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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 17

intelligencebulletingvol02no17 The recent login-issues should now be resolved! A lot of players have had problems logging in through the last week or so, but we believe that we have fixed it now.

PayPal and our payment solution should also be working now, supporting both credit cards (except American Express and JCB) and PayPal. So now you should be able to buy War Bonds and gold no matter where you come from. And if you still encounter issues with payment, please don’t hesitate to contact our support so we can get it fixed.

A whole bunch of new previews are popping up and Reto.RedBjarne has also done a handful of interviews in the past weeks. We have listed the latest previews and interviews in the “propaganda” section below.

And just a small tweak-notice: Later today we’ll reduce the Assault Team movement speeds, so they move with half speed. We’ll also reset and delete all ingame chat-channels, so you need to re-create and join your old chat channels.

Propaganda this Week


Gaming Climax – Preview
Elder-Geek – Preview
Better Gaming Bureau – Preview
Gaming Shogin – Preview
Critical Gamer – Preview
Alter Gamer – Preview
FragWorld – Preview
UOL Jogos – Preview (BR)


TechNoid – Interview (NL) – Interview

Developer Blogs this Week

Featured Developer Sarah Lund (Reto.Lusa)

“Once in a while we feature one of the developers from the team and tell you a bit about who they are and what they are working on. This time it’s none other than the first lady of the production of Heroes & Generals: Project Coordinator, Reto.Lusa.” Read More

How our business cards would look like during WW2

By Reto.Lusa, Project Coordinator
“When Reto.Topo and Reto.KenSolo went to GDC, we realized that we had to make some business cards, so Reto.RedBjarne started up his creative engine, and this is what came out of it.” Read More

Another Day at the Office

By Reto.Draebesmoelf, Lead Sound Designer
“Read how Reto.draebesmoelf spends his day before and on the job.” Read More

Combat Badges Update

By Reto.Owleater, Character Designer
“The Combat Badges are now made in 3D. They are still work in progress and some of them still needs more polish – others might change or be redesigned.” Read More

Attention recruits! 2200 new Alpha keys sent!

“It’s time for the newly enlisted soldiers to go to the frontline! 2200 new Alpha-keys has just been sent by mail.” Read More

Team Debriefing


Game Director
“- Weapon-Mod Tool for adjusting values
– Monetization system overhaul
– Gamelobby design and demo
– Meetings.
– Moving to another office :)
– Various bits and pieces”
Level Designer
“Been doing missing ingame maps, re-designed capture routes on Medium French Village and are working with reto.dave on the App for Android and iOS. “
Community Manager & Game Designer
“WeaponMods tweaks, webpage stuff, forum and wiki bugfixes.”


3D Artist
“This week I have been working on a new version of the in game map case insert. Next up is the map itself, shaders, designing new icons and making everything a bit easier to understand.”
Lead Character Artist
“On vacation… :o)”
Character Designer
“Smashing foot intensive care… Thinking of what to do next.”
Lead Animator
“…on a top-secret mission behind enemy lines…”
Concept Artist
“Been working on the crossing for Medium French Village and ui for the app

Coders & QA

Programmer and Technical Lead
“Testing, bugfixing…”
Render Programmer
“- Reworked WeaponModifier code on the server side.
– Builds for the live-server.”
Gameplay Programmer
“- Fixed multiple action server crashes
– Added friendly mines to the tactical overlay
– Added support for just hitting F9 to take screenshots
– Added support for weapon mod condition and wear in the action game
– And a bunch more bug fixes”
Gameplay Programmer
“Still game swf and render thread synchronization to optimize performance.”
Senior Programmer
“Explored the beaches of Mallorca”
Lead Tester
“- Test Combat Badges
– Test Ribbons
– Test new colllision
– Verify fixes”

IT Architect
– Features
– General code cleanup and reorganization
– Admin tool now allows ending a war
– Bugs
– Pre-existing Air Transport commands over a server reboot would cause paratroopers to be rendered unusable
– Resetting an Assault Team now makes them lose their existing resources
– Assault Teams staged for moving from one war to another would sometimes be lost if an exception was encountered (now they would try to move over next time player logs in)”
Flash Programmer
“- New Character area is finished in first form!
– Flash handles unresponsive servers much better and connects to one that works before allowing you to join (GREATLY reduces login troubles!)
– Located and helped fix a critical error in the handling of incoming data, which caused login failures! Hopefully this fixes many failed logins!
– Been going through logs from players unable to connect to troubleshoot server issues
– Several overhauls to improve various parts of the Flash project
– Bug fixes!
– Office positions have been changed! I moved around 1½ meters to the left! Great Change! “
Server Programmer
“Spent most of the week working on a fix for the login problems (‘could not subscribe to chat’ etc. ) we’d been experiencing for a while.”


Lead Sound Designer
“In the beginning of the week I was writing a blog, playing the game and adjusting sounds and adding a few new ones. The two last days of the week was spend on R&R.”
Audio Programmer
“Continued working on flash-site sound.”

Management, IT & support

“Reported to RL High Command (Board of Directors) and worked on Global Collect and PayPal paperwork”
IT Admin
“1.  Check/change the ntp service on the leaseweb servers to use leaseweb ntp server.
2.  Change the plan for leaseweb servers (now every day)
3.  Domain setup. is now active.
4.  Domain transfer for from private person to reto-moto Aps.
5.  Programming automatic deploy system to deploy new servers. Not finished.
6.  Various IT stuff.”
PR Manager
“Had a short week at work Mon-Wed where I followed up on previews and prepared the upcoming newsletter and press release ;-)… and played Diablo 3 for a few hours during my prolonged weekend. :-D”
Project Coordinator
“Focused on the Android and iOS apps!”
Support Manager
“- Support support and more support.
– Moved rooms in the offices, now have a space for Reto.Cupcake and Reto.mormor so that the support department can sit together.
– Only ate bacon 3 times during the week, not nearly enough… shame on me. “



The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department

  1. TlanTlan05-21-2012

    Marvelous as always and on a different note I love the sites new look….love it

  2. jumanajumana05-22-2012

    As always I loved to read the debriefing section – please never give up on writing them, they give such a great insight in what is happening behind the scenes and are really fun to read.
    “Top secret mission behind enemy lines”? Hmm… what that might be? :-)
    On the new layout of the homepage: I liked the old layout better, the new fonts dont render smoothly in my IE-8 and some sections (like the comments) are more difficult to find – but I guess it’s a matter of personal preferences (I’m too oldschool sometimes hehe).

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