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Combat Badges Update

The Combat Badges are now made in 3D. They are still work in progress and some of them still needs more polish – others might change or be redesigned.


For now there are no difference between the Badges for Axis and the Badges for Allies. Instead we chose to make the individual badges quite different from each other to make them more distinct and easier to spot when the Combat Badges are viewed in small size.

The design has changed a bit since the concept sketches to make them feel more like something from the WWII era in look and symbolism.

The Badges Shown are the Bronze Badges and Silver and Gold will follow.
(see all Combat Badges can be found on the wiki: )

Each Badge was sketched on paper and then the parts were separated into what could be done in Zbrush and what had to be modeled in XSI. cb1-simpel-shapes-xsi

In Zbrush all parts are subdivided and brushed to final shape. cb2-elements-finalized-in-zbrush2

The final elements are collected in a scene in Zbrush and adjusted and assembled to match each other. cb3-assemble-zbrush

Color is then painted on where shadow and dirt is needed to give the badge an old look. And on top of that a material (bronze in this case) is created and applied to the object before the final rendering. cb4-color-and-material-in-zbrush

The different renderings of light, color, depth etc. are finally put together in Photoshop to create the final image. cb5-nimble


  1. cRo4ti4cRo4ti405-17-2012

    This is sofu….. Look awesome real. +1 @Reto.Owleader really impressioned


  2. TlanTlan05-18-2012

    Cant wait to proudly rock these

  3. r.b.jr.b.j05-20-2012

    كيف ادخل على لعبه جنرالات؟

    • Reto.RedBjarneReto.RedBjarne05-20-2012

      Get your self an Assault Team and move it into combat :-)

  4. CadaCada05-20-2012

    Bronze looks great, although it may be missing a touch of yellow/green !
    Silver looks… like zinc:/
    Art concept really sticks to WWII badges, great :)

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