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Press Release: Heroes & Generals Storms into Closed Beta

Highly anticipated shooter from the creators of Hitman enters closed beta stage, invites soldiers from across the world to help redefine a genre.

The time to enlist is now! Independent studio Reto-Moto proudly announces the launch of the official closed beta for Heroes & Generals, the upcoming massively multiplayer shooter that features explosive online battles between axis and allied forces in a persistent war for European domination.

Heroes & Generals eliminates the formulaic baggage that weighs down the shooter genre by delivering satisfying strategic action in a full blown first-person shooter experience. Players are transported from the comfort of their browsers to authentic WWII battlefields, where they fight alongside thousands of gamers for persistent progression and military supremacy.

We encourage all gamers to enlist for a Beta-key now at our community site.

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 1 showing gameplay and a preview of our upcoming iOS and Android app – Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command

From the trenches to the strategy room

Each player in Heroes & Generals chooses their own destiny. You might join the Axis and climb the ranks as a foot soldier, firing off countless rounds in epic battles for crucial landmarks. Or perhaps you’ll become a general in the US army and accept the task of deploying resources and reinforcements across a vast strategic map.

Either way your decisions and actions fundamentally impact the game. Whether you play a fearless infantryman blazing the trenches, a hotshot pilot renowned for precision bombing runs, a brutal gunner assigned to a rumbling tank battalion, or the ace commander directing it all from strategic command – every active soldier contributes to an evolving online war that will soon expand to smartphones and tablets as well.

7 Yanks in a Willys 7 Yanks in a car

Your voice and opinion matters

Heroes & Generals takes a cue from the long tradition of multiplayer WWII shooters, but seeks to reinvigorate a genre that some might say has fallen into stagnation. We aim to refresh the genre with the help of the community and beta testers.

The Reto-Moto team has been involved with high-profile action titles in the past, but Heroes & Generals represents the team’s first opportunity to immerse players as active contributors in the ongoing development process. Over the course of beta testing all community members can share feedback on everything game design-related, from map layout to weapon handling. Mass participation and feedback will provide priceless guidance towards our efforts, helping to fine-tune a game that players desire.

Messerschmitt in an attack run Messerschmitt in an attack run

High tech meets easy access

Heroes & Generals is stable, scalable and fully playable in a browser, ideal for hosting a massive range of players, yet it offers state-of-the-art graphics and sound thanks to the proprietary Retox engine. The game is also accompanied by original music from award-winning composer Jesper Kyd, known for his outstanding scores in Assassin’s Creed, Soul Calibur V, Borderlands and Hitman.

Reto-Moto at a glance

Reto-Moto was founded in 1997 and quickly transformed into IO Interactive, which went on to release Hitman and Freedom Fighters. In 2004 IO Interactive was sold to Eidos, however the founding members of Reto-Moto left Eidos and reformed their old company, bringing in some of the core developers from IO Interactive. Heroes & Generals is the first game from Reto-Moto.

Upcoming iOS & Android app - Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command Upcoming iOS & Android app – Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command

For further information, media, interviews and press-preview keys:

Kenneth Ellegaard Andersen, PR Manager: [email protected]

  1. cRo4ti4cRo4ti405-22-2012

    congratulation Reto-Moto for reach the beta .

    Ps. Coool great read :)

  2. mouseofpainmouseofpain05-23-2012

    This is the game I’ve been waiting 10 years for…. god, I’m in love already!

  3. Naruto17141Naruto1714105-27-2012

    i signed up! hope for a beta key in the near future! :)

  4. 14kopp1414kopp1405-31-2012

    im wait since the 25th .. WANT IT SO HAARRDD

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    eu quero jogarrrrrrrrr

  7. jordan5538jordan553806-07-2012

    this game looks amazing hope to get a beta code been waiting for a long time.

  8. RockapeRockape06-07-2012

    Hope to get a beta key soon as this looks awsome

  9. jirimaresjirimares06-13-2012

    Hi Guys,wie langer muss wachte voor Beta key??

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