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Player reporting and Panda’s

The amount of players is increasing fast, lots of new faces (well, names) are seen online every day and while most are kind, helpful and fun to play with, sometimes tempers flare and complaints, and player reports, fly. I have decided to write a bit about player reporting and the current challenges we are facing in the area – and what you can do to help us.

panda1  These pandas are not violating Terms of Service

Back in February when I started in Reto-Moto, one of my first tasks was to write our F.A.Q where this topic was also addressed, this is the Q&A’s from the F.A.Q on the topic;

What type of community are you aiming for?

The Internet is very unpredictable. It is our wish, to have a respectful and constructive community, where harassment and personal attacks are limited to a bare minimum. Being a small independent developer, it will not be easy for us to constantly keep an eye on everyone; neither do we wish to do so. It is up to the community itself, to build the atmosphere they want. We will have easy to use processes in place, so that our community can report a player who breaks the Terms of Service* (ToS).

How will you react to cheaters/hackers/exploiters/trolls?

By creating an account for Heroes & Generals, you will accept our terms and condition that limits this kind of behavior. If you break it, we will take the necessary disciplinary actions that we deem fit, on a case by case basis. We strongly encourage all of our community, to swiftly report players who do any of the above actions.
It is one of our absolute highest priorities, to keep a “clean” gaming environment, where everyone can have fun, on equal terms.

 The above statement still very much applies, we the developers, have absolutely no desire to police our community and swinging our ban-hammer around all the time, but it is important to say, that we WILL do so if you break our Terms of Service and fail to abide to the warnings that we give. 

Addressing harassment:

Over the last couple of months, the number of harassment reports I am receiving in our ticket system, is on a vast increase and this makes me a saaaaad panda…

panda2 This panda, while looking content, is crying on the inside

Many new players have joined us and many more will come as we progress in the development stages, and there is no doubt that the general tone used in the chat rooms is getting more aggressive and provocative from what I have been seeing in the chat-logs.

I have personally left a couple of games that I found interesting due to the community being a war-zone, where the standard answer to any question/dialog you may try to start was <Insert profanity> you n00b lolzlolzcoptorskate!!1!one!

Now, we are all different human-beings and come from different countries and different cultures – but in Heroes & Generals – there IS room for everyone, regardless of your background, country and culture.

I know that I sound like an old grumpy man when I say this, but it is important for everyone to consider, that being from different cultures that in many instances people are translating their language directly into English and there will be meanings lost in translations and it is easy to misunderstand each other, simply due to translation.
With more than 15 years’ experience as a gamer on the web, It is my opinion that “most” gamers tend to go on the offensive if they feel insulted in any way, even though what they are reacting to was in no way an insult, simply a misunderstanding or an attempt of a joke that misfired.

panda3 Scientific fact: Hugs cure sadness

What I am asking of you the community, is to take a breather before you blow off at someone if they said something that offended you – try diplomacy first, and if the other part was truly a <insert another profanity word of your choice> who only wanted to provoke you, simply ignore it! Don’t feed the trolls!

It works on small children, and it will work on trolls as well. A side note to this is that we are working on a ignore function for the chat.

Many of the incidents I have been reviewing are from my assessment exactly as described above, two individuals who blow off on each other over some meaningless comment and in several cases the two individuals report each other – which is a bit funny when you think of it. Both parties are wrong and both parties are right – but both parties are breaking our Terms of Service by attacking each other verbally.

Something else to consider, is that for every time we need to address a player report, that is in fact time lost on the game development. What is kind of ironic is that what started the argument that lead to the report, could be regarding balancing a weapon that may now be postponed because we have to address the report.

Now don’t misunderstand me, it is not that we don’t want you to report other players – but before you do, consider all of the above and if you still assess it to be important that we look into it then we will!

We at Reto-Moto truly believe that a respectful community is possible, even in an internet game in this day and age, but we can’t get there without the community having our backs and supporting us in getting there.

If you made it this far in my wall of text, I must give kudos to you. You must care about our community and I hope that you will be a visible champion for it – we can get there, together!

panda4 These pandas are eating bamboo – NOT playing concert flutes.

And when we are there, we can happily eat bamboo together!

Reto.PandaBacon (hope no animal rights activist groups will sue me for that, though it sounds delicious does it not?).

  1. dondergoddondergod07-13-2012

    But Bacon, I thought you ARE a grumpy old man :O

    Oh wait… does this count as an insult?
    I don’t want to be banned! :( :P

  2. ValdisValdis07-13-2012

    I absolutely agree with this post. Personaly to me the biggest thing that bothers me is veteran players or some special individuals calling new players or in certain situations some medium expirianced player a noob. Blaming others that they wont advance to map objective in this situation wich occours often it is only normal that advance will be halted becouse we are pinned down and all who advence will be shot instantly. And then it starts : wtf is this nooobzz team. you guys suck! shit team and whatever. All I want to say is that this isnt a COD or other mindless shooter…here you want to survive becouse it is so easy to die.

    ps. sorry for my bad english :P

  3. evilsamarevilsamar07-13-2012

    So…when do we eat bamboo and will there be any meat served along bamboo?
    Not panda’s meat of course.

    ps. Valdis, there’s no bad english on you.

  4. whitedanwhitedan07-13-2012

    The word Noob :read this so u know what a noob is so there are no mistakes

    • ValdisValdis07-13-2012

      oh wow great job sir.

  5. DescobridorDescobridor07-13-2012

    Very nice way to explain your sadness with this topic :)

  6. BelgiumBelgium07-13-2012

    Gimme Hugs!!


    I bow to you Ole Wise One in your infinite wisdom. I will stride to help the new childrens along the path of knowledge and enlightenment, but can we smoke the bamboo instead. :~O

  8. rosiemarosiema07-15-2012

    Agree with the whole story. Sometimes I bomb/drive over my own guys and then its just typed in 1 sec: sry.

  9. EstenEsten07-15-2012

    Very well written. And true. :3

  10. Reto.BaconReto.Bacon07-15-2012

    I’m glad for all the positive feedback guys! Hugs for everyone!

  11. WildcatnateWildcatnate07-16-2012

    So is this article implying we have children already in the game? But… this can’t be… I was enjoying a non-hacked, non-noob infested game. And thank you so much for the definition of noob. I now understand why children keep trying to talk like hackers. (poorly, I might add)

  12. cRo4ti4cRo4ti407-16-2012

    puuuh this / i didnt read it due yet ( omG ) …. its now more clear ..the talks .

    In this part i ask for sry … been part in this circle of “darkVibes” but still proud to be able

    play and Test vith you ! ( or eat/smoke Bamboo )

    PS. Bacon
    i can hear the PANDA crying thx for that !

  13. truebeatlestruebeatles07-18-2012

    I wanna to play….come on…
    forget the kids…lets conquest the world…to arms 3rd reich.

  14. latviankinglatvianking07-18-2012

    When gonna send next bage

  15. BelchenBelchen07-19-2012

    Well written. I think the pandas are playing the flute, but other then that, your spot on.

  16. evilsamarevilsamar07-20-2012

    Has “bulletin man” returned from vacation?

    • cRo4ti4cRo4ti407-20-2012

      If you mean Reto.KenSolo i hope he has a superb Vacation ( and other Reto too) just think he comes back this weekend . So await next buletin on start next week.

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