trying something new, while we wait for the coming Spaatz update! We’re running 6 Special Assignments, where the top-3 performers in each assignment will win one of the new Steam Packs, giving loads of Weapons, Vehicles, Characters, Gold and much more.

We will also give players who have registered an account and played at least one battle before Friday the 26th of September a free 3-day Veteran Membership for the weekend to make up for the server-downtime we had due to the DDoS attack two weeks ago.

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Steam Packs

As a new or veteran player you might have visited the in-game store and looked at all the cool stuff you could unlock and buy, but don’t feel you have the time to unlock and earn the credits for it – or maybe you’ve wondered what you should buy to get started on a new career.

So we have created 2 x 4 packs (4 per faction) loaded with Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, Gold, Veteran Membership and other cool stuff – all with a considerable discount compared to if you were to buy the items in the packs individually for gold.

These packs are now for sale on Steam as ‘Downloadable Content’, and they all exist in two versions: one for the US and one for the German faction – look under “Downloadable Content For This Game” just below the green “Play Game” button on our Steam store page.

Infantry Rookie Pack

A great starter pack for Heroes & Generals, that gives you a fully equipped Infantryman and an All Terrain Vehicle, plus gold and a Veteran Membership that boosts your XP-, ribbonpoints-, credits- and warfunds-earnings for 7 days.
US faction / German faction

Tank Crew Starter Pack

If you wish to start a career as Tanker in Heroes & Generals, then this pack is for you. It gives you a Tank Crewman with a selection of tanks and a tank destroyer, plus a submachine gun, a handgun and a wrench for repairing tanks. Besides you will also get a good amount of gold and a 14-day Veteran Membership.
US faction / German faction

All Heroes Pack

If you wish to be able to play all roles on the battlefields and don’t want to play for weeks or months to unlock all the Heroes and their weapons, equipment and vehicles, then this pack is for you as it gives you 5 characters with loads of gear and vehicles. It also includes a substantial amount of Gold and a 90-day Veteran Membership.
US faction / German faction

Ultimate Heroes & Generals Pack

This pack enables you to get the full Heroes & Generals experience, where you can play all roles as Heroes on the battlefields AND command Assault Teams as a General without first having to spend hours, weeks and even months of playtime to progress your characters and unlock weapons, equipment and vehicles. You will also get a huge amount of gold to allow for extra premium purchases and Veteran Membership for a whole year (365 days). This pack contains over 200 EUR/250 USD worth of in-game items, Veteran Membership and gold!
US faction / German faction

Full STEAM ahead! Help us test the new Steam client

UPDATE – Signup for the Steam client Beta-test is closed. We now have more than enough volunteers. For the rest of you – be assured that you don’t have to wait long for a Steam Early Access release of Heroes & Generals.

As you may or may not know, we’re preparing to release Heroes & Generals on Steam Early Access fairly soon. And for this purpose we need a number of players to help us install and test the Steam version of the game before release.

So if you’re interested in participating in a small test Thursday the 10th of July 2014 at 18.00 CEST / 12.00 EDT, please go to this signup-form and type in your email-address and username.

We will only send 100 keys, so please only sign up for a key if you know that you’re able to join the test Thursday. And don’t worry – you will ALL very soon get the chance to play Heroes & Generals on Steam. ;)


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D-Day Veteran Weekend Winners – Part 2!

Allright! It appears that we had miscommunicated the rules for the contest internally, so instead of extracting a list of the players who cap’ed most we extracted a list based on characters.

This is of course wrong and a terrible mistake from our side – especially as it’s our first contest ever. So to make up for this we’ll let all the previous winners keep their prizes and we will now publish the correct list and also give the “real” winners a prize – even if that means that the same people might receive the same prize once again.

So the “real” winners of the D-Day Veteran Weekend Capture Competition with the “real” stats are:



With a Capture Score of 493.
Winning: 90-day veteran membership & 4000 gold!

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Erratic server behavior due to massive traffic from Yogscast

Please go to this forum thread to see all updates:

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Open Beta Announcement = Servers stressed and currently down

Our army of trained monkeys has been deployed and they’re working on getting the servers back online.

Well, the OPEN BETA announcement Friday really put our servers on quite a test. We saw issues with auto-generated missions and generally a lot of players were waiting a long time to be able to play missions. And Sunday night at around 21.15 UTC the wars simply stopped and no action missions were spawned.

Shortly after we decided to shut down the servers and we’re currently working at fixing the issues.

It’s a new thing to us to have so many players on the servers, and even though we are trying, we can’t simulate real player’s behaviors accurately enough. So while it is unfortunate that the servers crashes it really isn’t something we can predict. We hope that you can bear with us while we fix the issues and optimize the servers.

Update at 14:37 UTC+1:

We are working as fast as we can to get the servers back up again! Thanks to your diligent testing we found some problems that has to be fixed before we can bring the game back online. Thank you for your continued patience!

Update at 17:11 UTC+1:

Servers are back up! Enjoy the game!

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