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Meet the Team – Summer 2012

It’s summer and it’s time for another group photo of the development team! One year ago we were 20 people on the photo we took outside our office and this year we are 26 hard working developers and administrative personnel.

retogroupshot2012fullrestags Here we are – The Reto-Moto team 2012

Standing (left to right): Andreas (Leto), Prakash (indusninja), Martin (Lord), Thomas (Colding), Sarah (Lusa), Peter T (Bacon), Jesper D (Robotron3000), Hakon (Goonstah), Simon (draebesmoelf), Jesper W (Hr.Wille), Tobias B (Ogssan), Henrik (Vashu), Henning (Hal9K), Tobias L (masterdisaster17), Hans (hansg), Peter F (FleCK), Per (Topo), Rune (Splixxen), Bo (BombeBo), Else (Accountant)

Sitting (left to right): Jacob (RedBjarne), Jens (Injection)

MIA (well.. not really missing, but just absent) images (left to right): David (Dave), Anders (Owleater), Kenneth (KenSolo), Jesper J (Mato)

You can also visit the new “Meet the Developers” page, where you can see an overview of all the devs and further click on their image or name to read a detailed interview with each one.

  1. KROATKROAT06-22-2012

    Nice to see you

  2. Gaurav251Gaurav25106-22-2012

    Nice to see most of the group together :), I hope you guys have a good summer!

  3. tricatatricata06-22-2012

    Quick Question:For people that have like a poor computer how would this affect us that really want to play the game?

  4. DieselpunkDieselpunk06-22-2012

    Heroes and Generals T-shirts…I don’t usually wear logo’d attire, but I’d rock one of those in size large please. :-D

  5. Ro1ismRo1ism06-23-2012

    It must be nice working in such close community, lot more fun (I figure) then major companies.

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