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Another Day at the Office

Getting Ready

[6:19 AM] The alarm clock tells me it is time to get up. I disagree but get out of bed anyway.
[6:50 AM] My wife leaves for work and before I wake up the kids I quickly check my mails.
[6:55 AM] Time to wake up the kids. The young ones should be easy to get out of bed today as they both have activities at school and kindergarten that they look forward to. Their older brother is struggling but manages to get out of bed too
[7:45 AM] Taking the young ones to school and kindergarten.
[8:10 AM] I find a seat on the train and begin working. Yesterday at work I created some sounds for Reto.Colding’s swimming animations that I am not quite pleased with. I need to find some better sounding source material in my sound library. I should be able to do that within the next half-an-hour that the train ride lasts.

At the Office

[8:50 AM] I arrive at the office with the new source material that I need to create the swimming sounds that I have in mind. But before I continue to work on the sounds it is time to check mails.
[10:39 AM] Looking at the clock for the first time. Even though the new source material is far better than the material I had yesterday, the swimming sounds are giving me a hard time. Sometimes when you cut up sounds of water they end up sounding artificial and need quite a lot of work in order to sound good.
[11:58 AM] Lunch is ready.
[12:24 PM] Back working on the swimming sounds.
[1:14 PM] I move my two assault teams on and start a battle.
[1:32 PM] After loosing the battle it is back to work. I need to adjust some of the sounds in the action game.
[3:03 PM] Talking to Reto.Lord about which sounds we should have in the strategic part of the game and how they should work. It is something that we have discussed before and we now have a plan of how it should work. We may have to adjust the plan a bit once the sounds have been created and put into the game.
[3:29 PM] Reto.Lord needs a looping test sound for when troops are moving on the map.
[3:57 PM] Checking in the test sound for Reto.Lord to use and then continuing to work on the swim sounds.
[5:13 PM] Leaving the office. I think I need to concentrate on a new task tomorrow not having anything to do with water sounds.
[5:23 PM] Going through my ‘Audio Tasks’ document on my way home.
[6:05 PM] Home just in time for dinner.

  1. cRo4ti4cRo4ti405-16-2012

    Cool diary thx for let us a look into private and work. C,ant await hear the first strategic map sounds.
    Who will sure intense the ambient .

  2. thatragequitterthatragequitter05-16-2012

    hopefully some beta keys come out. I also think this will beat alot of today’s paid ww2 open world warfare games. :D

    • Tris456Tris45605-16-2012

      theres only 1 other, its called ww2 battle ground or something similar

  3. jumanajumana05-17-2012

    Thnkas for that great insight into your daily work. I’m looking forward to the RTS-sounds, which will rise the gaming experience in that part to a higher level for sure. I also wanted to notice that I heared from many people how awesome the ingame-sounds are when they first tested the game – keep up that good work!

  4. Reto.draebesmoelfReto.draebesmoelf05-21-2012

    Thank you for your comments and kind words! It is alway nice to know what people think of your work, so please keep it up :)

    Regarding the RTS-sounds. I am not sure when they will be done and when you will be able to hear them so please be patient. We have some other issues that we need to look at first.

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