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Hosting the Heroes & Generals servers

Hi there!

My name is Hans-Henrik and my H&G name is Reto.hansg. It’s my responsibility to setup, maintenance and monitor the gameservers, and if they crash, I also get them on their feet again. I have been working as IT-dude in about 20 years now, as system administrator on windows and unix (mostly linux systems).

The "Ping" icon in the mission list shows how good a connection you have to the action server running that mission. Green bars means that the server is located close to you, and that you have a low ping, yellow a medium ping, and red means that the server is quite far away from you, so it's better to join another mission.

It is critical to the game that the network is running fast and that we don’t have network delay on the routers in the network to you. So when we order new servers we need to test the stability and the hosting providers network speed to check that it will deliver as planned. I really love this task as I get to talk with some really nice hosting providers all over the world. This gives me the chance to do all kinds of interesting network stuff and I get to see what internet quality we can get in different countries.

The network quality is not great with all hosting providers. We had some issues a while ago with one provider, where we experienced many network errors to the US internet, but the hosting provider managed to fix the problem for us. This sometimes happens, so some of the issues you might experience with bad connection or lag might sometimes be a bit out of our hands, as we currently don’t have our own hosting center. But we do everything we can to make sure that the hosting providers are delivering a high quality service. For example, we use a tool called Nagios to monitor the servers, and to check that the gameservers are running as fast and stable as possible.

The main hosting center for the H&G backbone (the WarServer) is located in Europe, where we have a really good connection to the internet. We currently have 13 Windows servers running the central WarServer:

1 IBM X3630
8 Dell R510
1 ProLiant DL120 G6
3 HP Dl180 G6

The action game servers are running Linux, and we currently have 34 Dual-core Atom servers located in Europe, US, Japan and Russia (more regions will come in the future):

5 in Chicago
12 in Denver
15 in Europe
1 in Russia
1 in Japan

Well, I just wanted to say ‘hi’ – now I’d better get back to make sure that the gameservers are online 24/7/365.

  1. LordenLorden08-16-2012

    Hi! How about a couple of boxes on the East Coast also? Maybe New York since it’s got a backbone connection directly to Europe? Also, love your article, it follows the thoughts I listed in this forum post:

  2. cRo4ti4cRo4ti408-16-2012

    Hey , Reto hansg

    quote “As we currently dont have ouer own hosting center”

    Sounds for me as there is
    Anny chance this will change ?


  3. garybourbiergarybourbier08-16-2012

    Hi Reto.hansg
    I am the admin for my team and we have a dedicated server on Linux ( core i5 2600k + 16 Go RaM ) for all game we playing .
    Can i help H&G for hosting 1 server ?
    After the release of the game can we have accces to the dedicated server ?


  4. JaacamJaacam08-16-2012

    Hi. I know you probably don’t have very many south american players right now, but I am wondering if you will have servers in south america in the forseable future? As a player for Argentina, I just look at any match, and the ping on just about all of them is red.
    Thank you very much if you read this.

  5. generaltom12345generaltom1234508-16-2012

    i want key

  6. BlizzidBlizzid08-17-2012

    west coast u.s. could use one, and might actually be able to provide but lemme check with my IT friend bout what they have to possible offer

  7. LordenLorden08-17-2012

    Has it been written anywhere that Reto actually needs player-provided servers? I doubt they’ll go for this option. This isn’t DayZ, they’ve got funds set aside for this specific investment, and for security reasons they’ll want to keep access to the servers only to their IT team.

    I’m sure they appreciate the gesture, but don’t bother hassling your IT friends unless they specifically reqest our help with the hosting side.

  8. FatalError373FatalError37309-10-2012

    Hi. I have kind of 10 servers and 8 of them doesn’t respond, the other 2 servers don’t have a good connection. I Iive in Switzerland. Do you guys know why I do not have lots of servers?`

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