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The Visuals of Explosions

We can’t deny it – we all love them… Explosions! BOOOM!!! ;)

A while ago Reto.draebesmoelf made a video about “The Sound of Explosions“, where he demonstrated how the different in-game explosions sounds. Well, guess what this video is about… Yes, you guessed it – the look of ’em!

I personally feel that the explosions are starting to look quite cool, and now I think it’s time to show them off. All you see here is in the upcoming Bradley build.

And please note that it’s still work-in-progress – the explosions are only particle-based without 3d debris (but it will come) and there are no shadows on the particles yet.

(…and YES, the ‘no-reload’ debug-bazooka is very fun to play with! :-P )


  1. ralpgallandralpgalland06-12-2012

    Looks good.
    One tiny flaw tho..

    The AP shell making those explosions? I would have figured it was the HE shells that would make those. The Pzgr.39 wich was standard AP on a tiger had only a 59gram filling of High Explosives.
    If you go with the more rare Pzgr.40 it had a solid tungsten core and would not “explode”.
    The Pzgr.39 HL (HEAT) had worse penetrating capabilities of the standard 39 and was more used as a stand in HE shell.

    Sooo.. that explosion is more worthy of the HE round. :P

    Little fact from the eastern front: Against the T-34’s at 1000+ meters the Pzgr.39 could penetrate the front armor, pass through anyone inside, penetrate the interior walls and penetrate the engine before the HE filler had a chance to explode.

    • DieselpunkDieselpunk06-12-2012

      @ralpgalland No. Read the article again where it says “work in progress”…you’re attempting to find flaws with something that just isn’t applicable yet. This shows the “boom”, later comes the details, polish, etc.

  2. Gaurav251Gaurav25106-12-2012

    Man I cant wait for the new build,

    wonder when its gonna come out :)

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