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2000 new Beta-keys just sent!

The war needs reinforcements, so we’ve just sent 2000 new Beta-keys by email.

It can take up to a few hours for a mail to find it’s way, so remember to check again later today and also check your junk/spam folder.

See you on the Battlefield!

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    juhuuuuu jeeeyyyyy jipiiiiiii !!!! new Comrades :)

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      pozdrav zemljače,nadam se da ce ujutro biti kod u mailu,barem cu imati domaceg trenera za mene njuba ahahh

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    I just missed it. registered Jun 21st

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    I registered on May 31st and I didn’t get a key =(
    Oh well i’ll just wait for the next batch to be sent.

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    I registered June 3rd, and haven’t gotten a key, seams as though I should of if 2000 have been sent and everyone before may 31st got a key in the 7000 beta key batch! I’ve been checking everyday

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      A lot of people signed up around that time (more than 2000), so you can’t be sure that you should have received a key in this round.

      But you WILL get a Beta-key at some point. We regularly send keys and we aim to do a stress test very soon where we need new players.

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    I registered on May 31st and I didn’t get a key =(

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    knowing my luck registered on 1st of july 4 days after the deadline.

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      There is no deadline for signing up – we regularly send new keys and a major batch of keys will be sent soon.

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        but it said this on the new email “New Beta-keys will be sent within the next couple of days, but if you have signed up before (and including) the 29th of May 2012″
        I just wrote deadline because i could think of any other word.

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          Ah ok, np. Hope you get a key soon – I’ll do my best to pester our Technical Lead, Reto.Goonstah, about permission to send out more beta-keys! :-D

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    I Entered the 21st! DAMNIT

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      Don’t worry – new keys are going out quite soon. :)

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    i got half my battlefield clan to sign up for this.

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    i checked my email more this i ever had this week and last week along.

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    ya im the same to signed of june 2 n o luck this time around hope there’s more soon can stop thinking about this game love it and i havent even played it lol

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    i wont sleep till i see a beta key

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    thank you for a beta key im looking forward to this game!

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    Around what time will be send big amount of beta keys for thous ho entered in middle of June

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    ik heb genn Beta key…..:(((

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    i want one beta key T___T

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    i want one beta key :/
    i want to help ._.

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    Reto may you have a guess how often you send the keys ?! would be great to know / signed in 20th

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    Screw it!
    Im too late ;(

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    whuaaa want want want. Waitin like a lil kid, since I found out, there’s something like Heroes & Generals out there :) Isnt it perfect mates? A game combining strategy and FPS. Just nice :)
    Even if I have to wait, some weeks, just wanna say: Epic work, what you’ve done here!

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    We’re planning a new stress test of the servers and if all goes well we’ll send a batch of new keys out this week (but NO promises!) :)

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    I’m still waiting… I really hope I get it soon. I want to play this.

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    how many people do you have on the list that you sent out 7000, then 2000, and people still are queued?

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    when are you going to send the next batch

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    how long it takes to send one set of beta keys, protested one:P

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