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Creating Sounds – Equipment Should Not Steal Your Focus

When I first started to create music and sound effects in the late 1980s I only had a very limited amount of equipment. Well actually the only thing I had was an Amiga 500 computer to begin with. I was pretty happy with it and I was quite excited to have a computer where I was able to create music and sound effects.


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Suspension Work

Some time ago when I was working on the sounds for the suspension on some of the vehicle I felt that something was wrong, somehow it did not sound the way it should. I tried to tweak and adjust the sounds and it did get better but still something sounded off-beat. Having other tasks I decided to leave it as-is and get back to it at a later point. jeepsuspension_fullyextended Suspension fully extended.

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The First Sound for the Strategy Game

To give you an idea of the process of creating the first sound for the strategy game I have created this short video.

The sound in question is an indication for when one of your assault teams engages the enemy.

  1. I think of this sound as one that needs to grab you attention and inform you that something important is happening. To achieve this I have used a deep impact sound with some metal sound on top.

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Another Day at the Office

Getting Ready

[6:19 AM] The alarm clock tells me it is time to get up. I disagree but get out of bed anyway.
[6:50 AM] My wife leaves for work and before I wake up the kids I quickly check my mails.
[6:55 AM] Time to wake up the kids. The young ones should be easy to get out of bed today as they both have activities at school and kindergarten that they look forward to. Their older brother is struggling but manages to get out of bed too
[7:45 AM] Taking the young ones to school and kindergarten.
[8:10 AM] I find a seat on the train and begin working. Yesterday at work I created some sounds for Reto.Colding’s swimming animations that I am not quite pleased with. I need to find some better sounding source material in my sound library. I should be able to do that within the next half-an-hour that the train ride lasts.

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The Sound of Explosions

Explosions are of course an important part of our game so we need to have many different sounding explosions. When you play the game you will learn to distinguish between the different explosions and it will help you decide whether you should run, take cover or stay and fight.

In the video blog below you can hear examples of many different explosions that are currently in the game. Please bear in mind that what you see and hear is a game in alpha-stage, it is not the final game.

Recording Sounds for the Bicycle

A bicycle has appeared on our internal test level. You can ride it and go from one place to another faster than you can run.

To create the sounds for the bicycle I decided to leave the studio and go on a field trip to record the sound. I used my wife’s grand mother’s bicycle which is old and rattling (and has no gears) and is similar in style with the in-game bicycle.

When you go on a field trip to record sounds it is always a good idea to prepare yourself so you do not make (too many) mistakes or forget something.

I started by making a list of the sounds I needed: ringing bell, rolling tire noise, pedal noises, rattling noises and skidding on dirt sounds.

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New Sounds for the Guns – Work in Progress

At the moment, one of the things that Reto.lord and I are working on is bringing the weapons to life and make them sound unique. The main thing we are doing is adding mechanical sounds of the gun to the explosion of the gun shot. We try to add flavor to the shots and not make them sound static and sterile. We want the guns to sound dangerous and give the player a kick every time he/she fires a weapon.

You can hear the difference between the old placeholder gun shot and the first test of the new gun shot sounds in the video below. I am using a Thompson SMG in this example.

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