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News from the front, May 2012 – Closed Beta

“Heroes & Generals Storms into Closed Beta” – this is the headline of our latest press release, and this is exactly what we do! We believe that the look and feel of the game is quite mature with most game mechanics, features, graphics and audio well on the way. So we’re going to scale up the number of players in the coming weeks as we go into a phase, where we’re very focused on fixing bugs and balancing game mechanics.

So spread the word to your friends and don’t hesitate to give us feedback of any kind – bugs, balancing issues, gameplay suggestions, etc. Head to the forum for suggestions and discussions, or check in at the Support Center for reporting bugs!

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 1 showing gameplay and a preview of our upcoming iOS and Android app – Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command

Post a great Screenshot and win H&G swag!

You are now allowed to speak freely about any aspects of Heroes & Generals, and you may also capture and publish videos and screenshots anywhere.

And to celebrate this we’ve made a Screenshot Competition on our facebook page where you can win Heroes & Generals swag. Please post all screenshot entries as comments to the ‘Beta Screnshot Competition’ post and “Like” your favourites to vote. Voting ends the 29th of May at 10.00 CEST.

swag Post a great screenshot on our facebook page and win swag

To take screenshots in the Action game, press “F9” while in the game. This will save the image in the “screenshots” folder in the installation folder (‘%temp%\HNG\live\screenshots’).

So please, spread the word about Heroes & Generals, encourage people to sign up for a beta-key, and help us make our great community grow!

For screenshots and video, please use “High” quality graphics settings and try to only use NVIDIA graphics cards as we currently have issues with some AMD graphics cards, where some effects doesn’t render correct.

7 Yanks in a Willys 7 Yanks in a car

War Bonds continues

warbonds_ver04 Our payment solutions has been a bit broken since we launched it, but everything should now be up and running (except American Express and JCB).

More than 600 War Bonds has been bought from various dedicated community members. Thanks for the support – this is greatly appreciated!

It might not be 100% clear to all what War Bonds are, and how they work, so Reto.RedBjarne has made a quite thorough blog-post explaining what War Bonds are all about. If you just want the short version you should read on here:

When you buy War Bonds in the game, you support the development of Heroes & Generals and in return, we will give you a monthly in-game interest back in gold, AND buy back your War Bonds after 6 months.

For example: In the first series of War Bonds, you pay 955 gold for a War Bond worth 1000 gold. In return you get 110 gold each month in interest + we buy the War Bond back from you after six months for 1000 gold. So, all in all you get: 6 * 110 + (1000-955) = 705 gold for buying one War Bond (and you’ll also have the 955 gold back you gave for it in the first place).

If we, for any reason, have to reset the servers and the stats at any point you still keep the War Bonds you’ve purchased.

War Bonds can be bought in the in-game shop.

Besides, all the gold you choose to buy with ‘real’ money during the the Closed Beta will be refunded as gold to your account if stats are reset during the Closed Beta. Only exception to this is the gold you have spend on buying War Bonds – but the War Bonds will still work after any resets and in the Open Beta and through launch.


That’s all for now. Remember that you can follow us on facebook, twitter, YouTube or Google+ for videos, realtime news and updates.

The Heroes & Generals Team

  1. cRo4ti4cRo4ti405-22-2012

    if i wouldnt know you now some Time i will say cool and youre sure Beta now ?
    but by the fact you guys show us (me) never seen bevore deep entry into Game building and releasing who get me PwnD and ive able to see what youre able to do in 3-6month.

    So I say …no beter i shout or scream it ouT ??

    BETA FTW !! your great guys, i trust you are able go forward !!

    It will awake the Strategic MAp and there will be some Breathe able to see …….sure


    Yesss Comrades from everywhere will Join us , like never bevore jupiiiiiiiii !!!!

    HEROES AND GENERALS youare Reto-Moto !!

    i trsut you be the good feeling …..this is so awesome

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