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Full STEAM ahead! Help us test the new Steam client

UPDATE – Signup for the Steam client Beta-test is closed. We now have more than enough volunteers. For the rest of you – be assured that you don’t have to wait long for a Steam Early Access release of Heroes & Generals.

As you may or may not know, we’re preparing to release Heroes & Generals on Steam Early Access fairly soon. And for this purpose we need a number of players to help us install and test the Steam version of the game before release.

So if you’re interested in participating in a small test Thursday the 10th of July 2014 at 18.00 CEST / 12.00 EDT, please go to this signup-form and type in your email-address and username.

We will only send 100 keys, so please only sign up for a key if you know that you’re able to join the test Thursday. And don’t worry – you will ALL very soon get the chance to play Heroes & Generals on Steam. ;)


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D-Day Veteran Weekend Winners – Part 2!

Allright! It appears that we had miscommunicated the rules for the contest internally, so instead of extracting a list of the players who cap’ed most we extracted a list based on characters.

This is of course wrong and a terrible mistake from our side – especially as it’s our first contest ever. So to make up for this we’ll let all the previous winners keep their prizes and we will now publish the correct list and also give the “real” winners a prize – even if that means that the same people might receive the same prize once again.

So the “real” winners of the D-Day Veteran Weekend Capture Competition with the “real” stats are:



With a Capture Score of 493.
Winning: 90-day veteran membership & 4000 gold!

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Erratic server behavior due to massive traffic from Yogscast

Please go to this forum thread to see all updates:

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Open Beta Announcement = Servers stressed and currently down

Our army of trained monkeys has been deployed and they’re working on getting the servers back online.

Well, the OPEN BETA announcement Friday really put our servers on quite a test. We saw issues with auto-generated missions and generally a lot of players were waiting a long time to be able to play missions. And Sunday night at around 21.15 UTC the wars simply stopped and no action missions were spawned.

Shortly after we decided to shut down the servers and we’re currently working at fixing the issues.

It’s a new thing to us to have so many players on the servers, and even though we are trying, we can’t simulate real player’s behaviors accurately enough. So while it is unfortunate that the servers crashes it really isn’t something we can predict. We hope that you can bear with us while we fix the issues and optimize the servers.

Update at 14:37 UTC+1:

We are working as fast as we can to get the servers back up again! Thanks to your diligent testing we found some problems that has to be fixed before we can bring the game back online. Thank you for your continued patience!

Update at 17:11 UTC+1:

Servers are back up! Enjoy the game!

The Planning Games

Wow – my photoshop skills totally suck! This was my feeble attempt to make a joke on “The Hunger Games” by calling this blog post “The Planning Games”, and then make an imag…. uh… nevermind… I probably shouldn’t quit my day job… ;) (NO, you should not, Ed.)

It’s always an interesting process, planning what should go into a new release. We all have a gazillion opinions of what’s the most important new next feature to include, we all have darlings, and it’s not always that we choose new features based on a rock hard business case, meaning – will it make it easier for new players to get started, will it make players stay longer, will help us speed up production moving forward, will it help generating revenue, etc.

So in order tomake the decision process a bit more unbiased, I invented a new ‘game’ which could help us prioritize features in a more impartial way, by quantifying value, cost and risk to all features.

A while ago I fell across a prioritization process called “First Things First” by a process consultant called Karl E. Wiegers, and I used this as a basis for the game – meaning that we’re using a variation of his matrix and calculations to base the prioritizations on. That being said, we don’t dictate what comes into the game based on this alone, but it gives us a sanity check on which features gives us most “bang for the bucks” and which features doesn’t.

But let me try to explain the process…

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Server reset


Attention! As we now have moved into the final field exercise towards the upcoming Open Beta, we’ve reset the server and removed some of the registration restrictions that were in place during Closed Beta. This server reset will be the last before Open Beta, and we don’t plan on doing another reset when we move into Open Beta.

If, at any point, you’ve purchased Gold, this will now have been refunded into to your account. The only exception to this is Gold spent on War Bonds – this won’t be refunded, but you do get to keep your War Bonds. The interest you might have gained from War Bonds is also refunded to your account. All refunds are in Gold – no credits or cash will be refunded.

Open Beta is not far away, and we look forward to celebrate the official announcement in the coming weeks.

New Server Stress Test Today at 19.00 UTC

We have a new server stress test Today (Tuesday the 27th of November at 19.00 UTC), where we test how many users can be logged in at the same time. Access to the servers is closed until the test starts, but the servers will remain open after… unless you succeed in crashing the servers. ;)

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 4: Eisenhower showing the new matchmaking system, ignore function, 32 player missions, new mounted machinegun handling and more.

So if you previously have played H&G or have received a Beta-key, please log in today at 19.00 UTC and help us test the servers! The primary goal for this stress test test is to see how many players can be logged in at the same time, so a simple log in really helps us a lot if you don’t have the time to play !

If you try to log in before the test starts you will see a count-down to when the servers opens and if you can’t log in today due to the stress test, then just try again tomorrow or another day

The servers opens today at:

Tuesday the 27th of November 11:00 am 2:00 pm 20:00 19:00

PST = Pacific Standard Time (US westcoast)
EST = Eastern
StandardTime (US eastcoast)
CET = Central European Time (Central europe)
UTC = Coordinated Universal Time (Server time) / GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

News from the front, November 2012

Today we’re proud to announce a partnership with Square Enix for the global launch of Heroes & Generals.

Tiger Attack

We’ve partnered up with Square Enix

If you don’t know who or what Square Enix is, then the short version is that it’s a publisher, who amongst other titles has developed, published and distributed Final Fantasy, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dead Island, Dragon Quest, Sleeping Dogs, and many other great titles. We’re vey proud to be part this lineup and we believe that Square Enix is a perfect match for Heroes & Generals.

We’ll continue to run a community driven development, and the main difference to how we’ve run things so far, is that Square Enix will be handling marketing and PR… oh, and we’ll also be able to deliver a lot more content and expand the game a lot faster!

We really wanted to involve you in this sooner, but as Square Enix is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange we couldn’t leak it to you before the deal was signed and Square Enix were ready for the announcement.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us at Reto-Moto, and the enthusiasm we feel from the people at Square Enix concerning Heroes & Generals is incredible! They are extremely impressed with our community (yup – that’s YOU!) and what we have achieved so far, and we hope that you will help us give the crew at Square Enix a warm welcome and support.


More Beta-keys

We’ve started scaling up the playerbase and many new betakeys are sent on a daily basis.

We are looking to put the game and server architecture through its paces with a larger playerbase, and we also wish to see what happens with the gameplay when the playerbase grows.

There are still several thousands of players waiting for a betakey, and some have waited for a very long time. It’s our goal to bring down the waiting time to a minimum, instead of having to wait for months – but please bear with us, as it might take a few weeks until we’ve “emptied” the list.

A shorter version of the Come Out to Play trailer

We’ve made shorter version of the Come Out to Play trailer to celebrate the partnership with Square Enix. Go watch it, and share it with you friends!

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