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Skirmish in the forest

We are now ready to launch the new and improved Skirmish map, with a new game mode: Domination.

The first new Skirmish Map is situated in a heavily sloped forest, where the terrain itself plays a vital part of the map. The central capture area is placed by an intersecting main road, and the area holds barns and sheds and works as a logging camp, before the wood ends up as fine cabinets in Ikea.

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“Countryside” Game Map in progress

I am creating a new game map called “Countryside”, which consist of a large terrain (4000 x 4000 meters) with a small river cutting through the sloped landscape.


The Main Capture Point is the area around “the old water mill” and the old stone bridge crossing the small river.


“Countryside” is kind of a T-junction map, that mainly will be used to connect to maps with only one Access Point e.g. the Air Field. We can then “divide” the supplyline between two “normal” maps with this map – and when conquered you’ll have a direct route to the Air Field. To secure the Air Field from attacks, you only need to make this map a stronghold.


I could also imagine some nice tank battles on this large terrain since the mix of close vegetaion and open spaces are perfect for this type of battle :-)

hg_map_countryside_230212_04 hg_map_countryside_230212_05

It’s not live yet – but I’ll keep you informed when you can have a GO!


Level designing terrains

Getting a game-map from idea to a finished playable state is process that involves a lot of steps. Here I will explain how one of the early steps is done here at Reto-Moto.


When I first start on a new map I’m sketching out the overall Level Design – on the back of a napkin, a beer coaster or in Adobe Illustrator :-). The layout depends on the mission type – and some maps will be more symmetrical than others.

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Two recruits reporting from HQ

We are 2 boys from 9th grade at ‘Toftevangsskolen’, Birkerød, DK, and we have been the trainees of Reto-Moto for a whole week now. In the beginning of the week we were finding bugs in the game that we thought should be fixed and reported them as an issue. We found places in the game were there was missing textures – that means there was no graphic on the chosen object. But the game is not finished yet so it will improved over time.

We also attended a brainstorm meeting about the upcoming launch trailer. That was fun, because you never think about how much work and resources is used to make a trailer. We have of course also tested the game a lot, and we have been playing against other alpha-testers and giving them tips that we have learned this week.

In the evenings we played at home in game sessions – with players from all over the world.

We also helped designing a train-station in the game. We found some historical material to help making and designing the train-station. We saw how they made buildings and stuff e.g. the train-station. They use Autodesk XSI as 3D software to make the game look realistic and fun to play. It has been a great week here at Reto-Moto and we think the game is going to be a lot of pure epic awesomeness.

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War in the trenches

I’m currently working on a skirmish level with a simple map layout with trenches. The skirmish levels will automatically be spawned when two Assault Teams confronts during troop transportation.

Skirmish Level with field fortifications.

We talked about trenches and fortifications in this forum thread ( and the player NSU_PzU posted this for reference (

Soldier waiting in the trenches  Trenches and Czech Hedgehawkes

I was inspired by the original entrenchment used during WW2, and adapted what was useful into the map. The measurements are scaled up a bit due to gameplay and controls. I still need to work on the “underground” parts – since I’m not able to “cave” into our terrain system.

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Leveldesign: City Map, Boulevard

In the presentation of the “City-River” map, Carsten suggested an idea to a new city map – a more open space location.

I’ve tried to layout the idea – and would love some comments, before I mock it up.

The basic idea with this map is:
1) Very simple layout – opposite to many of the other very complexed maps
2) Only 1 Main Capture Point for winning
3) Open area combat
– snipers positioned in buildings along the boulevard
– canons/tanks positioned on the edge to cover the main boulevard
4) Close area combat
– shotguns/CC weapons usefull in the tunnels connecting the pavements
5) Group tactics are essential, working together to move ahead




First City Map “City-River”

I’ve started to create two new City Maps: “City River” and “City Train Station” and here are my initial ideas on creating City Maps in general.

On the Campaign map all cities currently consists of just one battlefield and thereby one map, but for larger cities we wish to have several maps in one city which should represent different parts of the city (e.g. Dresden = 16 maps connected, Berlin = 80 maps connected).

 Tight combat
Tight combat where Vehicles and Tanks are less useful compared to larger landscape maps

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What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!