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Attention recruits! 2200 new Alpha keys sent!

It’s time for the newly enlisted soldiers to go to the frontline! 2200 new Alpha-keys has just been sent by mail.

It can take up to a few hours for a mail to find it’s way, so remember to check again later today and also check your junk/spam folder. And if you find a mail from us there, please let us know, so we can try to improve on our mail-delivery.

See you on the Battlefield!

  1. greendevillpgreendevillp05-21-2012

    Got mine! the last days i checked every hour for news and now i have a free head to concentrate on the battle.thank you

  2. knarfiknarfi05-21-2012

    YEY, really thanks!

  3. tythebigsexytythebigsexy05-21-2012

    i want 1 =/

  4. Partyzant_PLPartyzant_PL05-22-2012

    I want the key !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. sapa20sapa2005-23-2012

    pls key :)

  6. 14kopp1414kopp1405-28-2012

    Jesus, when does a new wave of keys arrive?

  7. 0ttoSkorzeny0ttoSkorzeny05-30-2012

    I would consider performing ‘favors’ for a key…..seriously I just want a key

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